To replace a lost car registration in Nevada, vehicle owners may submit a request in person, via mail, by fax or online through the official Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) portal. To obtain a copy of vehicle registration in person, motorists may visit a DMV office during its regular business hours or use an automated kiosk for an additional fee. Automated kiosks are available throughout the state, many of which offer extended hours.

To replace car registration materials such as license plate decals, the application process is the same as the one for obtaining a registration card. However, vehicle owners who apply for a substitute decal will automatically receive a replacement registration card as well. Additionally, vehicle owners receive a new decal number whenever they apply for substitute license plate stickers. To learn more about replacing these registration materials, review the information below.

When do you need to get a copy of your vehicle registration in Nevada?

Motorists must replace a Nevada DMV lost registration card as soon their original document sustains damages, becomes illegible or disappears from their possession. For instance, vehicle owners must replace a car registration card if they lose or misplace their original certificate, as well as if the document is stolen. To protect themselves from penalty fees or traffic tickets, motorists must replace any damaged or missing registration credentials promptly.

How to Obtain a Replacement Vehicle Registration in Nevada

Motorists may obtain a Nevada DMV copy of registration through several different methods. For example, vehicle owners may replace their registration credentials online, by mail, via fax or in person at a DMV office or automated kiosk. Learn more about these replacement methods in the sections below.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration Online

To get a copy of vehicle registration online in Nevada, motorists must complete the required steps through the official NV DMV portal. However, motorists may only file this online request if their vehicle’s registration period and insurance coverage are active during the time of application.

In order to replace a car registration online, vehicle owners must provide their vehicle identification number (VIN), license plate number and mailing address. Moreover, applicants must provide their last name, or the name of their business if obtaining duplicate credentials for a company vehicle. Then, motorists will need to provide a payment method for the applicable fees, such as credit card or electronic check information.

After replacing a lost vehicle registration card online, applicants may print their new certificate using a printer. Otherwise, the Nevada DMV will mail their new credentials within seven to 10 business days. New credentials will be mailed automatically if motorists wish to replace their registration card and license plate decal at the same time. Until the new registration materials arrive in the mail, drivers must keep a receipt of the transaction in their vehicle in case a law enforcement officer pulls you over.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration by Mail

To apply for a Nevada DMV registration replacement by mail, customers must complete an “Application for Duplicate Registration Certificate” form. When filling out this application, customers must provide the following information:

  • The type of credential they wish to replace (check the box for duplicate certificate of registration)
  • Their vehicle’s make, model, year, body type, VIN and license plate number
  • A car registration’s date of expiration
  • The applicant’s full legal name, drivers license number, signature and phone number
  • The address of the vehicle’s registered owner or lessee (if more than one motorist owns the vehicle, customers must attach an additional application with the second owner’s information)

If applicable, vehicle owners must also complete the “Limited Power of Attorney” section of this application form. This step is necessary if applicants wish to grant another resident permission to apply for duplicate credentials on their behalf.

To get a copy of car registration materials by mail, vehicle owners must also provide the DMV with a photocopy of their current auto insurance card and payment for the applicable fee. When ordering a replacement credential by mail, motorists may pay by check, money order or credit card. If paying by credit card, however, applicants must also submit a “Payment Authorization” form.

Note: If applicable, you must change your address before obtaining a duplicate vehicle registration card by mail. To do so, you must complete a “Change of Address Notification by Mail” form.

After gathering this information, customers must mail their application materials to the following address:

DMV Central Services

555 Wright Way

Carson City, NV 89711-0700

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration by Fax

To replace a lost vehicle registration card in Nevada, motorists may also submit their application materials by fax. In order to do so, customers must complete the proper application form and provide their credit card payment information. Then, to complete the process, customers must fax their application package and “Payment Authorization” form to 775-684-4797.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration in Person

To replace a lost car registration in person, customers may visit a local DMV office or complete this process through a kiosk. If applying for duplicate credentials at a NV DMV branch, motorists must:

  1. Submit an “Application for Duplicate Registration Certificate” form.
  2. Provide payment for the applicable fee.
  3. Submit evidence of their automobile insurance.

When paying for the applicable fee at a DMV office, applicants may use payment methods such as cash, money orders or credit cards. Accepted credit cards include Visa, Discover and MasterCard.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration by Kiosk

Vehicle owners may replace a NV car registration via a kiosk by visiting a DMV office or one of the department’s partner locations. Establishments that have partnered with the Nevada DMV include various grocery stores and AAA locations throughout Las Vegas and Reno. When ordering replacement credentials through a kiosk, car owners must provide the following information:

  • The car’s VIN and license plate number
  • The applicant’s full name, mailing address and date of birth, as well as his or her drivers license or identification card number
  • Payment for the replacement fee

Acceptable payment method for a NV DMV registration replacement include Discover, MasterCard or Visa credit cards. However, some partner locations accept cash as well. Moreover, customers can typically use DMV kiosks between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Furthermore, certain kiosk locations are accessible on Saturdays, while others offer extended weekday hours.

Note: After replacing your car registration card, the kiosk will automatically print your new certificate.

Nevada Stolen Car Registration Requirements

While reporting a lost car registration papers in NV is not mandatory under state law, vehicle owners can protect their identity if they notify local law enforcement about registration card or decals that have been stolen.

Nevada DMV Sticker Replacement

The application procedure for replacing a DMV lost registration sticker in Nevada is the same as that of replacing a registration card. Overall, vehicle owners may replace their decals online, by mail, via fax or in person through a DMV office or automated kiosk. On the other hand, applicants must keep the following factors in mind when requesting a replacement decal:

  • When applying for a replacement decal by mail, fax or in person, customers must check the box for “Duplicate Certificate of Registration” and/or “Substitute Decal,” on the application form, depending on their specific needs.
  • If using a kiosk to purchase a replacement decal, the DMV will need to mail the duplicate sticker to the vehicle owner in the event that the correct decal color is not available at that location.
  • If replacing a damaged or DMV lost registration sticker online, vehicle owners must select the “Order Duplicate Registration Certificate and Substitute Decal” option.

Note: When motorists apply for DMV sticker replacements in Nevada, they automatically receive a new registration certificate as well. However, vehicle owners will not receive duplicate license plate decals when applying for a new registration card unless they request a new validation sticker as well.

Nevada Vehicle Registration Replacement Fees

The cost of replacing NV car registration credentials varies slightly depending on each application method. For example, consider the following fees:

  • The cost of replacing a registration credential online, by mail, via fax or in person is $5.
  • The cost of replacing registration materials through a kiosk is $9. This amount includes a $6 replacement fee and a $3 processing fee.

The DMV replacement sticker fee is the same as that of replacing a registration card.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.