In Delaware, you will need to renew a bike license before the license is set to expire. Through the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), you can renew in person. Though you cannot apply for a motorcycle renewal online, you may meet the qualifications to apply by mail. However, no matter which renewal method you choose, you must make sure to present the right documentation and make payment for the renewal fee.

To renew a motorcycle license in Delaware, you are also going to need to renew your standard driver’s license, since the motorcycle endorsement is added to your Delaware driver’s license. If you do not renew your driver’s license before it expires, you legally cannot operate a motorcycle in the state. If you are caught driving a bike with an expired license, you risk citations and fines. To continue to run a motorcycle legally, you must apply for renewal when necessary.

When to Renew a Motorcycle License in Delaware

In Delaware, the motorcycle license renewal cycle is eight years, which is the same as a standard driver’s license. Typically, you will receive a renewal notice in the mail 60 days before the license expires, which is your birthday. You may renew at any time during the six months, or 180-day period, before your license expires. If you do not renew your license before the renewal date, you will need to pay a late fee at the time of the renewal.

If you are unable to renew your license because you are temporarily living outside of Delaware, you may ask the DMV to grant you a renewal extension. By doing so, the DMV will allow you to operate your motorcycle up to six months after the expiration date. After that, you will need to apply for a renewal.

Eligibility for Motorcycle License Renewal in Delaware

The motorcycle renewal requirements in Delaware state that you must have a valid driver’s license to apply for a renewal. Also, there is no age requirement to renew a license, and anyone who meets the renewal requirements can apply.

The documents required to renew a motorcycle license in Delaware will vary depending on whether your name or residency has changed since your last renewal. The DMV may also ask you to present your Social Security Number (SSN) or proof of legal presence during your visit, such as your U.S. birth certificate or Certification of Naturalization. Therefore, to prepare for your renewal, you will want to gather any documents that apply to your situation.

Instances When You Cannot Renew Your Motorcycle License in Delaware

You cannot obtain a Delaware motorbike license renewal if your license is suspended or revoked, and the Delaware DMV will need to reinstate your license before you can apply for a renewal. If you let your license expire, it cannot be renewed. If this happens, you will need to apply for a new license, which means retaking the written and road skills exam.

How to Renew a Delaware Motorcycle License by Mail

To renew a motorcycle license by mail in Delaware, you must meet the requirements. First, the Delaware DMV allows the following military customers to renew by mail:

  • Active duty military personnel.
  • Department of Defense contractors.
  • Civilian employees of the military

If you are a dependent of a military customer stationed outside of Delaware or you have been deployed, you may also request to renew your license through the mail. To mail a bike license renewal in Delaware, you will need to provide your:

  • Full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • License number, if available.
  • Social Security Number.
  • Copy of your Military ID card, Department of Defense/Geneva Conventions ID card, or dependent ID.
  • Delaware address to appear on your new license.
  • City, state, and country of birth.
  • Phone number and email address.
  • Mailing address to receive the new license.

Then, you can submit the above application and payment through either the USPS or UPS.

USPS Address:

Division of Motor Vehicles
Attn: Driver License Dept.
PO Box 698
Dover, DE 19903

UPS Address:

Division of Motor Vehicles
Attn: Driver License Dept.
303 Transportation Cir.
Dover, DE 19901

Once your request to renew a bike license is processed, the DMV will mail you a new license.

How to Renew a Delaware Motorcycle License in Person

You may be wondering where to renew motorcycle license in person in Delaware if you do not meet the requirements to renew by mail.

First, you can renew your license at any DMV facility in the state. While there, you will need to surrender your expired or expiring driver’s license, if available, fill out an application and pass an eye-screening test. If required, you will also need to retake the written and road skills test. Then, after you make payment for the renewal fee, the DMV will issue you a renewed license.

How to Renew a Motorcycle Permit in Delaware

Before you renew a motorcycle permit in Delaware, you must know that permits are valid for six months, and you can only extend the permit once for another six months.

To apply for a motorcycle permit renewal, you must do so through the DMV before the expiration date of the permit. You must also make payment for the renewal fee. After you renew your permit, you must be sure to follow all the restrictions that apply when operating a motorcycle with a permit in Delaware. Failing to do so can result in a citation.

Delaware Motorcycle License Renewal Costs

In Delaware, the motorcycle license renewal fee is $40 for the standard eight-year renewal. However, you will need to include the $12 motorcycle endorsement fee, which brings your total to $52. Also, the late payment fee is $10, and the cost to renew a permit is $5.

The Delaware DMV accepts cash, check, and money order, as well as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. If you are sending a renewal through the mail, be sure to include a check for the renewal fee, since cash is not accepted.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.