Getting a background check in Indiana is a procedure that is completed by individuals, private organizations and government agencies for various purposes. Depending on the type of IN background investigation that is ordered, the report may contain information about the subject’s criminal, financial, professional and/or educational history.

The most common requestors of background screenings in IN are employers who are scrutinizing potential job applicants and agencies in charge of issuing professional licenses. Individuals can also obtain their own background search for personal uses. For instance, you can order your own IN criminal history check to review its accuracy.

How to Get an Indiana Background Check

The process to get a background check in Indiana can generally be completed by submitting an internet application. Online criminal record searches are also available, in addition to standard reports, such as driving and credit score records. Note that the Indiana State Police (ISP) only releases limited criminal history records to the general public.

These name-based searches will contain only statewide felonies and misdemeanor arrests. Fingerprint-based complete criminal records can only be obtained by authorized applicants (individuals and organizations).

Even though background screenings in IN may also be obtained via alternative methods, such as by mail or in person, the online option is the fastest way to conduct your investigation.

Ordering an Indiana Background Check Online

An online background check in Indiana can be ordered through any computer connected to the internet. To request an IN background check online, applicants will have to complete several straightforward steps, such as:

  • Choosing the type of IN background search they are ordering.
  • Supplying identifying information about the record holder, such as:
    • Full name, race and gender.
    • Date and place of birth.
    • Social Security Number.
  • Paying any applicable fees.

Note: The cost amount for an online background lookup in IN will generally vary based on the type of investigation that is ordered.

Ordering an Indiana Background Check in Person or by Mail

Limited criminal background checks in Indiana can also be obtained by delivering a paper application to the Indianapolis headquarters of the ISP. In addition to specific details about the subject of the record, applicants will have to elaborate on the purpose of the search as well.

The investigation fee will remain the same regardless of whether the request is submitted by mail or in person. Certain groups of requestors may also be exempt from paying the costs.

When ordering a full criminal history check, on the other hand, applicants may be required to visit a fingerprinting station in person, even though the procedure can be initiated via the internet.

Who needs an Indiana background check?

Indiana background screenings can be requested by various groups of applicants for a wide range of purposes. Individuals, agencies and organizations may apply for an IN background verification for any state resident.

Certain requestors, such as professional licensing agencies are mandated by law to conduct background investigations in IN. Other common applicants for a background search include employers, job seekers and landlords.


Rental background checks in Indiana often affect the landlord’s decision on whether or not to rent his or her property to a potential tenant. By reviewing the financial and criminal history of the applicant, property owners will obtain valuable information about the behavior of the tenant.

This data can easily be obtained with an IN online background search, and it may prove helpful during the rental terms negotiation process for both the landlord and the applicant.


Employers will often perform an Indiana background check for job purposes during the pre-employment process. The type of personal background check ordered will generally vary based on the requirements of the job. For instance, job seekers who are applying for a basic driver position will often have to submit only a driving record.

Certain government jobs, on the other hand, will require in-depth investigations that will include financial, professional and criminal record lookups.

EMS/First Responders

Conducting medical background checks in Indiana is a mandatory step during the employment process for EMS workers, such as first responders, paramedics and medical technicians.

Due to the demands of the job, hiring staff will often perform complete background checks that will provide detailed information about the job applicant’s past. Individuals with clean EMS background reports are more likely to find a job in this professional field.


Undergoing a full background screening in Indiana is also a necessity when seeking employment as a caregiver.

Since employers seek certain reassurances when entrusting the care of a family member to another individual, they will generally review the criminal, professional and financial background of applicants. By ordering a complete background search in IN, you will ensure to hire the best applicant for your situation.


Companies will order employee background checks in Indiana prior to filling out an available managerial position as well. Managers will often have to pass a more difficult screening process, as they must be an exemplary role model for other employees.

A full businesses background check in IN will provide the hiring staff with valuable information that will help them decide on whether or not the applicant can manage their team of workers.

When You Will Need a Background Check

Background reports in Indiana are generally required when completing a certain procedure. Some of the most common instances when you may have to undergo a background investigation in IN include:

  • Applying for a professional license.
  • Seeking employment with a government agency.
  • Completing an adoption process.
  • Obtaining a handgun license.

Note: IN background verifications may be necessary to complete certain motor vehicle transactions through your local DMV office as well.

If a background lookup is required, individuals can easily obtain an instant background check in IN via the internet and use it for their specific purposes.

The Difference Between Standard and Criminal Background Checks

Different types of Indiana background records are available within the state. Applicants may order either a full background search or a more specific check, which will focus on only one aspect of the subject’s past. For instance, by ordering driving records or financial score reports, requestors will be able to review the subject’s driving and financial history, respectively.

In addition to these standard background checks, state residents will be able to order criminal record searches in IN as well. Based on whether you have ordered a name-based or a fingerprint-based police background check, the amount and accuracy of the information will vary. Note that fingerprint-based searches are available only to authorized requesters.

Note: Full criminal record lookups in Indiana are divided into statewide and countrywide searches, depending on the scope of the investigation.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.