An Alabama state ID could serve as your primary form of identification if you do not need or want to get a driver’s license. Both are ID card options issued by the state government, but a regular ID does not provide any driving privileges. If you do not drive, you may still require an official form of identification for various purposes, including voting, accessing age-restricted goods and more.

An identification card can be as official as a driver’s license, with similarly strict requirements for obtaining one. The DMV ID card will only be issued to certain residents of the state of Alabama who can prove their identity and state residence, so be sure to review the acceptable forms of proof. Also, it is important to review the costs involved and understand how to renew or replace your card should you need to do so. Finally, make sure you understand the new REAL ID and the differences between this new form of ID and the older options that are still available.

Alabama DMV ID Requirements

Alabama DMV state ID requirements follow similar rules as the driver’s license requirements. Any government issued ID will only be granted once you have sufficiently proven your identity and your eligibility to hold such an ID. Since this type of card can grant access to government sites and air travel, the restrictions and requirements are thorough.

Alabama ID card requirements are enforced by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), where you will apply for your first license or DMV state ID card. Some rules to remember include the following:

  • You cannot hold a driver’s license and an ID card at the same time. If you have both, you will need to surrender one when you next renew your license or ID.
  • Non-citizens may request an ID card in Alabama if they meet certain requirements. Proof of your valid immigration status will be required.

What do you need to get an ID in Alabama?

Getting a state ID card is not a complicated process, but the various lists of acceptable documentation can be confusing. Be sure to gather all of the following documents as necessary:

  1. Two documents your full legal name and date of birth, such as:
    1. A certified U.S. birth certificate issued
    2. A U.S. passport
    3. A Certificate of Citizenship
    4. Your certificate of citizenship
    5. A valid foreign passport with a valid U.S. immigration document
  2. Your original Social Security card. If you do not have a card, you will be required to submit one of the following instead:
    1. U.S. military form DD 214
    2. A W-2 form
  3. A third form of identification, if your other documents do not include your photo:
    1. U.S. state-issued driver license or non-driver ID card
    2. Marriage license
    3. U.S. military DD-214
    4. Current medical insurance identification card
    5. An ID issued by your school with a photo

For more detailed information about ID card requirements, review the Sources section below.

How to Get an ID in Alabama

Knowing where to get a state ID in Alabama can make the process much more efficient for you. You can get an ID online if you simply need a replacement or if you need to renew your already existing card. However, you will have to initially apply in person to get your first identification card. The supporting documentation you must show cannot be processed online, so you will have to bring it with you to the ALEA office.

Wondering how to get an ID online in Alabama? The process is simple. First, visit the ALEA website and click to renew or replace your card online. You will be brought to the welcome page, which explains the options available to you. Follow the steps outlined by the website. You can apply for an ID starting on the next page, where you can submit your identifying details to begin the process.

REAL ID Cards in Alabama

A REAL ID card will be required of every air traveler as of October 1, 2020, unless you have an alternative form of identification for domestic air travel, such as a passport. To apply for a REAL ID in Alabama, you will actually apply for the STAR ID (Secure, Trusted And Reliable). The STAR ID meets all federal legal requirements for air travel and is considered to be a step above the regular ID or license that is currently issued by ALEA.

The documents required for REAL ID cards are the same as those required for a regular license. However, you can only obtain a STAR ID from an ALEA driver’s license exam office. County offices will not be able to issue your initial ID but can thereafter renew or replace your STAR ID as needed.

In addition to the DMV ID card requirements listed above for supporting documentation, STAR IDs also require you to submit proof of your residence with documents like:

  • A voter registration card.
  • A mortgage contract or current rental agreement.
  • The previous year’s tax returns showing your address.
  • Your vehicle registration showing your name and address.
  • A utility bill less than 90 days old.
  • School enrollment documentation.

How to Renew or Replace a State ID in Alabama

A lost ID card in Alabama can be easily replaced online by simply requesting and paying for a duplicate card. The replacement ID card will arrive by mail, but you can print a temporary card that will be valid for 30 days in the interim.

The ID replacement cost is the same as purchasing a new card, no matter how you lost the original.

DMV ID Costs in Alabama

Are you wondering, “How much does an ID cost in Alabama?” The DMV ID cost breakdown is as follows:

  • $36.25 to buy a non-driver ID card
  • A 4 percent convenience fee added to the total cost for a credit card transaction
Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.