Replacing a lost car title in Maine is a transaction that is typically finalized through the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) by vehicle owners who have misplaced or damaged their certificates of title. The process to replace a lost car title at the DMV must be completed in the event that you are no longer in possession of your title, as the document is an integral part of various official titling procedures.

As an example, if you have purchased a vehicle from a seller with a lost auto title who has yet to request a replacement car title in ME, then you will be unable to complete the title transfer and registration processes. Find out how to get a replacement car title in Maine by reviewing the sections outlined below.

When do you need to get a duplicate car title in Maine?

Vehicle owners often request a replacement vehicle title in Maine in the event of a lost or damaged title certificate, since failure to do so may lead to certain inconveniences in situations where this document is required. Replacing a car title is a procedure that must also be finalized in circumstances of a stolen certificate of title. Drivers wondering how to replace a stolen car title in ME must note that this transaction follows the same steps as those that apply for the standard title reissue process.

Also, the state BMV will not process a request for a replacement car title submitted within 15 days of issuing another title certificate. Vehicle owners who recover a lost auto title in ME after obtaining a title copy will be required to surrender the original document as well.

Documents Required When Applying for a Maine Car Title Copy

Applicants will be required to meet several requirements for replacing a lost or damaged car title during the procedure to request a car title replacement in Maine. As part of the criteria to obtain a duplicate of an ME lost car title, vehicle owners will be asked to submit certain paperwork. Depending on the method of application, the required documents may vary.

If you are completing the procedure to replace a lost car title in person and by mail, then you will have to submit the BMV duplicate title application and the BMV lien release form if applicable. If you are requesting a replacement car title in ME because your previous title was mutilated or destroyed, then you will also be required to submit the original title certificate.

Depending on the applicant’s circumstances, additional paperwork may be required. For instance, the state BMV will need an authorization form signed by the vehicle owner if the title certificate is to be sent to another legal entity.

Available Methods for Replacing Your Car Title in Maine

Drivers wondering how to get a new car title if lost or damaged can submit their replacement car title requests via the internet, by mail and in person. The steps and requirements for replacing a lost or damaged vehicle title may vary depending on the chosen application method.

For instance, while the in-person and the by-mail method to replace a lost car title in ME generally remain similar, the online method utilizes a special online replacement title application form. In any case, the BMV must gather information about each applicant and vehicle in order to conduct a car title search.


Completing the procedure to replace a car title online in Maine is the fastest method to obtain a replacement title certificate. Requesting a replacement auto title via the internet is a process that can be initiated through the BMV Motor Vehicle Title Replacement service, accessible through the bureau’s official website. However, customers will be able to request a replacement car title in ME online only if they meet the following requirements:

  • An individual is listed as the title owner instead of a company
  • The vehicle is not older than a 1995 model year
  • The applicant has a valid driving license issued by the bureau and a credit or debit card for payment purposes
  • The title does not list a lien or the lien was released and the state BMV was properly notified

To finalize the transaction to replace a vehicle title online, applicants will first be required to enter their vehicle identification number, model year and current mileage. Then, the system will prompt the customer to provide his or her full name, date of birth and driving license number.

The final step is paying the applicable fee with a valid payment card. The copy of the lost car title will arrive at the applicant’s address on file within 10 business days.

Note: If more than one individual is listed on the title, then the system will require the submission of personal information of every recorded owner.

By Mail

Replacing a car title in Maine by mail is another convenient method to obtain a duplicate credential without visiting a nearby BMV title office. The process to replace a car title by mail can be finalized by sending the replacement title application form along with the fee payment and any pertinent paperwork to the BMV Title Unit in Augusta, ME.

Note that applicants who choose to request a car title replacement in ME by mailing their application form will have to remit their payment in the form of a check or money order made payable to the Secretary of State. The processing times for mailed-in requests for a duplicate title will vary depending on whether or not the customer is applying for an expedited title at an additional cost.

In Person

Car owners who cannot replace a lost car title with the DMV in Maine via one of the aforementioned methods can always submit their replacement car title request in person. To finalize the procedure of how to replace a stolen car title in person through a local BMV title office, applicants will be required to submit the application form for a lost auto title duplicate, the fee payment and any supporting paperwork applicable to their case. Once the bureau processes the request for a replacement car title in ME, it will manufacture the duplicate title and deliver it to the applicant’s address.

How to Fill out the Duplicate Car Title Application in Maine

To successfully request a replacement car title in Maine, vehicle owners will be required to submit an application form that has been filled out completely and correctly. Note that if you deliver an application for a lost car title copy that contains false statements, then you will be criminally prosecuted. The information necessary to successfully request a vehicle title replacement in ME is listed below:

  • The reason for requesting a replacement title certificate
  • The vehicle owner’s personal data, such as his full name, date of birth and address
  • Details about the vehicle in question, such as the vehicle identification number, model, year, make and odometer reading
  • Lien information if applicable
  • The applicant’s signature and date of signature

Note: Submitting an incomplete replacement title application form may lead to delays in the processing times of your request.

Maine Car Title Replacement Fees

One of the steps in the process of replacing a vehicle title in Maine is submitting payment for the $46 duplicate title fee. The cost for a copy of a lost car title will vary depending on whether you are ordering a standard title replacement or an expedited copy. There is also an additional charge for the BMV expedited service.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.