Vehicle owners with a missing title will need to complete specific Kentucky requirements for replacing a lost or damaged car title to obtain a duplicate document through the state Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Licensing. Initiating a procedure to replace a lost car title at the DMV in a timely manner is necessary due to the importance of this certificate for specific vehicle-related proceedings. For example, motorists may need to submit a valid title document when transferring their title or finalizing a vehicle registration procedure.

Car owners wondering how to get a replacement car title in KY and where to submit the required paperwork may complete their transaction in person or send their application via mail (if available). The state DMV does not process replacement title application forms unless drivers provide payment for the allotted prices. To find out more about how to replace a vehicle title in Kentucky, continue reading below.

When do you need to get a duplicate car title in Kentucky?

Car owners can find the reasons for applying to request a replacement car title in KY listed on the Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title or Registration. When completing the form to replace their lost car title, applicants will first need to state the reason for initiating such procedure. The state Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing generally issues copies of Kentucky vehicle titles in the event the original document is lost, destroyed or damaged.

Another situation for requesting a replacement car title is if the original form is illegible. Prior to applying for a duplicate title, applicants must make sure they have gathered the required documentation and they are able to submit their replacement title application forms via one of the available methods.

Documents Required When Applying for a Kentucky Car Title Copy

Completing the steps and requirements for replacing a lost or damaged car title as set by the state DMV is necessary in order for the division to process your transaction without any inconvenience. Your application package for replacing a car title in Kentucky will need to include specific documents and information, such as the following:

  • A properly completed replacement title application form
  • Payment for the applicable lost car title fees (notary costs included)
  • A title number or license plate number
  • A photo ID or KY driving license

Note: Since additional documents may apply depending on the circumstances of your case, contact the state Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing before applying to make sure you have all the necessary paperwork ready.

Available Methods for Replacing Your Car Title in Kentucky

If you are wondering what the methods for submitting a KY replacement car title request are, then note that you can always go to a nearby county clerk’s office and complete your transaction in person at a title office. The state DMV may also allow you to request a replacement car title via mail, however, contact the division beforehand to find out whether this application method is currently available.

Regardless of the method chosen, you must follow the set guidelines when requesting a duplicate of your Kentucky lost auto title and provide the DMV with all the applicable documents. Otherwise, the state DMV may decide to reject your request.

By Mail

A prudent step prior to initiating a procedure to replace a car title by mail is to contact a nearby DMV branch and check whether this method is currently available. If you are allowed to request a replacement car title in Kentucky via mail, then you may finalize the process by sending a completed application form along with your title or license plate number. Providing payment for the set fee is a mandatory step of this procedure. For a successful transaction, remember to have the replacement title application form notarized.

In Person

Submitting an application to replace a lost car title in person in KY is always an available option for vehicle owners who are unable to finalize this transaction via mail. Requesting a replacement vehicle title in person can be completed by visiting a local KY county clerk’s office and furnishing the required paperwork.

Individuals applying to replace a lost car title in person will need to present a completed application form along with payment for the duplicate title fee and notary costs (if necessary). Vehicle owners must also ensure they have the vehicle’s title number or license plate number on hand, and that they are able to provide a photo ID or a valid license to drive for identification purposes.

How to Fill out the Duplicate Car Title Application in Kentucky

To properly fill out their application for replacing a car title, motor vehicle owners will need to provide specific personal details as well as vehicle-related data. While residents cannot replace a car title online, they can find the application to complete the process. The application for obtaining a duplicate of a KY lost car title, also known as Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title or Registration, is available for download on the official DMV website or may be obtained from any local DMV title office.

The information required in the process of how to apply for a car title replacement generally includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • The type of application desired
  • Vehicle identification information
  • Details about the vehicle’s owner
  • Odometer disclosure (if required)
  • Lienholder information (if applicable)
  • Signatures and notary

Note: The Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing may not process your replacement title application form unless you provide true and accurate information and arrange payment for the allotted fees.

Kentucky Car Title Replacement Fees

Part of how to replace a stolen car title or one that has become damaged is paying the required fees for a duplicate copy. In addition to the basic $6 fee, you will be subject to a notary cost, which may vary from county to county.

It is important to note that prices are subject to change without notice. To find out the exact cost pertaining to your case, contact the division beforehand.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.