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How to Apply for a Motorcycle License in Texas

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To operate a motorcycle, moped or scooter in the state of Texas, a driver must have a Class M motorcycle license. Drivers under the age of 18 follow a different set of instructions when getting a motorcycle licensethat individuals 18 and older.

Information Related to Motorcycle Licenses

How to Get a Motorcycle License (Under 18)

To apply for a motorcycle driving license in Texas, drivers under 18 must be at least 15 years old and follow the below instructions:

Provide proof of identity:    
  • Primary documents:
  • Secondary documents:
    • Birth certificate (original or certified copy)
    • Court order showing name and date of birth and indicating a name change or gender change from a U.S. entity (original or certified copy)
  • Supporting documents:
    • Social Security card
    • W-2 form

How to Provide Primary and Secondary Documentation

Drivers must bring one primary identity document and two secondary identity documents, or one secondary and two supporting identity documents when applying for a motorcycle license endorsement in Texas.

  • Show two proofs of residency:
    • Valid voter registration card
    • Car registration certificate
  • Present one proof of Social Security Number:
    • Social Security card
    • Health insurance card
  • Show one proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful presence:
    • Passport
    • Birth certificate (original or certified copy)
    • Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551) (non-U.S. citizens)
    • Foreign passport with attached temporary I-551 (non-U.S. citizens)
  • Fill out the Application for Texas Driver License or Identification Card (DL-14A) form.
  • Present your drivers ed (DE-964 Classroom) certificate.
  • Provide the certificate of completion for your state-approved motorcycle safety course.
  • Hand in a letter from the school administrator or a Verification of Enrollment and Attendance form.
  • Include a parent authorization signature.
  • Provide proof of vehicle registration and motorcycle insurance
  • Pass the written and vision tests
  • Pass the road skills motorcycle exam
  • Provide a picture and thumbprints
  • Pay the necessary fees
    • New motorcycle endorsement with driving license: $15 on top of $25 drivers license fee
  • Add TX motorcycle drivers licenseto existing driving license: $16
  • Class M only motorcycle license: $25
    • TX driver license officers accept cash, checks, money order and credit cards

In addition to providing the motorcyclefor the road skills test, drivers must provide the DMV examiner with a vehicle and a licensed supervisor to operate it while they take notes.

Three-Wheeled Motorcycles

The DPS now requires trike (three-wheel motorcycle) operators to take a specialized motorcycle training and safety course before receiving a Class M restricted trike license.

How to Get a Motorcycle License (18 and Over)

The process to obtain a motorcycle license in Texas if you are 18 years or older is similar to the steps listed above. You must:

  • Provide proof of:
    • Identity
    • Residency
    • Citizenship or legal presence
    • Social Security Number
    • Motorcycle registration
    • motorcycle insurance
    • State-approved motorcycle safety course completion
  • Fill out the Application for Texas Driver License or Identification Card (DL-14A) form.
  • Pass the road rules, traffic signs and motorcycle written knowledge tests.
  • Pass the vision and driving exams.
  • Pay the necessary fees:
  • New motorcycle endorsement with driving license: $15 in addition to the $25 drivers license fee
  • Add TX motorcycle endorsement to an existing drivers license: $16
  • Class M only motorcycle license: $25
    • TX DMV accepts cash, checks, money orders and credit cards. Note:Texas motorcycle operators who are 20 years old or younger are required by law to wear a helmet.

Military Motorcycle License

Military members must follow the same steps to obtain a motorcycle drivers license in Texas. If you have a motorcycle license and are out of state when it expires, the credentials will remain valid up to 90 days after you are discharged.

Texas DMV Exams

First read the Texas Driver's Handbook, then use the Driver's Practice Test to ace the DMV written test on the first try.
When applying for drivers license credentials, the written knowledge test can be taken in either English or Spanish; however, a potential Texas driver must be familiar with road signs in English. Drivers who fail their first driving exam must schedule their next attempt within 90 days. During this period, they have three chances to pass the road skills test. If they do not pass, applicants must pay a $25 drivers license fee and go through the application process once again.
When applying for drivers licenses, the TX DMV will test your vision. If your vision is worse than 20/40, you will be asked to obtain corrective lenses before you take the road skills motorcycle exam.

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