Commercial licensing is complicated. Applying for a CDL can be easy with our MT guide to your CDL.

Basic Requirements For A Commercial Driver’s Permit/License

  • Must hold and provide a current and valid Montana Driver’s license.
  • Must be 18 years of age to hold a CDL which is to operate within the state, without double/triple trailer rigs or hazardous materials and 21 years of age, if you need the earlier mentioned specifications.
  • Provide proof of identity and legal presence.
  • Provide proof of your Social security number.

Steps To Apply For A CDL Permit/License

  1. Pass vision screening test.
  2. Pass the CDL knowledge exam. See the CDL Manual for the required information. The exam can be taken at any Montana Driving Exam Station.
  3. Take the skill test at designated Montana Driving Exam Station after taking an appointment on (406) 444-3244.
  4. Obtain all the endorsements that are needed by you.
  5. Pay license fees.
  6. Pass the security check procedures with Transportation Security Administration if you apply for a Hazmat endorsement. The TSA security application can be filled in online or by calling (877) 429-7746. The driver needs to go to one of the TSA offices and submit 2 proofs of ids. Any further or detailed information can be taken by calling (866) 289-9673. The fee for this procedure is $94 payable either by credit card, or a money order payable to Integrated Biometric Technology, LLC.

The 2 locations where TSA agents operate from are:

1302 Ave D
505 West Park


There are two types of Montana CDLs, Type 1 Certification and Type 2 Certification. Fee for Type 1 is $10 plus a 50 cent renewal reminder charge, and that of Type 2 is $8.50 plus a 50 cent renewal reminder charge.

CDL Endorsements

The following is a list of endorsements you can get on your CDL:

  • Hazardous Material (Class H).
  • Tank Vehicles (Class N).
  • Passenger-Carrying Vehicle (Class P).
  • School Bus (Class S).
  • Towing a Double or Triple Trailer (Class T).

Federal Guidelines For Interstate Drivers

The following is a list of federal requirements for interstate drivers.


Last updated on Friday, February 16 2018.

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