About Louisiana Defensive Driving Courses

Louisiana traffic school courses are referred to by different names depending on the parish or city in which the traffic citation was given. Certain districts have what is called a Pretrial Traffic Diversion Program, which allows drivers to dismiss a qualifying traffic violation from their driving records. To qualify for this type of program, drivers must be referred by the court in their case. Licensed drivers in any case are free to take defensive driving courses to help lower their auto insurance rate.

Benefits of Defensive Driving Courses in Louisiana

Taking a Louisiana traffic school course will qualify drivers for the following types of benefits:

  • Dismissing a Louisiana traffic ticket.
  • Earning an auto insurance discount.
  • Becoming a better driver.

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What defensive driving courses are offered in Louisiana?

Louisiana traffic school offerings vary by parish. Residents may have to complete a defensive driving course for any of the following reasons:

  • Traffic ticket dismissal.
  • Insurance Premium Reduction.
  • Voluntary/Personal Education.

Drivers with a court order may participate in the Pretrial Diversion Traffic Diversion Program to dismiss a traffic ticket from their driving records. Pre-trial diversion courses are administered by parish-approved online traffic school providers.

Where to Take a Driver Improvement Class/Traffic School

Louisiana traffic school courses are administered by third-party online providers. Drivers will complete their defensive driving classes from a home or work computer connected to the internet. Pretrial diversion online courses must be completed within a specific time frame in order for the driver to benefit from the traffic dismissal course.

Why do I need traffic school?

LA traffic school courses are mainly taken due to a traffic citation for a moving violation, such as speeding. In those cases, the district court in which the violation occurred will notify the driver of their traffic school for ticket diversion eligibility. Another reason to enroll in driving school is to qualify for a safe driver discount on your car insurance.

Did you know? Louisiana does not have a traffic point system. Instead, drivers are given consequences such as drivers license suspension and fines, depending on the severity of the violation. Residents must keep a clean driving record in order to maintain their driving privileges.

Who can take a defensive driving course in Louisiana?

Louisiana traffic school courses are available to any licensed driver. The type of defensive driving course a driver must complete is dependent upon a driver’s situation. Drivers who receive a court order to take a pretrial traffic diversion class become eligible for a traffic ticket dismissal. The option to enroll in a pretrial course is usually reserved for drivers with clean driving records free from traffic tickets or previous dismissals. Note this driving safety course for ticket dismissal is not a statewide program and therefore may not be offered in many cases.

Insurance reduction courses are, however, open to all Louisiana residents. Discounts are offered at the discretion of a vehicle owner’s insurance provider.

Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

LA defensive driving insurance discounts are offered through online course providers. Drivers interested in qualifying for a lower vehicle insurance rate can voluntary register for traffic school courses that are administered by online providers. Prior to signing up for Louisiana traffic school, residents should consult with their car coverage providers to ensure they are completing a course appropriate for their needs. To find an auto insurance course provider, click here.

Enrolling in Defensive Driving Courses

How to Enroll in a Defensive Driving Course

The method to enroll in traffic school is dependent upon your reason for attending. Drivers with a court order to complete a pretrial traffic diversion course will be sent a notification from the district court with instructions on how to enroll. Residents opting to take an insurance reduction course in Louisiana can register online at their own convenience. Click here to enroll in online traffic school today.

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Online Louisiana Defensive Driving Courses vs. in Person

LA traffic school is available as a classroom course or in an online format. The online traffic school is available to drivers who want to change an eligible moving violation to a non-moving violation. This can only be done once every 24 months. Enrolling in an online traffic school helps drivers avoid accumulating demerit points on their driving records, and it will also prevent insurance rates from rising.

Cost of Traffic School in Louisiana

Louisiana traffic school costs are determined by the administrator of each course. Select the best price traffic school for your budget once you have decided on the correct program for your situation. To access a list of online traffic schools, click here.

Defensive Driving Course Eligibility

To enroll in a defensive driving for ticket dismissal program, a driver must meet the following requirements:

Drivers who simply want to take a defensive driving course for their personal enjoyment or for an auto insurance rate reduction do not need to have a traffic ticket or a court order.

Defensive Driving Course Certificate

Traffic school certificates are awarded to drivers after their successful completion of a Louisiana driver improvement course. Online driving school will usually send the driver their official certification via mail. Drivers must then present the driving school certificate to their insurance provider or district court to receive credit for taking the course.

Defensive Driving School and Point Reduction

Does a Louisiana defensive driving school course remove a ticket?

Yes, drivers who take the Louisiana traffic school pretrial diversion course are eligible to have their traffic citation expunged from their driving records.

How many times can I take a defensive driving course in Louisiana?

The requirement of driving school for ticket dismissal can vary according to the parish in which the violation occurred. Certain district courts only allow drivers with clean driving records to participate in a ticket diversion course. Others allow drivers to take the course once every 24 months.

Does a ticket still have to be paid after taking a defensive driving course?

Taking a traffic school for ticket diversion course does allow a driver to remove the incident from his or her driving record. However, traffic school tuition and administrative fees must be paid by the driver in order to dismiss the charge.

Can I remove a parking ticket if I take a defensive driving course?

No, traffic school in Louisiana is for the dismissal of moving violations from a driver’s record. Parking tickets are non-moving violations and therefore do not qualify for dismissal.

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DWI/UDUIs and Defensive Driving School

Louisiana judicial districts allow drivers to attend driving school for ticket dismissal for their first DWI offense. In addition to taking a defensive driving course, offenders must also complete a substance abuse education and/or treatment program as decided in their case. Drivers who hold an intermediate license and are convicted of underage driving under the influence must take either a 30-hour driver education course, or a six-hour pre-licensing course as a condition of reinstating their driving privileges.

Last updated on Tuesday, January 30 2018.

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