Motorcyclists who lose their license should replace motorcycle license credentials in Virginia at the earliest opportunity. All drivers, including motorcyclists, need a standard or motorcycle license replacement in the event that theirs goes missing or become damaged.

Failing to carry a valid license can earn numerous penalties in the state of Virginia. Depending on the specific violation and a motorist’s driving history details, penalties can range from fines to jail time and license suspension.

However, drivers may not know the process for replacing a motorcycle license in Virginia. In fact, it is a relatively simple and straightforward process. Drivers can replace their license either online or in person depending on a number of factors. The following sections describe what documents are required to replace a motorcycle license, how to complete the process online or in person, what fees are required to obtain a new license and more.

When is a motorcycle license replacement required in Virginia?

In Virginia, riders should replace a motorcycle license if they determine they have lost it. Riders should replace stolen and lost motorcycle license credentials immediately. All drivers are required to carry a license with the appropriate Class designation while on the road. \

Driving a motorcycle without an M-class license in Virginia comes with steep penalties, ranging from fees to jail time. Therefore, it is important to obtain a duplicate motorcycle license as soon as possible after the license goes missing.

However, if a rider’s license was less than a year away from expiration when it disappeared, then he or she may be able to renew their license instead. However, only licenses that are more than a year away from expiration require replacement.

Documents Required to Replace a Motorcycle License in Virginia

You must apply to receive a duplicate motorcycle license if you ever lose your current license. To apply for a replacement license, you must have the appropriate documents. In order to submit an application, expect to provide the following motorcycle license replacement documents:

  • A completed copy of the driver’s license application
  • Two documents proving your ID (only one is required if you are younger than 19 years of age)
  • One document proving your legal residence

Additionally, if you have both a license and a photo ID, then you must surrender the photo ID to the Virginia DMV. You can no longer hold both a driver’s license and a photo ID in Virginia. These documents may only be required if you are applying for a motorcycle license replacement in person.

How to Replace a Virginia Motorcycle License Online

Replacing a motorcycle license online is relatively straightforward. However, to replace a motorcycle license online, there are some restrictions in place for who is eligible. If any of the following are true, then you cannot replace a license online:

  • Your license is expired, canceled, suspended or revoked
  • Your card was issued before January 2004
  • Your information is out of date or must be corrected
  • You are younger than 18 years of age
  • You have an outstanding balance with the DMV
  • You need to update your photo on your card
  • Your residency information needs verification
  • Your customer number must be verified
  • You have requested a license earlier in the same day

If you do qualify to order a duplicate motorcycle license online, then you can complete the service through the Virginia DMV website. To replace your motorcycle license online, visit the DMV website and locate the driver’s license replacement page. You must provide your license number or your Social Security Number along with your date of birth in order to complete the transaction.

Additionally, you must pay all necessary driver license replacement fees in order to submit your request. After you place your order, wait to receive your new motorcycle license in the mail. It is, therefore, important to complete the process to change your address on your license if your address has recently changed.

How to Replace a Virginia Motorcycle License in Person

You also have the option to request a motorcycle license replacement in person in addition to replacing your license online. To submit a request in person, you must visit one of the Virginia DMV office locations near you.

Bring the required motorcycle license replacement documents as listed above to the DMV office. You may need to make an appointment ahead of time in order to avoid waiting in line.

If you are applying in person, then you have the option to request a change of address or name or to update your voter registration information. You can do so by indicating on the form that you want to update your license information.

However, the license name change process requires additional paperwork to prove a legal name change. Prepare to take a new photo for your license when you visit the office.

Out-of-State Motorcycle License Replacement in Virginia

The process for replacing a motorcycle license does not change even if the rider lost the license out-of-state. Drivers should replace their motorcycle license online or in person at the earliest opportunity.

However, they may not be able to obtain a replacement license while they remain out-of-state. Therefore, drivers should make an effort to keep track of their license while out-of-state in order to avoid driving without a license.

How to Replace a Motorcycle Permit in Virginia

The process of replacing a motorcycle license is similar to the process of replacing a motorcycle learner’s permit. Drivers must apply online or in person for a replacement motorcycle license and pay the appropriate fees. They should additionally bring or supply the necessary documents to verify their identity and residency.

If requesting a replacement permit in person, then drivers may need to take a new photo. After submitting the request for a replacement permit, drivers should wait to receive the new copy.

Virginia Motorcycle License Replacement Fees

In the state of Virginia, a motorcycle license replacement costs $20. A replacement motorcycle registration card costs $2 while a decal costs $1. A motorcycle learner’s permit costs $3.

Motorcycle registration costs $28.75, and a motorcycle class designation costs $2 a year plus the yearly cost of a driver’s license of $4. Drivers who do not have a REAL ID-compliant card will also have to pay a $10 one-time fee.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.