The procedure for obtaining a motorcycle license in Mississippi must be completed by riders who want to operate a motorbike on public roads within the state. Applicants may submit their request for a license by using the Driver Services of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety (MS DPS). The MS DPS does not issue a standalone license for motorcycle use and it requires riders to obtain a standard driver’s license before adding a motorcycle endorsement later. Applicants who meet the state requirements may complete the procedure upon visiting a local MS DPS office. To learn where and how to get a license in Mississippi, read the following sections.

Motorcycle License Requirements in Mississippi

When applying for Mississippi motorbike driving licenses, riders may be required to satisfy a set of requirements. Applicants may also be obligated to meet the criteria for the standard driver’s license if they do not already hold one. A license can only be obtained by applicants who satisfy the following:

  • Are at least 16-and-a-half years old.
  • Hold a standard driver’s license.
  • Have the appropriate insurance coverage.
  • Do not have a revoked or a suspended license.
  • Be mentally and physically able to operate a motorcycle.
  • Prove their state residency, identity and enrollment in the Social Security program.

In addition to the requirements stated above, riders may also have to take and pass the corresponding theoretical and practical driving exams.

Note: Minor applicants may be required to meet additional requirements.

Mississippi Motorcycle License Training Courses

Prior to applying for a full bike license in Mississippi, riders may have the option to enroll in a motorcycle driver’s education and safety course. By doing so, motorcycle endorsement applicants will be able to further develop their knowledge of safe motorcycle operations and their riding skills. The motorcycle courses are often taught at various levels, depending on the current skills of the applicants. After successfully completing the motorbike safety program, drivers may become exempt from taking the DPS bike skills test.

Mississippi Motorcycle License Tests

Part of the requirements for getting an endorsement includes taking and passing a few tests. Motorists may obtain motorcycle endorsements on their current license, regardless of whether they already hold or applying for an MS driver’s license. In order to get an endorsement added on their current credentials, motorists must satisfy certain requirements and pass both a written test and a driving skills test.

The written test will check the applicants’ theoretical knowledge and future riders may get prepared for taking the exam by reviewing the Mississippi Motorcycle Manual. Moreover, the riding skills test needed for getting a motorcycle license in Mississippi will test the practical operating skills of the individual who wants to obtain a license. Remember that motorists who want to get a license may have to provide proof of insurance and a valid inspection sticker before taking the skills test. Therefore, to learn more about the tests and how to pass the required examinations, contact the MS DPS beforehand.

Note: If motorists hold a valid out-of-state license, both the written and the skills tests may be waived.

The Mississippi Motorcycle License Application Process

Prior to applying for a motorcycle license in Mississippi, riders will have to request a standard license through their local MS DPS office. In addition to the application form, drivers will have to submit a set of documents, pay a fee and pass several mandatory driving tests. Applicants must have held a learner’s permit for a certain amount of time prior to requesting a driver’s license. The process to get a motorcycle license in MS may be completed in person through the same branch by following these steps:

  • Submit the application.
  • Provide supporting documentation, if required.
  • Pass certain mandatory DPS tests.
  • Pay the applicable fees.

Riders may also request a motorcycle permit prior to scheduling the skills test if they want to improve their skills for riding a motorbike.

Note: Minor applicants may be also required to complete additional steps as well, such as getting a signature from their parents or legal guardians, or submitting a school attendance form to the MS DPS.

Mississippi Motorcycle License Fees

To successfully complete a process of getting a motorcycle driver’s license will be required to pay the applicable fees, which may change without notice. A 4-endorsement may be obtained at a price of $5, while a fee of $10 will be required for an 8-year endorsement. A permit may be obtained at the price of $1. Minors may be required to pay a motorcycle license cost of $14. Adult applicants may be required to pay $17 for a 4-year valid license, or a $33 for a credential with an 8-year validity. To discover the most current fees needed for a license or endorsement, contact the MS DPS and learn more information.

Last updated on Monday, October 1 2018.

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