Obtaining a Maine custom auto registration or getting antique license plates are procedures that must be completed by drivers who own these types of motor vehicles under state laws. In order to apply for a registration for custom cars or antique registry documents, motorists need to address the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles and follow the steps as set by the department.

Though the processes of registering a custom vehicle in ME or an antique car may slightly differ, they both require applicants to submit specific documents, such as an application form, and arrange payment for the set fees. Find out more about how to register an antique car or obtain a custom car registration in Maine in the sections below.

Definition of a Custom or Antique Vehicle in Maine

Prior to initiating your ME antique vehicle registration procedure or custom vehicle registry process, you must learn about the difference between these two types of rides.

Namely, the state classifies any auto that is more than 25 years old or manufactured after 1915 as an antique motor vehicle. In addition to the antique car age, the vehicle must be equipped with an equally aged or similar engine and may not be altered in any way.

A custom car registration will be issued to owners of vehicles that were manufactured at least 25 years ago and of a model year after 1948, as well as cars that were altered from their original design or have been constructed from new or used non-original parts to resemble an auto of a model year after 1948.

Note: The state also distinguishes between a horseless carriage, which is defined as a vehicle manufactured prior to 1916 and used for exhibitions, parades and other similar events, and a street rod or a modified antique vehicle that has been manufactured before 1949.

Steps in the Maine Registration Process

The first step to registering a vintage car in Maine is providing payment of excise tax (which is a type of municipal tax) to your municipality. Once you complete this step, you will need to check whether your municipality participates in ME BMV’s registration program.

If not, you may finalize your antique auto registration procedure only by visiting a nearby BMV branch in ME and presenting the following documents:

  • Signed bill of sale
  • Payment for your Maine antique vehicle registration price
  • Payment of sales tax or proof of sales tax paid (provided you purchased your antique ride from a dealer)
  • Proof of insurance in the form of an ID card, policy or binder
  • Excise tax receipt and registration application form (white and yellow copy)
  • A completed antique auto affidavit

The process of registering a custom car will also require you to pay the set fees and submit an application form along with a completed affidavit to the BMV. In addition to this, your custom-built auto may be subject to a motor vehicle inspection, if not exempted from this rule. Other registration requirements may apply as well.

Fees to Register a Custom or Antique Vehicle in Maine

Regardless of whether you are requesting antique license plates or applying for a registration for custom cars in ME, you will need to pay the fees set by BMV. The process of registering your custom car will be finalized once you arrange payment for a $35 price.

When obtaining a Maine vintage car registration, you must pay a fee which is currently set at $30. Note that fees are subject to change without notice. Similar to renewing your standard vehicle registration, you will be also required to initiate a renewal process once your antique registry documents expire.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.