Motor vehicle owners wondering how to replace a vehicle title in Idaho will need to follow the guidelines set forth by the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) and submit specific documentation to finalize their process in a timely manner. There are several instances whereby a replacement for an ID lost car title will be necessary, including when the original is lost or illegible.

Initiating a process to request a replacement car title is mandatory, as the lack of this document may prevent the completion of other vehicle-related procedures. For instance, presenting a valid title certificate is usually required during title transfers or vehicle registrations among other proceedings. Find out more about how to get a replacement car title in ID and learn about the applicable methods and prices in the below sections.

When do you need to get a duplicate car title in Idaho?

Vehicle owners will be required to initiate a process to replace a lost car title at the DMV in several instances as stated by the Idaho Transportation Department. One of the reasons for requesting a replacement car title in ID is an illegible document.

Motorists also have the option to request a replacement vehicle title provided they possess a mutilated title certificate or they have lost the original accidentally. Regardless of the reason for applying for a duplicate title, applicants must complete the required steps and provide the ITD with the set paperwork for processing.

Documents Required When Applying for an Idaho Car Title Copy

Submitting an Idaho replacement car title request via one of the available methods is currently an option for owners or lienholders of record as well as their agent or legal representative. Part of the requirements for replacing a lost or damaged car title includes providing the ITD with specific documents, depending on the circumstances.

A mandatory step when replacing a car title in ID is filling out the corresponding replacement title application form properly, which requires applicants to enter certain information, including the lost car title number and vehicle identification number. If these details are currently available to the owner of the record, then he or she will need to present an Idaho Motor Vehicle Record Request form along with the applicable prices.

Depending on the applicant’s circumstances when replacing an Idaho lost car title, the submission of a lien release form may also be required. If an agent or legal representative signs the replacement title application form, then the ITD may require a power of attorney as a document appointing the agent. If the reason for replacement is other than a lost document, then applicants must attach the mutilated or illegible title to their application.

Note: Owners or lienholders of certain types of vehicles, such as vehicles that are 10 years old or older, may be eligible to submit a completed Duplicate Title Application With Ownership Transfer, thus transferring ownership to another party.

Available Methods for Replacing Your Car Title in Idaho

If you are wondering which methods for requesting a replacement car title are currently available with the state Transportation Department, then note that you may either send your documentation to the addresses provided on the application form or to your local ID county assessor’s office. You may also replace a lost car title in person by bringing your application package to a nearby title office. However, you cannot replace a car title online.

If you decide to replace a car title by mail, then remember to get your signature notarized. If you are able to visit a local office to replace a lost car title in person in ID, then you may not need a notary public as long as your signature is witnessed by an ITD employee or agent.

By Mail

Prior to initiating a process to replace a car title by mail in Idaho, applicants must ensure they have gathered all the required documents. Motorists will be able to begin with their procedure to request a car title replacement once they complete the relevant application form and arrange payment for the set fees. Applicants must also remember to submit any additional paperwork that pertains to their case.

If they are requesting a copy of their ID lost vehicle title by sending the application package to the mailing or physical address listed on the application form, then motorists will need to make their check payable to “Ada County”. If submitting a replacement title application form to a local county title office, then checks are to be made payable to that county.

In Person

If you are wondering how to get a new title if lost in cases when you are unable to apply via mail, then you can visit a nearby county assessor’s motor vehicle location and furnish your application package in person. To replace a lost car title in person in Idaho, submit your completed application form along with the additional documents (if necessary) and pay the applicable fee.

If the signatures on the replacement title application form are not notarized, then the form must be signed in the presence of an ITD employee or agent, otherwise, it will not be processed. Contact the ITD to check whether in-person visits require the submission of photo ID documents.

How to Fill out the Duplicate Car Title Application in Idaho

When filling out an application to replace a lost car title at the DMV in ID, applicants will need to provide certain personal information and details pertaining to the vehicle in question. While sections one, two and seven of the Duplicate Title Application are mandatory and must be filled out completely and correctly, the data required in the other sections will depend on the applicant’s circumstances. The necessary information for requesting a replacement auto title includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Details about the vehicle in question, including the vehicle identification number, title number, model year, make, model and description
  • Information about the owner to be shown on the replacement lost car title
  • Legal signatures with a notary

Note: The additional sections of the application to request a car title replacement apply to lienholders of record and lien releases. By completing section five, applicants can request their duplicate title to be mailed to an address different than the one shown in sections two or three for owner or lienholder.

Idaho Car Title Replacement Fees

The final step in how to get a replacement car title is submitting payment for the applicable $28 fee. If you are seeking an answer to the question, “What are the fees to replace a lost car title in ID?” then you will be subject to a price that is currently set at the time of your request.

Fees are subject to change without notice. You may also expedite the replacement copy with an optional rush fee when you need the document quickly.

If you are learning how to apply for a car title replacement but do not have some information such as the title number and vehicle identification number, then you may request the state ITD to perform a car title search and retrieve the details. However, there will be an additional charge for this service. If you wish to pay by using a credit card, then you will also be subject to service fees. Note that cash is not an acceptable form of payment for mail-in requests.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.