Access online assistance services for help on how to get your new ID as soon as possible. In many states, getting a driver’s license or ID for the first time involves several steps. Therefore, knowing what you will need to do and which documents you will need to present to the DMV is important. Online assistance provides step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a new license or ID card. Take advantage of this service to simplify the process today.

2. By Mail

Some drivers prefer to complete their DMV transactions by mail. Unfortunately, this process is generally much slower than simply dealing with the DMV online. When completing DMV transactions by mail, make sure to set aside enough time for your documents to reach the DMV. If you are on a tight schedule, be mindful that the DMV will need to receive your documents, process your request and mail a response back to you. Double-check all forms, payment methods and applications before mailing them, as any error on your part may delay the process.

3. In Person at a DMV Office

There are DMV transactions that you can only complete in person at a DMV office. These are sometimes lengthy processes, and since DMV lines are often long and slow, preparing beforehand can help ensure your visit is as quick as possible. Knowing which documents you will need and filling out necessary forms before your visit can keep you from wasting your trip. In these cases, online assistance services can help by providing you with all the information you need to make your visit a success.

Obtaining a Mississippi state issued identification card is a procedure that must be completed through the state Department of Public Safety (DPS). Contrary to the use of driving licenses, ID card credentials are generally necessary for the purposes of carrying out numerous daily activities, including purchasing goods and services, applying for job positions, opening bank accounts, performing other financial activities and more.

Individuals applying for an identification card will need to complete a set of requirements in order to finalize the procedure timely and properly. One of the criteria to purchase an ID, for example, is meeting the age requirement. If you are wondering where to get a state ID and wish to review the necessary documents, continue reading the applicable sections below.

Requirements for an ID Card in Mississippi

To be able to obtain a new ID card in MS, individuals must be five years of age or older. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) also provides for the issuance of DMV non driver ID cards to any physically disabled or blind individual. In addition to the age requirement, state residents must also submit applicable forms and payment for the set fees in order to obtain such credential. Part of the application process is submitting a completed and signed application form to a local MS DPS office.

Non drivers license applicants will also be required to present their Social Security card, as well as a certified copy of their birth certificate. Note that DPS does not accept metal Social Security cards or hospital birth certificates. State residents who are older than 18 years of age and are applying for an MS state issued ID credential will also need to submit proof of domicile, which may be in the form of, but not limited to the following:

  • An electric or water bill
  • A lease or rent agreement
  • Mortgage documentation
  • A bank statement including a physical address (DPS does not accept blank checks)
  • A voter registration card provided it displays address
  • A car tag registration receipt

Note: Applicants younger than 21 years of age may verify their residency by providing proof of their parent’s address.

If you are not a citizen of the United States, but still wish to obtain an ID card in Mississippi, you will need to complete the aforementioned requirements, except for submitting your Social Security card. Noncitizens must submit valid immigration paperwork in addition, such as a translated certificate of birth, passport, etc. Arranging payment for the applicable DMV ID card price is the final step toward getting an identification card within the state.

The Mississippi ID Card Application Process

While the procedure to renew an MS DMV non driver ID credential can be completed via the internet, individuals obtaining an ID for the first time may need to visit a nearby DPS branch in order to submit the applicable documents in person. Prior to visiting a local branch to apply for ID card credentials, individuals must complete the following steps:

  • Make sure they meet the age requirement to obtain an identification document (five years of age or older).
  • Gather the necessary documentation, including an application form, Social Security card (if applicable), birth certificate, proof of domicile (if applicable) and immigration documents (if required).
  • Ensure they are able to provide payment for the applicable prices.

Since DMV ID cards in Mississippi are issued for a specific period of time, you will need to complete a renewal procedure in a timely manner so as to avoid violating state rules and regulations. In the event of a lost or stolen credential, you may apply for a duplicate identification card via an online service provider.

Note: If you wish to be able to drive in the state of Mississippi, you will need to obtain a driver’s license, since IDs do not confer driving privileges. Although the process to obtain a license is similar as the process for obtaining an ID, licenses involve taking several exams, including a written test and a driving test. Fortunately, there are online practice tests you can take to help prepare you for the written test. These practice exams help you review important information you will need to know to answer the DMV’s questions. Additionally, you can enroll in a driver education course if you need more preparation, particularly if you need practice driving.

Mississippi Identification Card Fees

A step that should not be avoided when obtaining state ID credentials is arranging payment for the applicable fees. The Department of Public Safety does not process applications unless you pay the costs that apply to the issuance of a new identification document. The Mississippi DMV ID card price for an original identification card is relatively low. Individuals may also obtain a disability ID for a fee. Note that fees are subject to change without notice. When arranging payments for identification cards, applicants have the option to utilize a credit or debit card or cash. The Mississippi DPS does not accept personal checks as a form of payment.

Last updated on Friday, September 21 2018.

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