Missouri DMV.com FREE Practice Test Sections

Use DMV.com’s FREE Practice Test to get familiar with the layout of the official Missouri DMV written drivers test. The questions on the practice driving test are made similar to the real ones you will get on the exam day. You can also review our in-depth Study Guide and learn everything you need to know about road rules, traffic signs and signals, parking, and safety regulations. Then, come back to the FREE sample practice test afterwards. This study tool will help you pass the written knowledge exam on your first try!

Become Familiar with Traffic Laws

Learning all of the traffic laws will help you become a more responsible and safer driver on the public roads of Missouri. Also, once you learn them, you will be ready to take the official written knowledge test. Luckily, you can gauge your knowledge before taking the written drivers test by using our DMV.com Sample Practice Exam.

Recognize Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are those signs that you may notice placed along the road or hanging over the street. They all have different shapes and colors, thus expressing different meanings. All future drivers have a responsibility to learn the meaning of the traffic signs before taking the written knowledge exam. This exam includes questions on the following topics:

  • Traffic sign identification and meanings
  • Traffic sign colors and shapes
  • Warning signs
  • Special road/traffic conditions
  • Road intersections
  • Regulatory signs
  • Speed limit signs
  • Work zone signs
  • Guide signs

Use the DMV.com Study Guide and Free Sample Practice Test to learn the traffic signs today.

Obey Traffic Signals

Traffic signals have a similar role to traffic signs, as they give you instructions on how to behave while driving a motor vehicle. All future drivers must know the meanings of traffic signals and the importance of obeying them in order to drive safely. There will also be questions about traffic signals on the written drivers test. So take the Free Practice Test to check your knowledge beforehand.

Familiarize Yourself with Pavement Markings

Along with the traffic signs and signals, you will encounter pavement markings on the public roads in Missouri. Obey the pavement markings if you want to become a safe and responsible driver. You can take the DMV.com sample practice test in order to see how well you understand the following pavement markings:

  • Solid or broken white lines
  • Solid or broken yellow lines
  • No passing zone markings
  • Crosswalks and stop lines
  • Dual-use lanes
  • Reversible express lanes
  • Shared center lanes
  • No lane markings

Drive Carefully in Inclement Weather

Accidents often happen due to inclement weather conditions. Therefore, future drivers must learn how to operate a motor vehicle in bad weather conditions. The official Missouri DMV written drivers exam tests future drivers on operating motor vehicles in fog, wind, rain, snow or ice. Our DMV.com free sample test offers you a chance to get fully prepared for the following topics:

  • Driving on wet pavement
  • Hydroplaning, drifting and skidding
  • Brake failure or wet brakes
  • Tire blowout
  • Running off the pavement
  • Steering or headlight failure
  • Jammed accelerator
  • Blocked vision
  • Engine breakdown

DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

DMV.com recommends you follow this five-step written drivers exam study checklist to get the most out of your preparations:

  1. Review the official Missouri Driver’s Manual: You need to learn the sections on traffic laws, signs and signals, parking, and driving safety for the Missouri written drivers exam, since questions are taken directly from the official driver guide.
  2. Take the DMV.com Driver’s License Sample Test: Take our sample test, because it is similar to the actual drivers knowledge test and will help you get better prepared.
  3. Read the DMV.com Study Guide: Purchase our simplified DMV.com Study Guide, which contains only the most important pieces of information from the Missouri driver guide that you will need to know for the official written drivers exam.
  4. Try the Premium Practice Tests: Use the DMV.com Premium Practice Test to add to your knowledge and to review the topics you knew the least. You may take the exam as many times as you want, until you reach a high score.
  5. Take the written knowledge test: Once you reach a score of 90 percent or higher on a practice test, you can take the written drivers test at the closest Missouri DMV office.

Getting Your Driver’s License

When applying for a learner’s permit or a driver’s license, it is mandatory to pass a written drivers exam. But don’t forget about the other parts of the application process:

  1. Review the Missouri Driver Guide.
  2. Take the DMV.com Free Practice Test.
  3. Read the DMV.com Study Guide to improve your knowledge on all subjects.
  4. Take the practice driving exam as many times as you need, until you reach a score of 90 percent or higher.
  5. Gather the required documents for a driver’s license.
  6. Take the official DMV written drivers exam.
  7. Pass a vision test.
  8. Pass a road skills exam.
  9. Submit the needed documentation and payment for the appropriate fees.
Last updated on Sunday, June 3 2018.