Getting a background search in Nebraska is a procedure that can be performed by the general public on any individual. Government agencies, employers, as well as regular citizens, may resort to an NE background investigation in case they need a record of a certain entity.

The background report in Nebraska will be obtained in the form of a Record of Arrest and Prosecution (RAP sheet) which mainly includes Nebraska arrests where the person was fingerprinted and the following dispositions. Note that, certain information such as dismissed arrests, may be excluded from the public record, to stay in compliance with state law.

How to Get a Nebraska Background Check

To submit a Nebraska background check request, individuals can utilize three methods: in person, by mail or online.

To get a background check in NE personally, applicants must present a completed Criminal History Record Request Form, along with payment to the Criminal Identification Division office. You can also mail the filled-out form to the office as an alternative option.

Typically, the most convenient way to obtain an NE background screening is to complete the procedure online.

Ordering a Nebraska Background Check Online

The most accessible way to obtain a background verification in NE is utilizing the online method.

The online background check may first require submitting information about the requestor. You will then be expected to include the following information about the person of interest:

  • First and last name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Gender and race.

Note that, requestors are highly recommended, but not obliged to provide the subject’s Social Security Number and address of residence. The online request will be processed for a set fee.

Who needs a Background Check?

Individuals may perform a background check in Nebraska as part of the pre-employment process, to check out the criminal history of a potential tenant, even to learn about any potential arrest and conviction records about a neighbor.

Generally, NE background screening is asked by recruiters who want to employ a certain candidate, specifically when it comes to hiring a manager.

Also checked are first responders, in order to confirm they are physically and mentally prepared to meet the requirements of a stressful job position. Individuals can also ask for their own record and check its accuracy.


In case you are currently renting a house or apartment, you have the option to do a Nebraska renter background check. The search can be very efficient for landlords who want to verify the criminal history of potential tenants.

An extensive rental background investigation will help eliminate candidates who may not be qualified for this process. Should the search result in a clean background report, it is a good indicator that the subject of interest will not be prone to misconduct and destroying the property.


Public and private employers often conduct an NE background verification, in case they need details about the applicant’s criminal or professional history. In Nebraska, it may be prohibited to ask for an employee criminal history check, unless required by federal or state law.

A detailed employer background check, which can be performed online, will show potential illegal activities of the candidate, that may negatively affect the workplace. In such case, employers can react promptly, by excluding the person in question from the selection process.

EMS/First Responders

Medical background checks in Nebraska may be crucial prior to hiring an individual as a first responder. Since hospitals and other similar institutions often have high work requirements, any past criminal misdemeanor of the prospective employee may not be a good sign for the job position.

Nebraska EMS background check may be required by the management team, to verify the applicant’s ability and seriousness to handle stress, which is typical for the workplace.

Care Givers

Personal background checks in NE can also be requested, in case you are looking for a person to take care of your child or another family member. Conducting an online background check before hiring an individual will significantly narrow down the requestor’s search.

In case the subject of interest has been involved in any criminal activity, he or she may be excluded from the list. If not, the Nebraska complete background check will only confirm that the right person is being hired as a caregiver.


Potential managers may be subject to an employee background verification in Nebraska. Companies and other organizations can perform a full background check on the future director, in order to investigate the existence of any criminal record.

Since managerial positions typically include great responsibility, a past misdemeanor can damage the company’s performance. An extensive online background check can simplify the process of obtaining information of crucial importance for the hiring procedure.

When You Will Need a Background Check?

Different situations can require an individual to get a background check in Nebraska. Though the reasons to obtain an NE full background check may differ from subject to subject, as well as from company to company, the following are the most common:

  • Reviewing a criminal history check.
  • Legally buying firearms.
  • Recruiting new employees.
  • Renting a property.
  • Requesting a driver’s license at the local NE DMV office.

The Difference Between Standard and Criminal Background Checks

Standard background verification often includes information about the individual’s professional history and financial or credit reports. Nebraska background check is considered to be a criminal record search.

It is presented in the form of a RAP sheet and it provides only fingerprint-based arrests and the resulting dispositions. The Nebraska State Patrol Criminal Identification Division (CID) offers several application methods for NE background checks.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.