Law enforcement officials issue traffic tickets in Alabama for a wide variety of offenses. Drivers who do not resolve their citations on time are at risk of certain penalties, such as license suspensions or demerit driving points. If you choose to pay your tickets, the state Department of Public Safety (DPS) will add a certain number of demerit points to your Alabama driving record.

Motorists can contest the issue in court with a traffic lawyer, to avoid certain negative results, such as an increase in their car insurance premiums. Learn more about the processes of fighting or paying driving violations in the sections below.

Fighting an Alabama Ticket

Drivers can choose the option to fight traffic tickets in Alabama if they believe they received a ticket in error. Contesting your citation is a procedure, which must be initiated by the date displayed on the bottom half of the citation. Note that state law enforcement agencies report violations to the corresponding courts within seven to ten days. Therefore, drivers must wait at least a week before contacting the traffic court.

When disputing a driving-related offense, drivers must visit the presiding court, plead “not guilty,” and request a trial date. Before you take this step, it is best to have a copy of your dmv driving record, as points are determined by the type and severity of your offense. If you fail to take an action to either fight or pay the required fee prior to your first appearance date, the court will report the incident to the appropriate entity and you may face a license suspension as well as a warrant for your arrest will be issued.

To ensure a successful defense, motorists must carefully prepare their case prior to appearing at their trial. During the hearing, you will have the opportunity to deliver your testimony, present your evidence and call witnesses. To increase your changes of having your case dismissed, an Alabama traffic lawyer courts dismiss traffic tickets only after reaching a verdict of “not guilty”.

Note: Drivers who received a traffic ticket in Alabama may contact the corresponding court to change the First Appearance Date only if the scheduled date has not yet passed.

Paying an Alabama Ticket

Paying traffic tickets online in Alabama is the most convenient option to provide the due fine payments within the state. Note that the action of complying with the fee is an admission of guilt, which also results in the accumulation of penalty points and an increase of your vehicle coverage rates.

Drivers can generally provide their payment via several methods, which may vary based on factors such as the type of infraction that was committed and the practices of the presiding court. Certain types of tickets, for instance, can only be paid in person through the corresponding traffic court.

Regardless of how you pay, you must complete the action by the date displayed on the ticket in order to avoid additional fines and penalties. You should also consider an Alabama online driving course to reduce the damage of the citation on your driving history.

Lost Tickets in Alabama

When resolving an Alabama traffic citation, drivers will generally be required to utilize the information displayed on the ticket they have received. Drivers who lose their citation information can still learn how to reduce driving point or other types of citations by contacting the court that is handling their case.

Note that, in the event of a loss of your ticket, you will be able to obtain the necessary information only after the issuing police agency reports the citation to the court. When contacting the courts for details regarding your ticket, be sure to request information about the type of violation, the fine amount and the due date to pay it.

Alabama Fines and Penalties

Drivers who choose to pay traffic citations in Alabama can consult their tickets to obtain information about the exact fine amount. Note that the fines resulting from violations vary based on factors such as the type of infraction and the county where the offense was committed.

The total payable amount may also vary depending on the method you choose to pay for your ticket. Online transactions, for instance, may require the payment of an additional processing fee.

In addition to paying, the fines drivers who commit a traffic offense may also be subject to additional penalties. DUI consequences may include license suspensions and community and jail sentences, in addition to steep fines.

Note: If you fail to provide your traffic tickets payments on time, you may be required to pay additional late fees.

Points in Alabama

Drivers found guilty of a traffic violation in Alabama are also penalized with a certain number of negative points on their Alabama driving reports. The fine amount and the number of demerit points vary depending on the type of violation that was committed. The following list outlines several infractions and their corresponding point penalties:

  • Speeding up to 25 mph over the speed limit: 2 points
  • Disregarding traffic signs and lights: 3 points
  • Illegal passing: 4 points
  • Passing a parked school bus: 5 points
  • Reckless driving: 6 points

How Tickets Affect an Alabama Drivers License

Apart from Alabama traffic violation points, motorists who were issued a ticket may also be facing a driving license suspension because of an excess of penalty points on their records. The duration of the DPS-administered suspension varies based on the number of points accrued within any two-year period. Note that certain more serious violations such as a DUI or distracted driving violation that results in death may also result in automatic license suspensions and revocations.

Note: Certain state courts may offer the option of a ticket dismissal to drivers who complete an AL-approved traffic school. In such circumstances, the DPS will not add points to your record, and your driving privileges may not be affected.

Alabama Car Insurance Fines and Violations

Alabama traffic tickets may also be incurred by driving without the proper auto insurance coverage within the state. Per the AL Mandatory Liability Insurance Law, motorists must maintain a minimum coverage of $25,000 for property damages, $25,000 for injuries or death to one individual and $50,000 for all participants in the accident. For first no-insurance traffic violations, offenders will be required to pay a $500 fine. Second no-insurance offenses result in a $1000 fine.

Note: The fine for a lack of insurance will generally be administered in addition to the original fine. Also, multiple tickets received within a specific time period may eliminate you from cheap auto insurance rates, since citations are indicators of unsafe driving behavior.

Found no information from official sources regarding the specific traffic violation fines, since I surmise they vary from county to county. The language used herein reflects my findings.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.