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Commercial Driver's Manual in Texas

Commercial Driver's Manual in Texas

In order to obtain your Commercial Driver's License (CDL) you must first pass a series of general knowledge and practical/driving exams. The driver's manual is the book that provides the information you need to know in order to pass your tests and drive safely.

Information Covered in Manual

The Commercial Driver's License manual covers information regarding requirements, instruction permits, classes of commercial licenses, fees and restrictions. The book also covers state traffic laws and safe driving information which will help you drive responsibly and safely. For example:

  • You must follow the state's weight restrictions on cargo you are transporting
  • Some materials may not be loaded together as a result of chemical sensitivity or reaction that may take place if kept in the same space.

Chapters in the CDL Manual

There are several sections in the manual that cover pertinent information regarding obtaining a license and operating a commercial vehicle. These chapters include:

  1. General Information
  2. Air Brakes
  3. Combination Vehicles
  4. Doubles and Triples
  5. School Buses
  6. Transporting Cargo
  7. Tank Vehicles
  8. Transporting Passengers
  9. Hazardous Materials

Please see the CDL Manual for more detailed information.

Where To Get The CDL Manual

Please see the online CDL Manual OR the manual is available to purchase at any DOT office.

Additional Information

Please review all information regarding acquiring a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). Use the following links to gain more knowledge about the licensing process.

Submitted by Marine1 on 16th Mar 2012

As of 16 Mar 2012, the CDL

As of 16 Mar 2012, the CDL Link does not work. The link that does work directs you to a Manual that's dated Nov 2008; the latest version is Aug 2010. Clearly no one but users read these posts because the laundry list of complaints over the same discrepancy is evident.

It's quite apparent, there's a severe lack of accountability & communication at TX DPS. These representatives seem to forget they are employees; therefore their jobs are not gauranteed & could/should be dismissed for incompetency & malingering. Rude & abrasive attitudes towards customers should not be tolerated by the leaders/managers of those offices. Citizens looks to those representatives for guidance & information. It's their job to assist & guide people, politely, on how obtain licenses, permits, etc.


Submitted by ginnysm on 15th Aug 2011

The link is still not

The link is still not working, but did find another link to the .pdf file - however this is not the correct training manual. The correct manual has twice as many pages. My son went to tha Pasaden, TX DMV office to take the CDL tests, after standing in line for more than an hour he was told by a very unpleasant worker that office no longer gave the CDL test to go to another office near Clear Lake. The same thing there, only directed to Baytown who directed him back to the first DMV office he went to. Stood in line another hour plus, then when telling the worker what he needed to do - she told him not to tell her, but the person who would give the tests. Stood in line for that person for another hour plus, to fnid out the first worker was supposed to set him up for all of the test not her. So he was only able to take the basic test and has to go back for the other 6. Wasted a lot of time, effort and gas traveling around plus the rudeness of the workers. None of this was necessary - just trying to get a job to pay the taxes that pays them for their excellent job performances.

Submitted by Anonymous on 12th Apr 2011

The link to the CDL Manual

The link to the CDL Manual still isn't working...

Submitted by Anonymous on 7th Apr 2011

The link to the Commercial

The link to the Commercial Driver's Manual still doesn't work.

Submitted by Anonymous on 1st Mar 2011

The online links to the CDL

The online links to the CDL manual don't work.

Submitted by Anonymous on 6th May 2011

Click the first link for the

Click the first link for the PDF version

Submitted by Emma Luisa Lucero on 11th Jan 2012

Favor de enviarme el manual

Favor de enviarme el manual del conductor en versión en español. Gracias

Submitted by luis arteche on 4th Mar 2014

Spanish please

Spanish please