It is mandated by federal guidelines that all commercial drivers pass the DOT health exam. The goal of this test is to check whether a potential driver is physically capable of driving safely now and in the near future.

Passing the exam successfully usually means you only have to take the exam in 24 months, unless you have some health issue which might become worse in the future, in which case you’ll have to take the exam sooner.

Health Requirements

The basic requirements for passing a DOT physical exam are:

  • Vision in both eyes, as well as each eye individually, need to be 20/40, with visual improvement devices, such as glasses or contacts allowed.
  • Ability to distinguish color is necessary.
  • Hearing should be good enough to notice a forced whisper at a minimum distance of 5 feet.
  • Your blood pressure must be lower than 160/100. Prescription medication to control blood pressure is allowed.
  • Cannot have diabetes that requires insulin injections; diabetes controlled through a diet or oral medication is permitted.
  • The maximum level of blood sugar an applicant is allowed to have is 200.
  • No use of a Schedule 1 drug, amphetamine, narcotic or any habit forming drug is allowed.
  • In case you are currently diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease such as collapse, congestive cardiac failure or cardiac insufficiency, then you will need to present the Medical Examiner with a stress test as well as with a note from your physician which states that you are able to drive a commercial motor vehicle without restrictions.
Last updated on Friday, March 6 2020.