Louisiana residents can easily access a VIN lookup when considering the purchase of a used car. Sellers can also promote the value of a qualified vehicle with these documents. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is unique for each car, and can be referenced when searching for a specific history report. A number of different facts are listed on a history record. This important information includes safety reports, mechanical issues, significant repairs and more. By utilizing car record data, buyers and sellers are likelier to be satisfied with their vehicle purchase transactions.

The VIN number lookup options in LA are the only ways residents can submit requests for car information. These methods include sending an instant, online form or a mail-in inquiry to a state agency. Many drivers will discover that the online option is the fastest and most accessible way to acquire a report. Discover the steps for both available methods within the information provided below.

How to Perform a VIN Code Lookup Online in Louisiana

Drivers in Louisiana can quickly obtain a complete vehicle history report by using the online option. An internet connection and knowledge of personal and vehicle details are the requirements for beginning the request process. Starting with a verified email, the application can easily be filled out within minutes. Additionally, the LA VIN lookup number is referenced to access the appropriate documents. When the requester has ensured all of the provided data is accurate, the form can be submitted.

A user-friendly LA VIN car history report is sent to the driver instantly. The information on the document is comprehensive and accurate. If necessary, look up VIN information for more than one vehicle as a comparison. This method makes car research for potential buyers a time-efficient and simple process. Conversely, that mail-in option is a much more time-consuming and error-prone technique.

Checking VIN Numbers by Mail in Louisiana

Mail-in requests for vehicle records are also accepted in Louisiana. However, this method takes much longer than an online request. The time for documents to be sent by mail must be considered by drivers in need of a short turnover time. An online VIN number check in Louisiana is more suitable for car buyers conducting research on multiple vehicles.

To submit a request by mail, a written letter should be sent to the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. In the letter, details about the used vehicle must be included. The identification number, make and model are required. Additionally, the last name of the most recent owner should be disclosed, if known.

Payment for the applicable fee should be mailed with the written request. The only acceptable forms of payment include checks and money orders. When looking up VIN number information, a vehicle history report including title information is mailed to the resident.

What info is in a Louisiana VIN history report?

When learning how to check VIN number details in Louisiana, residents can utilize history reports to discover a wide range of details about used vehicles. The information contained on LA car records includes any maintenance problems, significant past events, previous owners and more. A comprehensive vehicle history document includes:

  • Vehicle accident history. Current or future complications could be the result of previous car accidents. For example, damage caused by flooding could indicate a potential need for repair.
  • Odometer readings. On a VIN report, the number of miles a vehicle has driven can indicate the overall health of a car. Potential buyers can make sure an odometer is displaying the actual mileage, and has not been illegally rewound.
  • Previous sale prices. Understanding the market value of a vehicle over time is helpful for drivers to ensure they are paying fair prices. Buyers can check that the seller’s listed amount is not above the actual worth.
  • Title brands. History records will indicate whether a vehicle has been labeled with a title brand. For example, the “junk” or “salvage” label status indicates serious issues with a car.
  • Vehicle theft status. Potential buyers want to ensure that the car has not been stolen in the past. Additionally, drivers can confirm that the seller is the current owner of the vehicle.

Why would I need to perform a VIN check in Louisiana?

Performing a vehicle ID check is a simple process that has enduring benefits. Drivers in Louisiana should use this tool when searching for suitable used cars to buy. Instead of blindly purchasing a vehicle without knowing its history, buyers can ensure they are making the right choice. Sellers may not disclose the true condition of a car and/or mark up the price higher than market value. By reviewing comprehensive car records, these problems can be avoided.

Sellers should invest in LA VIN reports in order to increase the likelihood that buyers will purchase a vehicle at full price. Seeing the previous sale prices on a used car reduces consumer hesitation, and increases trust with a vendor.

How do I locate my vehicle’s VIN number?

ID numbers for cars can be easily located on a variety of cars. Although the spot of a number differs based on vehicle make and model, the area is similar in many cars. Drivers should first check the driver’s side door, dashboard and door jam for a sticker or a metal plate.

Under the hood and in the trunk are other common places to look. The auto insurance card, car title and registration papers are additional locations in which to find the vehicle’s ID number.

Vehicle History Report Fees in Louisiana

A $16 fee is charged for vehicle record requests in Louisiana.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.