Getting a Louisiana CDL replacement document is a mandatory step for drivers who remain without a valid commercial driving license, regardless of the circumstances. The process to replace CDL licenses can be completed through the state Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV). The standard application method requires applicants to make an office visit and submit the required items in person. Commercial drivers who need a replacement CDL while outside of the state, however, can also mail their applications to the state OMV.

During the application procedure for a DMV CDL replacement, motorists will have to submit several types of documents, some of which are specific to commercial drivers. Before processing a request for a driving credential, the state OMV will also impose a certain replacement fee. Note that failure to replace a commercial driving license when necessary will lead to certain fines and penalties.

When do you need to get a duplicate CDL license in Louisiana?

Replacing a CDL license is a process that must be completed in several different situations. For instance, replacing a lost CDL drivers license is the most common reason for applying for a duplicate credential. However, drivers must also get a replacement CDL credential under the following circumstances as well:

  • The original CDL was stolen.
  • The holder has inadvertently damaged or destroyed the original license.
  • The commercial driver needs to update or correct the information on his or her CDL license.
  • The commercial driving license was lost in the mail.

The state OMV may not issue a CDL replacement in LA if the credential in question is within its renewal period. In such cases, the commercial driver will have to initiate the license renewal procedure.

Documents Required to Replace a CDL in Louisiana

To successfully replace your CDL license, you will be required to furnish several types of documents. While the state OMV will not require you to submit the full set of paperwork needed for a first-time license issuance, you will still need to submit the mandatory identification proof. The following list outlines the standard Louisiana CDL replacement documentation:

  • One primary and one secondary identification document or three secondary identification documents
  • Proof of car insurance, if you own a motor vehicle
  • Proof of state residency, such as utility bills or financial statements
  • Proof of a name change, if changing your name as well
  • The old license, if available
  • Additional CDL-specific documents, if required, such as your medical card

Note: The state OMV does not accept photocopies and it retains the right to refuse any documents that do not meet its standards. Since commercial drivers must meet additional requirements, you may also have to submit other paperwork in addition to the above documents.

How to Replace a Louisiana CDL in Person

If you would like to know how to replace a CDL license, note that the standard application method for duplicate credentials requires you to submit the necessary items through a nearby OMV office offering licensing services. The steps to replace a CDL license in Louisiana include the following:

  1. Fill out the corresponding application form.
  2. Submit the required supporting paperwork.
  3. Furnish any CDL-specific documentation, if required to do so.
  4. Pay the LA CDL replacement fees.

The presiding OMV agent will process your duplicate CDL license application once he or she verifies the authenticity of the submitted paperwork and fee payments.

How to Replace a Louisiana CDL by Mail

If you are unable to apply for a duplicate CDL through an OMV office, you may be allowed to mail your request under certain circumstances. For instance, the option to send a mail-in Louisiana CDL replacement application is currently offered to commercial drivers who are temporarily outside of the state for a valid reason. Note that you will be allowed to apply for a replacement commercial credential by mail only if you are a permanent Louisiana resident.

To successfully replace a damaged, stolen or lost CDL drivers license from out of state, you will first have to fill out the Temporarily Residing Out of State Application for Reconstructed Duplicate/Renewal License/ID Card (Form DPSMV2013). You will then have to submit the DPSMV2013 form along with the documents outlined above and the applicable fee payment to the following address:

 Office of Motor Vehicles
Attn: Reconstructed License
P.O. Box 64886
Baton Rouge, LA, 70896

Once the state OMV receives your mail-in application for an LA CDL replacement, it will mail it to your out-of-state address within 10 days. For further information regarding the process to replace your CDL license by mail, contact the state OMV at the following number: 225-925-6146

CDL Replacement Fees in Louisiana

The last step when getting an OMV CDL replacement is paying the applicable replacement costs. Note that the total Louisiana CDL replacement fees currently only include the following costs:

  • $5 cost for the duplicate CDL license
  • Local fees that will not exceed $6
  • Credit or debit card transaction fees in the amount of $1.25 plus 1 percent of the total sum
  • The fee for a copy of a CDL medical card, if applicable

The acceptable payment forms will vary depending on your chosen application method. For instance, if you are replacing your CDL license by mail, you will need to submit a check or money order made payable to the state OMV.

Last updated on Friday, March 6 2020.