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How to Renew a Driver's License in Nevada

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A Nevada Driver's License can be renewed either in person at any DMV office in the State, by mail or the internet. You will receive a postcard 30 days before your license is set to expire, informing you whether you have qualified for a renewal by mail or internet.


  1. Your Nevada driver's license will expire on your birthday every four years.
  2. Your driving privileges expire on the midnight of your birthday if you do not renew. You can renew your license any time prior to its expiration.


You can renew your license at a DMV Express office or a Full-service office.
You must bring:

  1. Your expiring license and the renewal application.
  2. If your name has changed, documentation of the name change is required.
  3. Renewal fee of $21.25, payable by cash, check or credit card. If you are age 65 or older, the fee is reduced to $16.25.

Depending on your driving record, especially if you received a notice in the mail not qualifying you for renewal over the internet or mail, you may be required to take additional tests. The only acceptable exceptions are military personnel, their spouses and dependants.


Renewal by mail is available only if you receive a postcard in the mail qualifying you for it.
When you renew by mail, you should prepare and/or complete:

  1. The mail renewal form.
  2. Credit Card Authorization Slip (RD-205) if you wish to pay by a credit card.
  3. Renewal fee of $19 or $14 if you are aged 65 or older.
  4. Name change documentation, if required.

Follow the instructions on the postcard to send in all the documents. The renewed driver's license will arrive by mail within four to six weeks.


If you received a renewal notice with an access code on it, you may choose to renew your driver's license on the DMV website.
You will require:

  1. The renewal notice with an access code.
  2. Renewal fee of $14 or $19 if you are aged 65 or older, which can be paid via checking account number and routing number if you wish to use the e-check option, or any acceptable credit card (Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express).


Submitted by ghostboy on 24th Oct 2013

hi im a usa soldier that is

hi im a usa soldier that is stationed in Germany and need to renew my licens but don't have phone use is there a way I cando it before Monday please help asap

Submitted by 2much4u on 23rd Jan 2013

license expired on birthday

license expired on birthday Sunday Jan. 20th, is there a fee for expired license that wasnt renewed BEFORE birthday? If so, what is the price? N Is that Extra to the original driver's license renewal fee?

Submitted by on 1st Sep 2012

I have a valid out-of-state

I have a valid out-of-state DL that expires sept.12th,2012 but i now live in nevada..what do i need to do to renew?

Submitted by lvemnwpls on 5th Jan 2012

my drivers license expired on

my drivers license expired on my 21st birthday, so i renewed it. it came in the mail a couple days ago and my license wasn't flipped.. whats up with that? Isn't it suppose to flip after your 21 so that its horizontal???

Submitted by jinxyfied on 13th Jul 2011

Does the state of Nevada

Does the state of Nevada offer free drivers licenses to honorably discharged veterans?

Submitted by Anonymous on 2nd Feb 2011

testing your vision in a

testing your vision in a microscope instrument is so difficult to focus specially when you have a bi-focal eyeglasses. Can we go for eye (vision) test by just being natural and read the letters posted on the wall just like the way it was before? we don't drive using a microscope instrument anyway. Please advice.

Submitted by Anonymous on 29th Jan 2011

It's been about a year since

It's been about a year since my driver's license has been expired. Do I still have a chance to renew it or do I have to take all the tests again?

Thank you.

Submitted by Jeree on 14th Dec 2012

Call me 702 3851751

Call me 702 3851751

Submitted by christina21 on 3rd May 2010

hi,i'm getting my license

hi,i'm getting my license renewed this week at the dmv. what do i need to bring in with me,i have my old license and i know they charge money but what else do i need??

Submitted by purplerose98 on 8th Mar 2009



Submitted by Agustin Godinez... on 7th Feb 2009



Submitted by joanne evangelista on 6th Feb 2009

My license does not to be

My license does not to be renewed till 3-15-09 but I hope that it can be renewed now.

Submitted by deannas2005chvy on 17th Aug 2009

My license needs to be

My license needs to be renewed by 08-30-2009. Can i pay with dept card and if i can please call me at 775- 223-6538. Deanna