A Virginia CDL replacement is a necessity if your license is stolen, lost or damaged. You may also wish to obtain a replacement if you wish to change vital information such as legal name, address or remove a vision restriction. It is essential to replace your license as soon as possible or you may be subject to stiff fines and penalties. It is illegal to operate a commercial vehicle without a valid CDL. Additionally, if you rely on your license for employment, it is urgent to receive a VA DMV CDL replacement as soon as possible so you may continue working without incident.

To replace a CDL license in VA, you have two options. You can obtain a duplicate CDL license in person at a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) location or online, through the DMV portal. There are some factors you wish to consider as you decide. For instance, if you apply online, you won’t be able to retake your license photo but you will save time by not needing to visit an office in person. If you choose to visit the DMV to obtain your VA CDL replacement, there are multiple documents that you will need to bring with you to complete the process. Read more below to learn about what to bring, what fees to expect and more need-to-know information regarding how to replace a CDL license in Virginia.

When do you need to get a duplicate CDL license in Virginia?

If you have a lost CDL drivers license, consider obtaining a duplicate as soon as possible, even if you feel that you may find your misplaced original in the future. Having a valid CDL at all times gives peace of mind and ensures you will be in compliance with the law.

If your Virginia CDL has been stolen, you are not required to report it to the police. However, it may be an option to consider if identity theft is a concern. If your license has been damaged and the information on it rendered illegible, a Virginia duplicate CDL license is needed.

If you get a VA CDL replacement it is also an opportunity to change your legal name, address, update your photo or remove vision restrictions. All changes need to be supported by the proper paperwork for verification.

However, if your license is set to expire in less and a year, consider choosing to renew your CDL instead of getting a replacement. You can always make changes at that point but should be aware that the renewal process is more involved regarding documentation and requirements.

Documents Required to Replace a CDL in Virginia

Print and complete the license application beforehand or do so when you arrive at the DMV location. You will also be expected to provide one document as proof of identity to get a Virginia CDL replacement with your social security card. Bring primary proof of residency such as a mortgage statement, rental agreement or recent utility bill, dated within the last few months. A secondary proof of residency is required such as a:

  • Billing statement from a recognizable business.
  • Official state or federal document.
  • Postmarked mail.

All documents must show the proper name and address. Bring along all your CDL-related documents such as your medical card. Your license photo will be retaken if you visit the DMV in person.

To change legal name, it is necessary to bring in the appropriate court documents such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree. Similarly, the other changes need to be backed by the right paperwork. Removing a vision restriction requires you to either pass a vision screening. Be prepared to pay the $20 Virginia CDL replacement fee.

How to Replace a Virginia CDL in Person

Visit the DMV office with the necessary documents regarding proof of identity and residency. You may complete the application in the office or bring a completed one with you to save time. If you need a Virginia duplicate CDL license because your current one is damaged, you will need to surrender the damaged license in order to obtain a replacement. Bring your social security card, medical card and any other CDL-related documents you may have. If your license is set to expire within one year, consider renewing your CDL as opposed to getting a VA CDL replacement. Be prepared to have your photo taken and pay the required $20 fee.

How to Replace a Virginia CDL Online

The state of Virginia offers a convenient way to receive your duplicate CDL license— online. Many states do not offer this service, but it is an excellent option if you are unable to visit a DMV in person. If you replace your license online, you will not be able to retake your license photo. The photo from your previous license will be reused.

The online process is easy to do through the Virginia DMV website. In fact, if you get your CDL replacement online, you will save $1 in addition to the time saved by not needing to visit an office location. However, you cannot obtain a replacement online if your license is expired, cancelled or suspended, if you name needs to be changed or you owe money to the DMV. Proof of legal residence will still be required, even when you apply online.

CDL Replacement Fees in Virginia

The CDL replacement fees in Virginia are $20. You may pay by cash, check or credit card. All major credit card companies are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. You may apply and pay online to get a DMV CDL replacement, as well. Keep in mind that if you choose this option, you will need to wait for the duplicate license to arrive by mail.

Last updated on Friday, March 6 2020.