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The questions that you find on our Alaska practice test are based on the very same source of questions for the official written knowledge exam: the Alaska Driver’s Manual. Our driving test questions range from traffic signs and signals to pavement markings and proper procedure for driving in dangerous weather.

Laws of Traffic

In order to maintain the highest level of safety while driving in Alaska, you need to follow the state’s wide variety of traffic laws. You can test yourself on your driving law knowledge by taking our Free Sample Practice Test. Questions will focus on every kind of law, from the proper procedure for approaching a four-way stop to how to handle a vehicle accident.

Signals in Traffic

In order to get through your daily commute safely, you have to know your traffic signals in Alaska. Luckily, our free sample test features questions on signals, so that you can see how the official exam will ask you about the following:

  • Traffic management signals
  • Crossing signals
  • Lane change/ramp signals

Give our Free Sample Practice Test a try today to preview the traffic signal section of our premium practice test and that of the official knowledge test.

Signs in Traffic

While driving, you should also be more than capable of reading traffic signs. From stop signs to yield signs and more, you can gauge your knowledge on Alaska signs with our practice exams.

Markings on the Pavement

There are a number of pavement markings that you need to become familiar with before taking the written knowledge test in Alaska. A few of the demarcations you can expect to be asked about include:

  • Separations for lanes (standard and bicycle)
  • Single-way roads
  • Lines that mark the edge of a road or a turning lane
  • Marks for shared-use lanes

Dangerous Weather Conditions

The weather can be a factor that adds to the typical danger associated with driving. To make sure that you are prepared for any weather condition that is thrown your way, the AK written drivers test will feature questions on the following:

  • Driving in the rain (with wet brakes)
  • Driving in snow
  • Experiencing brake failure or blown tires
  • Experiencing engine failure
  • Skidding and hydroplaning

Alaska DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

To ensure that you get the best grade possible on your written driving exam, heed the instructions of’s experts and follow this simple checklist:

  1. Go over the section on traffic signs, signals, road rules and regulations in the Alaska Driver’s Manual. All of the questions you see on the official test will be taken from the information within these chapters.
  2. Try your hand at our Driver’s License Sample Test so that you can see what the official exam is going to be like. We take our test questions from the same source as the official exam – the Alaska Driver’s Manual.
  3. Obtain our in-depth Study Guide. We present all of the key points from the official state manual in a way that is easy to understand, as well as super simple to remember.
  4. Try out the more extensive Premium Practice Test. With the premium test, you have unlimited access to test questions so that you can continue to gauge your knowledge throughout the study process.
  5. Keep taking the tests until you reach a score of 90%. Then, you can take the written drivers test with confidence.

Getting Your AK Driver’s License

There is no question that passing the written drivers exam in Alaska should be high on your list of priorities as you prepare to get your driving license. However, the written test is just one component of the application process. In order to get your license to drive in AK, you will have to check off every task in this 10-step procedure:

  1. Take your first shot at’s Free Sample Test.
  2. Get’s Study Guide to review any driving topic sections that you are not 100% confident in.
  3. Take our full premium practice test as many times as you like, until you get all the answers right without a problem.
  4. Make a list of all the documents you need to bring to the DMV, and gather them.
  5. Set up an appointment time at your local driver license office for testing.
  6. Pass the written test to get your instruction permit.
  7. Hold the permit for as many months as is applicable to your age, and complete the 40 hours of required practice driving.
  8. Pass the eye screening test.
  9. Pass the road skills driving test.
  10. Get your full and official driver’s license in Alaska.
Last updated on Tuesday, April 24 2018.