Replacing a motorcycle license in Montana is mandatory for riders who lose, misplace, damage or have their license stolen. This process is crucial for drivers who want to avoid committing serious traffic violations and citations by driving without a license.

All Montana drivers, including motorcyclists, must possess a valid, unexpired license with the proper endorsements when driving. As soon as a motorist loses possession of his or her license, he or she is not legally allowed to operate any motor vehicle.

The motorcycle license replacement process is also required after drivers change any personal information, like their legal name or residential address. The Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) regulates the replacement process in conjunction with the Montana Department of Justice (DOJ).

To get a new license, in-state drivers must visit an MVD office and complete the required steps. Any driver caught operating a motorcycle without a valid license in possession faces hefty fines, penalties and even driver license suspensions.

Before receiving a duplicate motorcycle license, all riders must submit the required identification documents and pay the corresponding license replacement fee. For more information about the driver license replacement process, such as required documents and fees, continue reading the topics below.

When is a motorcycle license replacement required in Montana?

A lost motorcycle license in Montana warrants an immediate replacement, as the driver can no longer drive on public roadways. Losing or misplacing a license is not the only reason for requesting a duplicate. If a motorcycle license is damaged beyond legibility, destroyed or stolen, the driver must replace it if he or she wishes to maintain driving privileges.

Replacing a motorcycle license is also necessary when drivers change any of their personal information that is displayed on the credential, including their name or home address. The MVD must be made aware of these changes to update the driver’s record.

Drivers must understand that replacing a motorbike license requires a different process than renewing a motorcycle license. Renewing a license is a common procedure for all motorists that must be completed before their license is set to expire. Drivers must replace their license if it gets lost, misplaced, damaged or stolen.

However, there is one exception: if the lost driver’s license will expire within six months, then the motorist may renew rather than replace it. Regardless, there are different fees and documents required for both processes, so it is important to understand the difference before starting either one.

Documents Required to Replace a Motorcycle License in Montana

When drivers replace motorcycle license credentials in Montana, they are required to follow a step-by-step process that includes providing several documents to the MT MVD. These documents must verify their identity and prove their residence within the state. Most riders must provide two forms of primary identification before obtaining a new license, which include:

  • A valid driver’s license.
  • A valid color photo ID card.
  • A valid, unexpired passport.
  • A military ID card.
  • A certified birth certificate.
  • A Certificate of Naturalization (Forms N-550, N-570 or N-578).
  • A Certificate of Citizenship (Forms N-560, N-561 or N-645).
  • A permanent resident card (Form I-551).

During the motorcycle license replacement process, some drivers may choose to provide one form of primary identification and one form of secondary identification. Secondary ID documents include:

  • Social Security cards.
  • Driver’s licenses or ID cards expired for more than one year, but less than five.
  • Certified marriage licenses.
  • Certified court orders.
  • Current U.S. or Canadian government jurisdiction employee photo IDs.
  • Certifications of Release of Discharge from U.S. Department of Defense.
  • Medicare, Medicaid or health insurance cards containing ID numbers.
  • Current color photo gun permits.

It is left to the discretion of the MVD which documents are necessary for drivers to receive a new license. Motorists replacing motorcycle license documents who plan to change their name must provide official documents containing both the previous and new names. These include:

  • Certified marriage certificates.
  • Certified divorce decrees.
  • Certified court orders.
  • Certified adoption papers.

How to Replace a Montana Motorcycle License in Person

The Montana motorcycle license replacement process must be completed in person at one of the MVD offices located throughout the state. This option is available for any resident driver currently residing in the state who needs to obtain a replacement license.

Unlike other states, Montana does not currently offer online driver license replacement services. The MVD provides many Driver License Exam Stations throughout the state to accommodate motorists in every region.

To avoid long wait times and lines, it is always recommended that riders call their nearest MVD Driver License Exam Station to schedule an appointment. Appointments help stagger the replacement process throughout the day.

Drivers must be sure to bring all required documents and identification with them to their appointment. Failing to bring proper ID results in a delayed replacement process.

Out-of-State Motorcycle License Replacement in Montana

Montana residents can get a duplicate motorcycle license by mail if they are absent from the state and need a new one. This option is only open to Montana citizens not currently residing in state and members of the military and their dependents. To replace a lost motorcycle license by mail, drivers must download the Mail-In Replacement Form (Form 21-2000) and complete it entirely.

If they cannot download it online, they can request the form by phone at (406) 444-3933 or by email at The form requires all drivers to provide their:

  • Full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Social Security Number.
  • Driver’s license number.
  • Montana residential and mailing address.
  • Height, weight and hair color.
  • Photocopy of primary and secondary ID.

They must pay the duplicate motorcycle license fee by attaching a form of payment. Checks and money orders must be made out to the MVD. Applications and supporting documents can be mailed to:

ATTN: Mail-In DL
P.O. Box 201430
Helena, MT 59620-1430

Montana Motorcycle License Replacement Fees

Paying the motorcycle license replacement fee is the final step in the license replacement process. If you are wondering, “How much does it cost to replace a motorcycle license?” you may be glad to hear there is one flat rate for all types of replacements. Unlike some states, the price of replacing a motorcycle license does not vary by age or driver history.

The current motorcycle license replacement cost is $10.30. Note that fees are subject to change without notice. Those who wish to add any new endorsements or identifiers to their license may need to pay additional fees. Drivers should contact the MVD to verify the cost before submitting payment.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.