1. Get Started With Drivers License Renewal Assistance Online

In order to renew your Missouri drivers license, you need to complete a number of important steps when applying. In order to simplify the process, you will need to gather the necessary documents and calculate your required fee payment before being able to renew your Missouri drivers license. Online assistance can help you complete all of these steps quickly and easily by providing you with all of the information you need to know about renew your license. Start simplifying your application process today.

2. By Mail

Rather than get ahead with online assistance and services, some Missouri residents prefer to handle their DMV transactions via mail. Drivers can complete a few different procedures by mail, but payment methods are restricted, and the transactions have inconvenient and lengthy turnaround times for results.

3. Via a DMV Office

Certain transactions must be completed in person at a Missouri DMV office. However, before visiting a local branch, be sure to verify that the location offers the service you require. Not all DMV procedures can be completed at every location. Additionally, note that wait times are typically lengthy. So make sure to take advantage of online assistance to prepare for your visit.

Missouri Drivers License Renewal

Renewing drivers licenses in Missouri is a necessary process for any drivers looking to continue their driving benefits. Drivers can only renew drivers licenses in MO in person unless they are an out-of-state military member, in which case they will be able to complete a drivers license renewal by mail. Missouri DMV license renewal is a straightforward process that requires the driver submitting the specified documents and meeting the requirements set in place by the state. Drivers must be aware of the current expiration date on their drivers license to ensure renewing drivers licenses in Missouri on time. To learn more about how to renew drivers licenses, read on to the following sections.

How to Renew Your MO Driver’s License

Missouri Drivers License

Note: Drivers trying to locate the expiration date on their drivers license can find it located on the upper right hand side, directly above their date of birth.

To renew drivers licenses in MO, drivers must renew drivers licenses in person at a local Missouri DMV. Drivers looking to complete their Missouri drivers license renewal will have to submit the required information. This information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Proof of legal name, date of birth and birth location as shown on a U.S. passport, citizenship card, or immigration document.
  • Personal identification, such as a Social Security card or denial letter from the Social Security Administration.
  • Proof of physical residence in the state of Missouri such as a utility bill, paycheck, mortgage or rental agreement.


When renewing drivers licenses in MO, it is required for drivers to pay a drivers license renewal fee. This fee is priced depending upon the length of the Missouri drivers license:

  • Licenses valid for 3 years will require a payment of $17.50
  • Licenses valid for 6 years will require a payment of $35

Missouri drivers license renewal fees must be paid in person at the Missouri DMV office. Payments can be made with a cashier’s check, money order, travelers check or personal check. Payment will not be accepted by cash, credit or debit card.

When to Renew Your Missouri Driver’s License

Renewing drivers licenses in MO must take place prior to your license’s expiration date in order to avoid receiving fines for driving with an expired drivers license. However, the amount of time your license is valid for is dependent upon the age of the driver:

  • Drivers who are 18 to 20 years of age will receive licenses valid for up to 3 years.
  • Drivers who are 21 to 69 years of age will receive licenses valid for up to 6 years.
  • Drivers who are 70 years or older will receive licenses valid for up to years.

Note: Drivers who are not U.S citizens will receive licenses with expirations dates based on the length of their legal presence in the US and NOT their legal age.

Expired Licenses

Expired drivers licenses in Missouri can still be renewed, but holds additional requirements depending upon the amount of time since the license expired. Drivers renewing drivers licenses in MO six months after their drivers license has expired must pass the following requirements:

  • A vision test (either taken in the Missouri DMV office or with a licensed examiner).
  • A road sign test.
  • A written knowledge exam.
  • A driving skills test.

It is recommended that drivers who need to take a test use an online practice test first to familiarize themselves with the rules of the road and the styles of the tests.

