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A Texas DMV practice test is an important resource, but some new drivers may think it may not be necessary. After all, with the Texas driving handbook and some experience from a drivers ed course, there should be no trouble passing a permit test. This is a belief that many first-time drivers hold, but they do not know that almost half of young drivers fail their permit tests on the first try. Additionally, some fail it again the second time. permit practice test and study guide exists because the Texas handbook is nearly 100 pages long, and there is an overwhelming amount of information included. The questions on an automated permit test could be drawn from a selection of hundreds. Practice driving tests help students anticipate the kind of questions they will be asked on their exam, and helps students practice thinking through the information that they already know. In fact, as a learning device, practice tests have been found to be 50 percent more effective than reading and note-taking.

What are the benefits of taking a Texas DMV practice test?

Students who use a Texas DMV practice permit test are five times more likely to pass the test on their first try. This is because the practice tests are purposefully designed to mimic an official permit test as closely as possible, both in form and content. The Texas practice written driving test helps students acclimate to the testing process and build more confidence. Nervousness is the ultimate self-sabotage of test-takers, especially when the stakes are as high as whether or not a learners permit will be granted.

Additionally, learners practice tests are not only a way to gauge what you do or do not know. They are actually a better learning method, and a 2011 study found that students who used practice tests remembered more than 50 percent more information than their counterparts as much as a week later. This is because practice tests are an active method of study that forces students to engage more fully with the information and practice recalling answers, which serves much better for memory than passive studying like reading.

What is included in’s Texas drivers license practice test?

The drivers permit practice test is made of 50 common DMV testing questions, and it is based particularly on the Texas driving manual and state road laws. Students can expect to see the same kind of questions that they would on their official written test, including how to drive in the rain, the proper distance to be from a construction site and when pedestrians have the right-of-way. Some other topics included in the Texas drivers license practice test are:

  • The fine for disobeying the “Click it or Ticket” law.
  • The term for a trucker’s blind spots.
  • What to do when driving downhill.
  • The Implied Consent Laws.
  • When to properly use a horn.

In addition to the complete 50 sample driving test questions, the practice test comes with a helpful answer key. If the answer key is not straightforward enough, the practice test also comes with a study guide for students to learn more on all of the above topics.

Texas Drivers License Test Rules and Requirements

Your Texas drivers license study guide and practice test will help prepare you for both of the tests that you have to take in Texas. While the written test will be the first, the second test is the road skills test, and is an application of all the theoretical knowledge that a driver will need to know for knowledge tests. Additionally, while the knowledge test can be waived for students who have taken a drivers ed course or attended a class at their high school, the driving test is required for all applicants.

The Texas Learners Permit Test

Drivers who have not had the permit test requirements waived may take it in English or Spanish, but they must be able to read the road signs in English to pass. Further, there is a limited number of Spanish-speaking DMV employees and those who need a test in Spanish may have to wait longer until a testing time becomes available.

The Texas Driving Test

To prepare for the drive test, review your Texas DMV study guide and the permit test questions on your practice quiz. The road skills test evaluates students on their ability to:

  • Safely navigate intersections.
  • Parallel park.
  • Turn.
  • Control the vehicle.
  • Make stops.
  • Use signals.
  • Observe the rules of the road.
  • Reverse in a straight line.

Before getting into the car with a DMV employee, be certain to use your driving test study guide to refresh yourself on the Texas state laws and the meanings of road signs and lane markers that you do not see often. The test takes about 20 minutes, and you will be informed immediately if you passed or failed.

Any applicant who is hard of hearing may bring an ASL interpreter with them to their road skills test or may request a translator from the DMV. This requests must be made when the student schedules his or her appointment, either online or by phone.

How to Pass a Driving Test in Texas

To pass a Texas drivers permit test, you must be capable of three things — recognize road signs and lane markers, understand Texas driving laws and be capable of navigating safe driving situations. To answer every DMV test question, students should know:

  • What do you do when you are in an intersection and there is an emergency vehicle behind you?
  • What do you do if your tires blow out while you are driving?
  • Which signs indicate that the road you are on merges with another?
  • What should you do at a flashing red traffic light?
  • What is the standard speed limit on a Texas highway?

What is included in’s Texas drivers test study guide?

