The process of applying for an antique vehicle registration in Louisiana is mandatory for owners of these types of motor vehicles in order to stay in accordance with set rules and regulations. Vintage license plates are issued through the state Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) to applicants who have completed the required registration steps.

To obtain LA antique license plates, drivers must first ensure their vehicle is classified as an antique, classic or vintage ride under state laws and submit the proper documentation to LA OMV. In addition to this, motorists requesting antique car tags will need to arrange payment for the allotted fees and administrative costs to finish the procedure. Learn more about how to register your antique ride in Louisiana by reading the below sections.

Definition of an Antique Vehicle in Louisiana

Per Louisiana antique car registration regulations, motor vehicles that are at least 25 years old classify as antique or vintage rides, and are therefore, eligible for such license plates. Aside from this, plates for classic or historic vehicles will be issued to these vehicles provided they have been restored to their original condition without major modifications.

Also, the state defines a street rod as an antique motor vehicle that has been manufactured in or before 1948, has undergone some type of modernizing and is recognized by the National Street Rod Association.

Steps in the Louisiana Registration Process

The procedure of requesting LA antique auto tags differs from the standard vehicle registration process. When applying for initial vintage license plates, you are required to send the applicable paperwork by mail to the Specialized Vehicle Unit of LA OMV. The following list outlines the application items you will need to obtain antique license plates:

  • An up-to-date color photograph of your motor vehicle
  • An affidavit (notarized form) confirming that your vehicle has been restored to its original form with no modifications contrary to stock specifications, or
  • A card (photocopy) proving you are member of an antique car club
  • Payment for the applicable fees

Note: In order to issue classic or antique car license plates in Louisiana, the state OMV may require you to provide additional documents, including title documentation. Contact a local LA OMV office to check for additional registration steps pertaining to your case.

Fees to Register an Antique Vehicle in Louisiana

Motorists will successfully complete their Louisiana antique vehicle tag process once they submit the proper paperwork and provide payment for the applicable fees. The price to obtain a historic or classic license plate is currently set at $25.

In addition to the base fee, applicants requesting these car registration plates are also subject to a handling fee of $8 and a $3.50 administrative handling fee. Note that fees are subject to change without notice. Under DMV rules, these car tags are issued for a lifetime, therefore, motorists will not be required to initiate a renewal procedure.

Drivers must, however, remember that the vehicle registration renewal process is required provided they own standard motor vehicles.


Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.