Motorists can generally respond to a traffic ticket in Nebraska by contesting the citation or paying the assigned penalty. By fighting traffic tickets in NE, motorists decide to enter a “not guilty” plea if they believe they have been unjustly accused of a specific violation.

Motorists who choose to pay traffic fines online in Nebraska (or via other available methods) admit their guilt, and they are at risk of incurring harsh penalties, such as large fines and points, on their NE driving records. Find out more about Nebraska traffic citations in the following sections.

Fighting a Nebraska Ticket 

Motorists contesting a traffic ticket in NE may initiate the procedure by notifying the corresponding court of their decision in due time. Instructions on how to fight traffic tickets in Nebraska may be listed on the issued citation.

Another option is to contact the court handling your case to inquire about the exact steps. When disputing a ticket, drivers generally need to present their case in court and prove their innocence. When preparing your defense, a NE traffic attorney is an excellent option to assist you in forming a solid case for dismissal or reduction of charges. you may have to contact any relevant witnesses and collect any credible evidence.

If you are not able to afford a traffic ticket attorney, you may be assigned a public defender. If you are convicted of a traffic violation in Nebraska then you may face serious penalties, including large fines and additional costs, demerit points added to your driving report, or a jail sentence depending on the severity of the offense.

Paying a Nebraska Ticket

By submitting the allotted NE traffic tickets payment to the corresponding court, licensees automatically plead guilty to the offense in question and waive their right to a court appearance. Payment methods may also depend on the court and the county of residence. In order to pay traffic fines online in NE, drivers will need to access the state Waiverable Citation Payment System.

Note: Certain Nebraska traffic violations require a mandatory court appearance at the date and time specified on your ticket.

Lost Tickets in Nebraska

If you have misplaced your NE traffic citation, you will still need the information listed on the form to settle your case. Important details which are shown on your traffic ticket generally include the citation number, date and amount due. In order to dismiss traffic tickets in NE or provide payment timely and properly, you may need to contact the presiding court and inquire about the aforementioned information.

Another option may be using the state online case search system, depending on your situation. Note that you may be required to pay a specific fee to obtain the necessary details via the internet.

Nebraska Fines and Penalties

Motorists who are not able to beat a traffic ticket in Nebraska will be required to provide payment for the imposed fines and fees as stated on their citation. In general, the amount of NE traffic tickets payments are listed on the issued citation.

In addition to the base traffic fine which may vary depending on the type of the offense committed, the presiding court may assess other costs and surcharges. The following list includes several waivable traffic citations in NE and their corresponding base fines:

  • Failure to signal – $25
  • Improper turn – $25
  • Following too closely – $50
  • Operating too fast for conditions – $100

Note: Though certain traffic violations require you to appear in court, waiverable offenses allow you to answer to your ticket without a court appearance, by paying the set fines. Should you wish to contest your ticket, however, you may appear in the corresponding court.

Points in Nebraska

Upon conviction of a traffic violation in Nebraska, motorists will incur a certain number of negative points on their Nebraska driving records. The number of demerit points will once again depend on the type of committed violation.

While less serious traffic tickets result in a lower number of assigned points, more severe misdemeanors will lead to harsher penalties. For example, a DUI will result in significant points and a driving suspension in many cases. Review various traffic violations in Nebraska and the points attached to each:

  • Failure to submit to a chemical testing – 1 point
  • Negligent driving – 3 points
  • Careless driving – 4 points
  • Deliberate reckless driving – 6 points
  • Vehicular homicide – 12 points

The completion of a Nebraska defensive driving course may help motorists reduce the number of points on their record or dismiss a minor offense.

How Tickets Affect a Nebraska Drivers License

Traffic citations in Nebraska which have been issued for specific driving or non-driving offenses typically have an adverse effect on your licensure. Regardless of whether you choose to dispute traffic tickets or pay speeding tickets or other types of citations, you must comply with the imposed court requirements.

Failure to do so will result in a suspension of your credential. Since Nebraska traffic tickets increase the number of points on your transcript, this may also cause the loss of your privilege to drive. If you accrue 12 or more points within any two-year period of time, your license may be revoked under the state point system.

Nebraska Car Insurance Fines and Violations

Motorists who provide an NE traffic tickets payment following a specific offense admit their guilt, and they are at risk of incurring higher auto insurance rates. Convictions of traffic tickets in Nebraska are placed against driving records, which are typically reviewed by insurance companies.

Coverage rate increases are more likely to happen if your insurer considers you a risky investment. By completing an authorized traffic school course, you may not only earn a 2-point credit, but also prevent insurance rate increases.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.