Obtaining a copy of a vehicle registration in Indiana is required when vehicle owners lose their registration cards and when they want to continue operating their motor vehicles legally on public state roads. When faced a stolen, damaged or lost car registration, motorists may obtain a duplicate through the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicle (IN BMV). However, in order to get the replacement they need, drivers may have to first satisfy certain requirements and eligibility criteria. In addition, they need to prepare the necessary paperwork and payment for the applicable fees.

Prior to replacing a BMV lost registration in IN, vehicle owners need to find out the available methods for replacement in the state, as well as the documentation they need to collect and submit to the IN BMV. To discover more information about how and when to get a registration replacement in Indiana, continue reading the sections below.

When do you need to get a copy of your vehicle registration in Indiana?

A DMV duplicate registration in Indiana may be obtained in various situations and under specific circumstances. For instance, a copy of a vehicle registration is issued when motorists deal with lost, stolen or damaged registration card or certificate. In some cases, drivers may be given the opportunity to replace car registration due to incorrect information, change of name or other similar reason.

Therefore, motorists must learn the requirements needed for replacing car registration cards or certificates.

How to Obtain a Replacement Vehicle Registration in Indiana

Motorists who want to perform a DMV registration replacement procedure must discover which methods are provided by the IN BMV. Currently, the IN BMV offers vehicle owners the option to get their duplicate cards online through the myBMV service or in person at a nearby BMV Connect kiosk.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration Online

Vehicle owners may easily obtain a copy of a vehicle registration online through the IN BMV website. The online method for getting duplicate credentials is available at the myBMV service. To begin the online replacement vehicle registration procedure, motorists need to have a myBMV account and sign in by providing their usernames and passwords. After enrolling in the online system, drivers need to follow the steps given in the system if they want to perform a replacement procedure successfully. They will have to provide mandatory information and pay the applicable fees.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration in Person

Another method to replace a car registration in Indiana is to visit a local BMV Connect kiosk in person and perform the required procedure. The BMV Connect offers Indiana residents the opportunity to visit nearby BMV branch and complete certain transactions, regardless of the time of day, as they are available 24 hours a day.

At such kiosks, motorists may perform multiple BMV transactions, depending on their specific situations. When vehicle owners visit a local BMV Connect kiosk to obtain a copy of vehicle registration, they will learn the requirements that they must complete in order to finalize the procedure successfully. In most cases, they will have to submit the required documentation along with payment for the applicable fees.

Indiana Stolen Car Registration Requirements

When dealing with a stolen car registration in Indiana, vehicle owners will have to perform a replacement procedure that will provide them with a duplicate registration card or certificate. If motorists suspect that their car registration documents have been stolen, they need to know that in such situation they may become victims of identity theft or fraud. Therefore, they are encouraged to replace car registrations as soon as they discover that their credentials were stolen.

Drivers are encouraged to file a police report in order to avoid potential identity theft, although this procedure is not a requirement.

Indiana DMV Sticker Replacement

In addition to the Indiana DMV registration replacement procedure, motorists may also decide to perform a replacement procedure for their stickers or license plates. Vehicle owners may get a DMV sticker replacement when their current one is lost, stolen or damaged.

The process or replacing registration stickers may only be performed in person at a local BMV Connect kiosk. Motorists need to print out a replacement expiration year sticker.

In addition to replacing a DMV lost registration sticker in Indiana, motorists may also replace their license plates in case they are stolen, lost or damaged.

Indiana Vehicle Registration Replacement Fees

At the end of the Indiana BMV registration replacement procedure, vehicle owners will be required to provide payment for the applicable fees. Motorists who want to replace acar registration, sticker or license plates will have to submit a payment for the following fees:

  • $9.50 for replacement vehicle registration
  • $9.50 for replacement license plate or decal
Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.