All motorists in the United States are mandated to drive with a copy of their vehicle registration and insurance at hand at all times. Vehicle insurance protects all drivers from the costs of medical care and vehicle repairs that can stem from a car accident. A vehicle’s registration is also required as it ties a car to an owner, which is essential for taxation and crime prevention purposes. Each state manages vehicle registrations through a specific agency that focuses on motor vehicles.

Drivers in Kentucky will have to visit the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for all matters relating to car registrations. This includes when they need a DMV copy of their registration. However, in order to replace your car registration, there are a few essential steps you must complete. Before visiting the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, drivers will need to collect the necessary information and documents. Additionally, there is usually a replacement fee for copies of vehicle registrations. Drivers should learn about the replacement process to ensure that they have everything they need to successfully receive their registration copy.

When do you need to get a copy of your vehicle registration in Kentucky?

There are a few situations where you would need to replace a car registration as soon as possible. For example, if you have a damaged or lost car registration, you will need to apply for a replacement. Damage can include anything from tears and rips to markings or water damage. If any of the information on your vehicle registration becomes illegible, you will need to replace it, as well. The process to replace these documents is simple and cheap and can be completed through the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

How to Obtain a Replacement Vehicle Registration in Kentucky

In order to replace a damaged, lost or stolen car registration, you must visit your local county clerk’s office, which is managed by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Kentucky does not offer drivers the option to get a copy of their vehicle registrations online.

Some county clerk’s offices will be able to process a registration replacement by mail, but not all counties offer this service. If you wish to complete your application by mail, call your local county clerk’s office and ask if you are allowed to mail your request. In most cases, you will be required to apply in person. Before visiting, ensure that you have the following items:

  • A filled out and notarized Affidavit for Replacement or Non-Exchange (Form TC96-167).
    • If the vehicle is owned by a company, an agent or representative from the company must also sign the request.
  • A valid proof of insurance that must:
    • Be from Kentucky unless you are military personnel.
    • Contain the NAIC number.
    • Match the name of the registered owner or lessee.
  • Payment for the DMV duplicate registration.

Note: County clerk’s offices may be able to notarize your Affidavit for Replacement or Non-Exchange at an additional fee, but you must provide picture identification.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration in Person

In order to complete a DMV registration replacement in Kentucky, you will likely have to visit a county clerk’s office in person. You will need to bring all of the required documents with you, or your request may be denied. For vehicle registrations that are being replaced due to damage or illegible text, you can begin the replacement process immediately. However, if you have stolen or lost car registration papers, you are recommended to file a police report before visiting the county clerk’s office.

Kentucky Stolen Car Registration Requirements

Since a car’s registration is tied to a particular owner, it is important to file a police report about a DMV lost registration if your documents are stolen or lost. By doing so, you can protect yourself from identity theft and other misuse of the information on your vehicle’s registration.

Although filing a report is not required by many county clerk’s offices in Kentucky, you are recommended to do so before applying for a duplicate vehicle registration. Once you have filed a report, you can follow the standard process to apply for a registration replacement.

Kentucky Car Registration Sticker Replacement

In addition to the standard registration document, there are certain circumstances that may call for you to replace the car registration sticker on your license plate. For example, if your entire license plate is stolen, you will most likely need a new decal to place on your license plate replacement.

Furthermore, rust, paint or other damages to a license plate can also validate a replacement. In these situations, you will have to specify that you also need to replace car registration decals and/or license plates on your Form TC96-167. You will be asked to specify whether your plate or decal is lost, stolen or damaged.

Kentucky Vehicle Registration Replacement Fees

Obtaining a copy of a vehicle registration is an easy, fast and relatively cheap process. Depending on what items you need to replace and the services you request, your applicable fees may vary.

The fees for replacing a lost, damaged or stolen registration include:

  • $3 for a duplicate vehicle registration.
  • $3 for a replacement license plate, plus a $3 processing fee.
    • This fee may not apply for decals in certain counties.
  • A notary fee if you had your Form TC96-167 notarized at the county clerk’s office.
Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.