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How to Replace a Vehicle Registration in Texas

Vehicle Registration Online Services Guide

Texas Car Registration Replacement

Drivers must obtain a Texas car registration replacement if their car registration receipt, sticker or license plate has been:

  • Lost.
  • Stolen.
  • Damaged (illegible).

If vehicle registration is only damaged, turn in the original registration when you go to the local county tax office to receive the Texas car registration copy.

Information Related to Car Registration Replacement

Report a Stolen Car Registration

Drivers who believe that their lost car registrationwas stolen should contact local authorities and fill out a police report. The TX Department of Motor Vehicles does not require you to file a report, but doing so protects your identity if your documents are used in another state.

How to Replace Car Registration Certificate or Receipt

Visit your local county tax office or Texas Department of Motor Vehicles regional service center and follow these steps to replace lost car registration:

  1. Complete a Request for Texas Motor Vehicle Information (VTR-275) form
  2. Write your name and address as they appear on your car title and vehicle registration.
  3. Provide your VIN and vehicle description.
  4. Check the box that reads "duplicate registration receipt for current registration period"
  5. Pay the $2 fee for a duplicate car registration

Accepted payment methods vary by county. Typically, cash, checks, money orders and debit/credit cards are accepted. Note: Drivers cannot replace car registration online in Texas.

How You Replace Car Registration Stickers or License Plates

Follow these steps to replace a lost or stolen registration sticker or license plates:

  1. Go to your local county tax office
  2. Complete an Application for Replacement License Plate(s), and/or Vehicle Registration Sticker (VTR-60) form
  3. Indicate what item you are replacing
  4. Pay the $6 replacement fee and $1 automation fee

Follow the same steps to replace custom license plates. Accepted payment methods vary by county. Typically, cash, checks, money orders and debit/credit cards are accepted. Note: If you are replacing license plates, you will receive new numbers. However, you can keep the same numbers if you have personalized license plates.

Out-of-State and Military Car Registration Replacement

In-state military members must follow the same procedures as civilians to replace car registration in person at a local county tax office. However, out-of-state military members and civilians need to contact the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles for information on how to proceed. Because replacing car registration in Texas can only be done in person at a Texas tax office, the DMV will have to determine whether their extenuating circumstances qualify them to replace vehicle registration by other means.

How to Replace Handicap Placards

If your handicap placard was lost, stolen or damaged to the point of illegibility, request a replacement handicap placard at your local county tax office. You must bring a copy of your original handicap placard application.
The local county tax office can look up your information if you do not have a copy of your original form. However, drivers may be asked to reapply for handicap placards. Applicants with permanent disabilities are not charged a fee. Drivers with temporary disabilities will be charged $5.

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