The state of Louisiana only permits licensed drivers to apply for a motorcycle license renewal. The motorcycle license is only grated to qualified applicants who meet the eligibility requirements for a motorbike license renewal in Louisiana. When a driver applies for a renewal motorbike endorsement, the license is added to a current Louisiana driver’s license that is in good standing with the state.

Applicants are required to undergo certain testing to ensure that he or she can safely operate a motorcycle when applying for the initial endorsement. The rigorous standards are put into places by the Louisiana Expresslane Authority to help make sure that motorcycle drivers practice safety on the roadways. These regulations apply to individuals who want to drive a motorcycle in Louisiana. Depending on the status of the renewal, drivers may also need to undergo this testing when applying for an LA motorcycle license renewal.

When to Renew a Motorcycle License in Louisiana

Louisiana officials require that motorists renew his or her motorcycle license prior to the expiration date that is listed on the endorsement. The renewal endorsement is issued by the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. The state requires that motorists renew a driver’s license and motorcycle endorsement at the same time.

Drivers have two options when it comes to renewing an LA motorcycle endorsement. Here are the two motorcycle endorsement renewal options for motorists in the state of Louisiana:

  • Six years: This can be done at renewal or during the first time the endorsement is issued and is more expensive than the next option.
  • Less than six years: This can be done any time between renewals and costs less than the first option.

There is a grace period for motorists that have an expired motorcycle license in Louisiana. The grace period allows drivers up to 10 days past the licenses’ expiration date to renew the license without paying any additional fees. If a driver waits more than 10 days past the expiration of the bike license renewal date, then he or she will be subject to a late fee issued by the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. The delinquent fee is $15.

Drivers are able to renew his or her motorcycle driver’s license up to 180 before the license expires. The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles will issue a traffic citation to drivers who let a license expire.

Eligibility for Motorcycle License Renewal in Louisiana

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles implements several eligibility requirements for motorists who wish to renew his or her motorcycle license in Louisiana. These requirements are the same as the requirements a driver must meet in order to get a driver’s license in Louisiana. These conditions are put into place so that motorcycle drivers are aware of the current laws.

Additionally, when a driver meets the qualifications for a motorcycle and driver’s license renewal, he or she has successfully demonstrated that he or she understands the laws and can safely operate a motorcycle on the road.

Drivers must meet the following motorcycle renewal requirements to qualify for an LA motorcycle driver’s license renewal:

  • Have a valid Louisiana driver license or learner permit.
  • Drivers must be 17 years of age or older.
  • Drivers must be a Louisiana resident.
  • Drivers must be a U.S. citizen.
  • The license must not be suspended or revoked at the time of renewal.
  • Drivers must not have experienced loss of consciousness.
  • Drivers must indicate that he or she has not had a mental or physical issue that prevents he or her from properly operating a motorcycle.
  • Drivers must have required liability insurance or other eligible coverage.
  • Some applicants may be required to undergo a skills test if his or her license has expired.
  • If the applicant is required to retake the skills test, he or she must have a score of at least 80 percent to qualify for a motorcycle endorsement.

Required Documents

Louisiana law states that drivers must bring certain documents in order to get an LA motorcycle endorsement renewal added to his or her license. Drivers must have his or her current Louisiana driver’s license in possession when applying for a renewal.

Additionally, one of the following brands of credit cards is required to pay the associated costs with renewing a driver’s license in Louisiana:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express

Instances When You Cannot Renew Your Motorcycle License in Louisiana

Louisiana permits certain drivers from getting his or her motorcycle license within the state. Drivers who have a suspended license or who has had his or her license revoked is ineligible for a motorcycle license renewal in Louisiana. A driver must fix these issues and then reapply for a motorcycle license.

Additionally, drivers who fall into the Class E vehicle category are not legally allowed to get a motorcycle license in Louisiana. This is due to the fact that the driver uses a bioptic lens while driving.

How to Renew a Louisiana Motorcycle License Online

Drivers in the state of Louisiana may be wondering, “Can I renew my motorcycle license online?” The answer is yes. Louisiana allows drivers to renew his or her driver’s license online. The motorcycle endorsement is not a separate renewal process and is done at the same time as a driver’s license renewal. Here is how to renew a Louisiana motorcycle license online:

  • Drivers must visit the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles Public Safety Services website to begin the renewal process.
  • Drivers will be prompted to enter in personal renewal information such as the current driver’s license number and date of birth in order to complete the renewal process.
  • One of the final steps that a driver must follow in the online motorcycle license renewal process is to pay the licensing fees in full. Finally, drivers need to review and print his or her receipt upon completing the motorcycle license renewal process online.

There are a few other items to note when it comes to renewing a Louisiana motorcycle license online:

  • Only drivers who have received a Louisiana computer generated renewal invitation by mail are able to renew his or her license using the ExpressLane website services.
  • The ExpressLane website only operates on certain web browses. Users must have Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher or Netscape 4.73 or higher to complete the online renewal process. Other updated browses may also work.
  • Motorists that need to make updates to his or her name, address or other information listed on his or her driver’s license are not eligible for online renewal.

How to Renew a Louisiana Motorcycle License by Mail

Louisiana residents can renew a driver’s license with an LA motorcycle endorsement by mail. Residents who need to make changes to the legal name, address or any other information listed on his or her official driver’s license are not eligible to renew the license by mail. The completed application should be mailed to the following address:

Louisana Department of Public Safety and Corrections Office of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 64886
Baton Rouge, LA 70896-4886

Applicants who live out of state at the time his or her license is up for renewal may be eligible to renew by mail. To determine if a person living out of state is eligible to renew a driver’s license by mail the person should call the Louisiana ExpressLane at 225-925-6146.

Applicants are not eligible for the motorcycle license renewal by mail if one of the following applies:

  • The person is 70 years of age or older. Exceptions may be made for those individuals who have a disability that prevents a person from renewing his or her license in person.
  • The driver’s license is 100 days or more past the date of expiration.
  • The driver previously renewed his or her license by mail.
  • The current driver’s license is suspended.
  • The application has not been signed or is not legible.
  • The person applying is a nonresident alien.

It is important to note that applicants must have received a mail-in renewal invitation from the state of Louisiana in order to apply by mail. Applicants must also possess a picture license. Drivers can check on the status of his or her motorcycle driver’s license renewal by calling 225-925-6146.

How to Renew a Louisiana Motorcycle License in Person

Drivers in Louisiana also have the option of renewing the motorcycle license in person. This can be done by visiting any Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. A list of office locations can be found on the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles website. Drivers can also visit certain designated tag agencies to complete the renewal process.

Louisiana Motorcycle License Renewal Costs

Motorists in Louisiana may be wondering, “How much does it cost to renew a motorcycle license?” Louisiana motorists must pay for a new license plus the cost of a motorcycle endorsement renewal to get a new license. The driver’s license Class E renewal costs $32.25 and the motorcycle endorsement renewal fee is $12. A $15 late fee will be tacked on to all driver’s licenses that are more than 10 days past the expiration date listed on the license.

Drivers who pay online with a credit card will be charged a service fee in accordance with Louisiana statues when paying the motorcycle license renewal cost. When applying by mail, all checks must be made out to the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. Other acceptable forms of payment include:

  • Money order.
  • Cashier’s check.
  • Certified check.
Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.