Motorists will be required to schedule a Maine DMV driving test appointment in order to take the road skills exam required in the licensing process. Drivers who would like to use the BMV appointment system when conducting business with the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) must note that this option may be limited only to specific transactions. Motorists may not be offered the same opportunity when submitting your licensing paperwork for other types of credentials.

To schedule a DMV appointment in ME, you will be required to utilize more conventional methods since the state BMV does not yet offer the option to make an appointment through its online services portal. Therefore, if you have to reschedule or cancel your appointment, then you will be required to contact the bureau by phone or via another method. Note that, even if the bureau does not allow you to schedule an office visit in certain cases, it does allow you to complete several driver license- or motor vehicle-related services through its online portal.

Driving Test Appointments in Maine

To take a road test, you will be required to make a BMV driving test appointment in Maine, as the bureau administers its road skills exams by appointment only. Since you cannot make a DMV online appointment, you will be required to schedule your visit by other means. Namely, when receiving your learner’s permit, the state BMV will also issue you a test request card that must be returned to the bureau when you are ready for the road skills test.

To make your BMV driving test appointment in ME, you will be required to fill out and mail this road skills card to the BMV main office in Augusta. Once the bureau receives your appointment request, it will schedule your visit at a nearby driver licensing office. You will also receive a BMV appointment notice with details of the location, date and time for your driving skills exam. You will be allowed to take the road test only if you arrive at the testing office at the agreed upon date and time with your own vehicle.

Note: The state BMV may cancel or reschedule BMV appointments if the weather does not allow for safe motor vehicle operation.

Other Services Covered by the Maine DMV Appointment System

The bureau does not implement a comprehensive BMV appointment system in Maine apart from making the mandatory driving test appointment. Therefore, you may not be able to schedule an office visit for other purposes. Note that the state BMV offers both driving license and motor vehicle services through its offices. If you are allowed to schedule a BMV appointment, then you may be able to do so for some of the following services:

Note: The above list includes a sample of the types of transactions offered by the state BMV. The decision whether or not you can make an appointment at a DMV to complete these procedures is left at the bureau’s discretion.

How to Schedule a DMV Appointment in Maine

To schedule your BMV appointment in Maine, you will be required to follow different steps depending on the type of procedure you will be completing. For example, scheduling your drivers license appointment is a process that can be completed with a test request card issued to when you submit your initial documentation, as outlined above.

The bureau will also make an ME BMV appointment for your written and vision exam in the same manner. For instance, once you submit the necessary items and fee payment for your learner’s permit, the state BMV will schedule your written test to take place at your closest driver licensing site within three weeks. The bureau will provide you with the details of your upcoming appointment with a mail-in notice. You will be able to check DMV appointment details about where and when your test will be held on this notice. If you have future plans during this period, then you should notify the bureau when you apply for your permit so that you are accommodated accordingly.

If you are allowed to make get a DMV appointment number or notice for other types of services, then you may be able to do so by phone. To verify whether or not this option is available to you, call your nearby BMV location. Note that if you miss your appointment, then you will effectively forfeit your scheduled visit.

What to Bring to Your Maine DMV Appointment

After scheduling an appointment with the DMV, view appointment requirements such as needed documents and payments for fees. You will have to prepare adequately in order to complete the corresponding licensing procedure without any delays. The first step in such cases is collecting the applicable paperwork and fee payments. For instance, the following list outlines the documents that you must submit during your BMV driving test appointment:

  • Official form of identification
  • Your learner’s permit
  • Your appointment notice
  • A valid car registration
  • The driver’s license of the motorist that brings you to your appointment
  • Proof of a valid car insurance coverage

If you schedule a DMV appointment in ME for other purposes, then you may be required to bring a different set of documents and fee payments. To ensure that you successfully complete your scheduled procedure, contact the bureau to obtain the necessary information prior to your appointment.

How to Cancel or Reschedule a DMV Appointment in Maine

If you need to make changes to your Maine BMV appointment due to a change of plans, you can easily do so by calling the corresponding driver licensing office. When you make an appointment DMV officials will provide you with the bureau’s contact information, which will also be listed on your appointment notice. If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment with the DMV, you can simply call the state BMV at the provided number. Note that you can reschedule your DMV appointment in ME without paying a penalty fee up to two days prior to your scheduled date.

Last updated on Tuesday, September 25 2018.