Like the official Texas driving manual, the permit test study guide covers all of the key points regarding road signs, safe driving, lane markings and more. However, whereas the Texas handbook is almost 100 page of black-and-white text, the road signs test study guide is an easy-to-understand condensed guide. Complete with graphics of lanes, signs and driving scenarios, the study guide is a simple supplement to the state manual, where the state guide becomes too complicated or hard to read.

Some examples of what topics are covered are:

  • The penalties for street racing.
  • The state cellphone laws.
  • How to exit a roundabout.
  • Who can drive in HOV lanes.

How to Use’s Texas Drivers Permit Practice Test and Study Guide

Texas learners permit practice tests are better ways to study, because they force students to engage more actively with the information than reading and note-taking. Active studying dramatically increases the amount of information a student can learn and retain, and it is actually less boring than standard study methods. To get the best use from your study guide and practice test, try:

  • Taking the drivers ed practice test multiple times. Taking a test actually teaches the student more information, because the process forces students to recall and reconstruct the information. Take the test multiple times during the study process to cement the information you have learned.
  • Using the learners permit study guide as a driving dairy. When you ride along with someone else, take along your study guide and make notes of the signs and situations you see. Combine the theoretical information of your study guide with the real experience you have in a car to increase the likelihood that you will remember what each sign means or how to pull over for an emergency vehicle.

Free DMV Practice Tests in Texas

Texas does not offer state-sponsored online permit practice tests. Texas provides a handbook that is updated every few years but only a limited supply of test materials. The handbook does contain some questions that pertain to the information on the written test, but it is not a proper practice test.

There are some online Texas DMV practice tests available for free. However, students should be careful with the material they use to study. State laws are updated regularly, and students will be expected to know the most recent laws. Additionally, while driving is relatively the same across the country, each of the fifty states and the territories have their own driving laws.

If students plan to use a free DMV sample test, they must be sure to find one that they are certain is specific to their state. It would be counter-productive for a student to learn the laws of another state, or even confusing to conflict information from Texas with other states’ laws. For example, it is illegal for drivers in Texas who are younger than 18 years of age to use their cellphone while they drive. In Georgia, on the other hand, it is illegal to drive with a cellphone at all, no matter the driver’s age.

How to Schedule a Drivers License Test in Texas

You can schedule your DMV driving test appointment online or by phone. To schedule online, go to the Texas DMV website and find “More Online Services.” The web portal allows you to select a time and the DMV of your choice.

To make an appointment at a driver testing location by phone, call the DMV service center nearest to you and schedule a time for your test. You must begin the test at least one hour before the DMV closes, so plan accordingly.

What to Bring to a Driving Test in Texas

While a Texas DMV learners permit practice test will help you prepare for your written test at the DMV, you must still apply for a learners permit before you can even take your test. In Texas, you need eight documents to begin your application for a learners license. These include:

  • Your drivers license application.
  • A completed verification of enrollment.
  • A copy of your valid vehicle registration.
  • Proof of your vehicle insurance policy.
  • One document as proof of identity:
    • S. Birth certificate
    • Passport
    • Certificate of Citizenship
    • Certificate of Naturalization
    • Consular Report of Birth Abroad
    • Valid Permanent Resident Card
    • Valid Employment Authorization
    • Foreign passport with a valid U.S. visa
  • Two documents as proof of residence:
    • Utility bills
    • Mortgage agreement
    • Lease
    • Homeowner’s policy
    • Insurance policy
    • Telephone bill
    • Mail from a state or federal agency
    • Vehicle registration
    • Paystub that shows your name
  • One document as proof of Social Security Number:
    • Social security Card
    • 1099 form
    • A recent W-2 form

In Texas, you are required to show proof that you are a legal resident, but your identity document should be capable of proving your name, date of birth and legal status in the United States. Minors may use official documents with their parents’ or legal guardians’ names as proof of insurance, registration and residence in the state.

In addition to your Texas permit test, a vision exam will be conducted at your appointment. Bring any glasses, contact lenses or other visual aids that you require.

Texas DMV Driving Test Fees

The learners permit fee in Texas is $16. There are not additional fees for testing or retesting, unless a student chooses to take their driver test at a third-party provider instead.

Last updated on Monday, March 2 2020.

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