Traffic citations in Minnesota must be resolved prior to the due date written on the ticket. Drivers can choose to either dismiss traffic tickets if they consider themselves innocent of the charge or pay traffic fines and admit the guilt. Find out more details about traffic ticket defense and payment by reviewing the sections below.

Fighting a Minnesota Ticket

When contesting a traffic ticket in MN, innocent drivers can plead “not guilty” in front of a judge. To dismiss your ticket, motorists may schedule an appointment with a hearing officer to avoid an in-court appearance, or simply go in person at a hearings and fines office.

However, failure to reach an agreement with the hearing officer will require you to request a court hearing. Fighting traffic tickets in Minnesota may also result in a fee, if you fail to prove your innocence.

Paying a Minnesota Ticket

Drivers are required to pay traffic citations in Minnesota before the due date written on their tickets, if they admit to committing the violation. When wondering how to pay a speeding ticket, the following methods are available: online, by phone, by mail or in person, at the court that issued the citation.

Paying online is the most convenient method that you can use without going to a traffic violation court. Learn more information about your specific case by contacting the court listed on your citation.

Lost Tickets in Minnesota

Prior to contesting a traffic ticket in Minnesota, drivers are required to have the citation in their possession. Facing a lost traffic ticket may prevent motorists from fighting or paying the citation. Drivers may find their traffic citations online through the MN Court Web Payment service available on the Minnesota Judicial Branch website.

Using the online service will require you to provide your citation or case number. If you do not have your ticket number or case number, you can call the Court Payment Center and find out the important information that your ticket contains.

Minnesota Fines and Penalties

A MN traffic tickets payment is required when drivers fail to dismiss traffic citations or when they decide to plead guilty. Traffic fines in Minnesota must be paid prior to the due date of the ticket and can be subject to change without notice. However, the fines may range depending on the type of offense and may require you to pay from $27 for snowbird parking to $380 for speeding 31 mph or more.

Failure to pay within 30 days of its entry into the court system may increase your fees and you may face other penalties as a result. Drivers who fail to answer a traffic ticket in Minnesota may face the following penalties: driver’s license suspension, certification of charges to a Minnesota driving record, issuance of a bench warrant for arrest, seizure of tax refunds or referral of debt. You should consult a Minnesota traffic attorney to avoid the most serious consequences of your DUI.

Points in Minnesota

Committing MN traffic violations will not bring you demerit points on your driving record, because Minnesota does not have an established point system. For that reason, traffic tickets will be accumulated and may lead to a driver’s license suspension. Therefore, you are encouraged to either beat a traffic citation or to pay driving fines in MN before the due date of your ticket.

How Tickets Affect a Minnesota Drivers License

Receiving a traffic ticket in Minnesota may require you to pay traffic fines and may bring you various penalties, such as a suspension or a revocation of your driver’s license. Drivers who commit a high number of traffic violations within five years will get a suspended driver’s license.

A revoked driving license will be issued to drivers who commit too many major offenses within a period of five years. Therefore, make sure to appeal or pay on time in order to avoid such penalties that affect your driver’s license.

Minnesota Car Insurance Fines and Violations

Committing too many MN traffic violations may bring you higher car insurance rates. Drivers may receive a premium discount by participating in a state-approved Minnesota traffic school. After committing multiple traffic violations in Minnesota, drivers may receive a court order for taking traffic school classes, or they can voluntarily take classes to become better and more responsible traffic participants.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.