Failing to replace a lost car registration in Mississippi may result in fines and/or traffic tickets, as drivers must always be able to present proof of a vehicle’s registration when required to do so. For example, motorists may need to present proof of auto insurance coverage along with a car registration card if a law enforcement officer pulls them over for any reason. To obtain a copy of vehicle registration in MS, motorists need to submit a request form through a county tax collector’s office under the state’s Department of Revenue (DOR).

To replace car registration materials such as license plates and/or decals, the application process is slightly different. For instance, vehicle owners may need to file a police report if their license plate or decals were stolen. To learn more about replacing car registration materials such as license plates, decals or certificates, review the information below.

When do you need to get a copy of your vehicle registration in Mississippi?

Motorists must promptly replace Mississippi DMV lost registration materials that have been stolen or that have disappeared. In general, these documents serve as proof of that a vehicle is up-to-date with its registration and may be operated on public roads. Moreover, vehicle owners must replace their registration materials if these credentials sustain damages or mutilations and can no longer be read clearly.

In addition to obtaining a DMV copy of registration certificates, motorists must replace their decals and/or license plates if these credentials sustain damages or are stolen. On the other hand, the application process differs slightly depending on whether drivers need to replace a registration receipt or a tag/decal.

How to Obtain a Replacement Vehicle Registration in Mississippi

When applying for a DMV registration replacement in Mississippi, motorists must complete the process in person, as other application methods are not available. During the in-person visit, vehicle owners need to present proof of auto insurance, vehicle identification number (VIN), license plate number and a state-issued drivers license. While applicants must also pay a fee to process their request, this amount will vary by tax collector’s office.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration in Person

To replace lost car registration papers in MS, vehicle owners must visit their county tax collector’s office and submit their request in person. To get started, you may fill out the proper application form and then visit a Mississippi DOR branch.

For additional information about obtaining a duplicate registration credential, automobile owners may call 601-923-7200 and speak with a representative of the DOR’s Motor Vehicle Licensing Bureau.

Mississippi Stolen Car Registration Requirements

If motorists need a DMV duplicate registration decal or tag after their original credentials are lost or stolen, they must notify a local law enforcement agency before they may apply for a replacement through their tax collector’s office. To do so, they must obtain an “Affidavit for Support of Credit” form from the DOR, which must be filled out by a law enforcement official. Then, the officer will provide car owners with a case number or attach a copy of the police report to the form.

If vehicle owners need to replace an MS car registration certificate that has been lost or stolen, they do not need to file a police report unless they wish to do so. While police reports for stolen registration certificates are optional, notifying a law enforcement official can help motorists to protect their identity after a theft occurs.

Mississippi DMV Sticker Replacement

To replace a DMV lost registration sticker in Mississippi, or to obtain duplicate license plates, vehicle owners must complete an “Affidavit for Support of Credit” form. This document is also known as the “Application for Replacement Tag and/or Decal” form. When completing this application, drivers must provide:

  • The name of the county where they wish to apply for a replacement decal.
  • The date of their request.
  • The type of credential they wish to replace (check the box for replacement decal and/or license tag).
  • A description of the vehicle, including its make, model, year, VIN, date of expiration and tag/decal number.
  • The name and street address of the registered vehicle owner.

After completing an “Affidavit for Support of Credit” form, motorists must bring it to a local tax collector’s office and process their request in person. At the tax collector’s office, vehicle owners must also surrender their current decals and/or license plates, unless these credentials were lost or stolen. Furthermore, drivers must sign the application for a lost car registration sticker or license plate while under the presence of a notary public.

If motorists cannot surrender stolen or lost vehicle registration credentials to their tax collector’s office, a local law enforcement official must file a police report and fill out the “For Lost or Stolen Tag and/or Decal Only” section of the application document. After completing this step, vehicle owners may submit the application to their county tax collector’s office, along with payment for the applicable fee.

Note: If lost or stolen credentials are recovered at any time, vehicle owners must surrender them to the tax collector’s office.

Mississippi Vehicle Registration Replacement Fees

To get a copy of car registration certificates that have been stolen, lost or damaged, motorists may need to pay a fee. However, specific costs vary throughout the state. Therefore, in order to obtain specific fee information, customers must contact their local county tax collector’s office.

If replacing a license plate or decal, applicants must pay a set fee depending on the type of credential they wish to duplicate. These include the following:

  • The DMV replacement sticker fee in MS is $2.50 per decal
  • The replacement license plate/tag fee is $10
Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.