You can complete your motorcycle license renewal in Alaska online, through the mail or in person. Not all riders are eligible to renew online and must visit a local AK DMV office to complete the process. In general, state licenses expire every five years. However, renewals may be required at varying times depending on the type of license held.

Drivers must renew motorcycle licenses (Class M1 or M3) before the expiration date. Class M2 licenses are issued to riders aged 14 or 15 years old and do not require renewing. The cost of a renewal is based on the type of license being renewed and the method used.

When to Renew a Motorcycle License in Alaska

A bike license renewal is due every five years on the applicant’s birthday. However, depending on your age and the type of license you hold, you may be required to renew at different times. The following groups are subject to individual renewal periods.

  • Standard AK motorbike license (under 21) – If you are younger than 21 years old, your license will automatically expire 90 days after your birthday. An alcohol awareness test must be taken to renew your license.
  • Standard AK motorbike license – A standard license expires every five years on the applicant’s birthday.
  • REAL ID AK motorbike license – Starting January 2, 2019, REAL ID cards are valid for eight years and expire on the applicant’s birthday.
  • Motorcycle permit – Permits are valid for two years and can be only be renewed once.

A motorcycle license renewal may be processed up to one year prior and one year after the expiration date. If your card has been expired for more than one year, you must retake all applicable written tests before a renewal can be processed. It is illegal to operate a motorcycle without a valid license.

Eligibility for Motorcycle License Renewal in Alaska

Applicants must meet all of the state’s motorcycle renewal requirements before submitting an application. Furthermore, not all drivers are eligible to use each renewal method offered by the state. The following eligibility requirements must be met before a bike license can be renewed.

  • Drivers must provide proof of authorized stay in the United States. If the identifying documents used to renew a bike license expire before five years, the new license will reflect the same expiration date.
  • Drivers must be older than the age of 21 to renew by mail.
  • Drivers must be between the ages of 21 and 68 to renew online.
  • Drivers must have their legal name up-to-date with the DMV to renew online or by mail.
  • Drivers upgrading to a REAL ID card must apply in person at the DMV.

Required Documents

The documents required to renew a motorcycle license vary depending on the applicant’s eligibility and the method used to renew. One or more of the following documents may be required when submitting an application.

  • Proof of legal presence or citizenship, such as a valid United States passport or permanent resident card.
  • Newly issued United States passport. If you have recently become a citizen, you must bring your new Passport with you to the DMV.
  • Proof of identity, Social Security Number and residency in the state. These items are only required if you are upgrading to a REAL ID card during the renewal process.
  • A Motorcycle License or Permit Application (Form 478). This form is required for in-person renewals and mailed applications.

Instances When You Cannot Renew Your Motorcycle License in Alaska

Drivers cannot renew M1 or M3 licenses online or through the mail if they have used either of these two methods during the last renewal period. Furthermore, you cannot renew a bike license if it is currently suspended, revoked, canceled or disqualified. Drivers must visit the DMV to resolve or reinstate a license, if required.

In addition, motorcycle license renewals cannot be processed in person if your license has been lost. Drivers may apply for a duplicate in person or online.

How to Renew an Alaska Motorcycle License Online

Can I renew my motorcycle license online? Yes. The state of Alaska offers online renewals to eligible riders. Follow the below steps to submit an application online:

  1. Establish your identity. Enter your motorbike license number, your name, Social Security Number, weight, license type, date of birth and height. In addition, you must certify that;
    • Your name has not changed;
    • Your vision is 20/40 or better; and
    • You are a United States citizen.
  2. Follow the online prompts.
  3. Pay the license fee.
  4. Print your temporary license. A permanent license is mailed within two to four weeks.

How to Renew an Alaska Motorcycle License by Mail

Applicants may renew a bike license by mail if they live in rural parts of the state or are outside of Alaska when their license expires. Follow the below steps to submit an application by mail:

  1. Complete the Motorcycle License or Permit Application (Form 478).
  2. Submit your current license.
  3. Include payment for the renewal.
  4. Pass a vision test at the DMV or by a licensed physician or optometrist.
  5. Send the above items to the below address:
Juneau Driver Services
State of Alaska
Division of Motor Vehicles
PO Box 110221
Juneau AK  99811-0221

How to Renew an Alaska Motorcycle License in Person

Details on where to renew motorcycle license cards can be found on the AK DMV website. Applicants must apply in person if they have changed their legal name, the DMV needs to verify immigration documents or they have recently become a United States citizen. Follow the below steps to renew in person:

  1. Visit the AK DMV.
  2. Complete the Motorcycle License or Permit Application (Form 478).
  3. Surrender your current motorcycle license.
  4. Present proof of identity in two forms.
  5. Present proof of identity, Social Security Number and residency if applying for a REAL ID card.
  6. Pass the vision test.
  7. Have your photograph taken
  8. Pay the renewal fee.
  9. Pass any applicable written tests. Written tests are only necessary if you are renewing a motorcycle license one year after the expiration date or received a license from another state.

How to Renew an Alaska Motorcycle License When Out-Of-State

If you are outside of Alaska and your motorcycle license has expired, you may request a one-year extension. Complete the Request For Out-Of-State Temporary License Application form and send it to the DMV by fax, mail or email.

How to Renew a Motorcycle Permit in Alaska

Drivers can renew motorcycle permits after they expire. However, permits are valid for two years and can only be renewed once. Applications must be submitted in person at the DMV. Riders are required to submit identification documents, take a vision test and pay a renewal fee.

Alaska Motorcycle License Renewal Costs

The motorcycle license renewal fee in Alaska is $20. However, depending on the type of license you are renewing, you may be subject to additional fees. See below for a breakdown of the state’s motorbike renewal fees:

  • Standard Motorbike Renewal: $20
  • Standard Motorbike Renewal by Mail: $21
  • REAL ID Motorbike Renewal: $40
  • Motorbike Permit Renewal: $5
  • Temporary License: $5

The AK DMV accepts credit cards, checks and money orders. Checks and money orders must be made out to the State of Alaska or the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.