Requirements to Renew a Missouri License

To renew drivers licenses in Missouri, drivers must complete their drivers license renewal in person at an MO DMV. Drivers can have an expired drivers license in Missouri but cannot renew a license that has been canceled, revoked, or suspended for any reason. You must bring the required documents to your local Missouri DMV including a form of government identification, such as your passport or certificate of citizenship, Social Security card, and proof of physical residence in the state of Missouri. In addition to these documents drivers will have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Pass a vision exam taken within the DMV or with a licensed examiner.
  • Pass a road signs test.
  • Pay the required drivers license renewal fee.

Renew a MO Suspended License

Missouri drivers license renewal is not available to drivers holding a suspended, canceled, or revoked drivers license. All pending circumstances must be resolved prior to renewing drivers licenses in MO. Drivers may have to pay outstanding fees, take traffic courses, or abstain from driving for a period of time before reinstating driving privileges. Drivers who are unsure of their current driving status can always order a personal driving record to ensure there are no situations that will not allow them to renew drivers licenses.

MO Drivers License Online Renewal

MO drivers license renewal is not currently available online, and can only be completed in person at a Missouri DMV. By mail is also an option in the event that the driver is a military member (or spouse of a military member) currently deployed out-of-state or overseas.

Renewing Your MO Drivers License in Person

Renewing drivers licenses in MO must currently be done in person unless the driver is an active military member (or spouse of a military member) deployed out-of-state or overseas. Drivers completing their drivers license renewal at the Missouri DMV are recommended to make an appointment first to avoid long waiting times. To renew drivers licenses in Missouri, drivers are required to bring in all necessary documents, pass any required tests, and pay the license renewal fee. It is recommended that you take an online practice test prior to taking any test in the DMV office to familiarize you with the style of the tests and the material that is covered.

Note: Photocopies of any documentation will not be accepted. Only originals can be turned in to an official representative.

Non-U.S. Citizen

Renewing drivers licenses is available to drivers who are not U.S citizens. Non-citizen drivers must submit documentation including their permanent residency card, proof of physical residency in the state (such as a utility bill or lease agreement) and the required Missouri drivers license renewal fee. Non-citizen drivers will be given MO drivers licenses that last a period determined by the amount of time they have spent in the country instead of by the age of the driver.

Out-of-State Military Renewal

Active military members do not have to renew drivers licenses in Missouri directly after their expiration date. Military personnel and their spouses will not have to worry about an expired drivers license in MO until 6 months past their discharge or 90 days after returning to the state. For military members that still wish to renew drivers licenses overseas, the process can only be completed by mail by submitting he required documents.

Out-Of-State Military: Renew Online

Renewing drivers licenses in MO online is not currently offered to military members or non-military members seeking to complete a drivers license renewal. In order to renew drivers licenses as an out-of-state military members must submit a mail-in drivers license application along with the required documentation.

The state of Missouri allows military members to keep all drivers licenses valid until 6 months after their discharge.

Out-Of-State Military: Renew By Mail

In order renew drivers licenses by mail, active military members deployed overseas or out of state will have to submit the required documents. These required documents include but are not limited to:

  • A Mail-In Drivers License Application (form 4317) completed by the driver.
  • Copies of your active-duty documents, military id, or letter from a commanding officer.
  • Proof of identity such as a birth certificate, passport, or military ID.
  • Your social security number.
  • Proof of normal residency within the state of Missouri such as a pay check, voter registration card, or utility bill.
  • Payment of the drivers license renewal fee by check or money order.

Once the driver has completed their form and documents they can shop all information to the address given on the packaging.

Drivers License Extensions

Drivers license extensions add an additional period of time onto a drivers license beyond the license’s original expiration date. This extension grants the driver extra time to complete their drivers license renewal. Currently driver’s license extensions for Missouri are only available for drivers who are active members of the U.S. military that are deployed out-of-state or overseas. Military members are given a driver’s license extension that lasts up to six months after being honorably discharged or within 90 days of returning to the state. This extension is also available to the spouse of out-of-state military personnel.

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