A Connecticut VIN lookup can be very helpful in determining the current state of a vehicle, and whether or not it is safe to be purchased. A VIN number lookup can be performed through one of two methods: online or by mail. The specifics involved with those two methods vary, so it is important to do your research in determining which method is best for you.

Performing a VIN Code Lookup Online in Connecticut

To lookup VIN numbers in the fastest and most convenient way, you can use the online method. Looking up VIN numbers through this method allows you to gain access to all of the information about the vehicle history that you need, and all within a very short period of time. You will gain access to damage insurance records, such as whether the vehicle has gone through a car accident, flood damage or theft, and you can also see current and historical mileage readings, vehicle specifications and much more.

The process for how to check VIN numbers online is very simple. You will provide the necessary information required for the online VIN number check, including the 17-digit VIN number for the vehicle, and the report will be provided to you instantly. You have access to the VIN lookup report for a full 90 days after it is processed, and it can be sent to your email in order to be printed, if needed.

Looking Up VIN Number Information by Mail in Connecticut

When learning how to check VIN number details by mail, you must follow certain steps, with the most important step being that you must fill out the Title Copy Records Request Form (also called the form J-23T). This form requires information such as:

  • The make of the vehicle.
  • The year of the vehicle.
  • The VIN number for the vehicle.

Then, you must prove your identity, with a valid ID, such as a copy of your drivers license card.

Checking VIN numbers by requesting a VIN history through the mail in Connecticut will provide you with limited information, mostly regarding the current car title information. If you would like to receive data such as odometer readings and complete ownership history, you must note that request in Section 3 of the Title Copy Records Request form.

In addition, a Connecticut VIN number lookup can only be completed if the applicable fee is paid. When you mail in your documents to the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles, you must ensure that you also enclose the appropriate fee with either a check or money order.

What info is in a Connecticut VIN history report?

Depending on the method you use to receive the VIN number lookup, the information that you receive within the VIN history may vary. While the mail-in method will provide you with current and previous title and ownership information, along with odometer readings, you can receive much more comprehensive information by using the online method for a VIN lookup. If you use the online VIN number check, you will receive all of the following (as long as it is applicable to the vehicle):

  • Accident history
  • Current and previous title information
  • Information regarding theft status
  • Manufacturer info
  • Odometer readings
  • Online sales history records
  • Open recalls and defects data
  • Safety report
  • Seizure, towing and impound data
  • State DMV title brands
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Vehicle title problems

Why would I need to perform a VIN check in Connecticut?

There are quite a few reasons why a VIN report is important to obtain in the state of Connecticut. While anyone can look up the VIN history in order to check on the data included on a vehicle, checking VIN numbers is especially beneficial for those interested in selling or purchasing a vehicle.

Buyers: If you are looking to purchase a vehicle such as a car, motorcycle, RV or truck, it is highly recommended that you check the VIN number of that vehicle in order to see a CT VIN check report. As mentioned above, the VIN report will provide you with a variety of different and important information about the vehicle, and those details can be used to help you make an educated decision about whether that vehicle is right for you.

Sellers: If you are trying to sell a vehicle, it is important that you obtain a VIN number report so that you can allow potential buyers to look through it. Buyers that can see all of the necessary information about your vehicle will be able to make a better decision regarding if the vehicle is right for them. In addition, showing buyers a Connecticut VIN check that documents a clean accident history and a good safety report can help you to negotiate an appropriate price point in your favor.

How do I locate my vehicle’s VIN number?

Locating the VIN number on your vehicle is generally not difficult. For most cars made within the past few decades, the VIN is generally located in one of two different places: the bottom corner of the driver’s side windshield, or near where the door latches on the inside of the driver’s side door. The same placement is true for most recreational vehicles, or RVs.

If you are looking for the VIN on a motorcycle, it can vary on where it is located, due to the manufacturer; though in most cases, it is on the steering neck or is located on the motor near the bottom of the cylinders.

If you are unable to locate the VIN number on the physical vehicle, there are a few other places that you can check. Look at either the car registration documents for that vehicle or the auto insurance card or paperwork, because it is likely the VIN number can be found on any vehicle-related documentation.

Vehicle History Report Fees in Connecticut

In Connecticut, a vehicle history report costs $20.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.