Commercial licensing is complicated. Applying for a CDL can be easy with our WV guide to your CDL.

Basic Requirements For A Commercial Driver’s Permit/License

To apply for a Commercial Driver License in West Virginia, you must ensure that you meet all the Age and Fitness requirements:

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age and have at least 2 years driving experience to qualify for a CDL or CDL instruction permit.
  2. Certify that you are in agreement with state motor carrier safety regulations. See Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for more information.
  3. Provide a valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate. You can obtain one by having a licensed medical professional fill out the appropriate Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness reports. The medical examiner should provide you with a Medical Examiner’s Certificate.
  4. All drivers are subject to having the long physical form except for city, county, state and federal employees, which would require an eye examination on the DLAB-II eye exam form.
  5. You must provide written verification of employment with the city, county, state or federal governments with the DLAB-II and CDL application.
  6. If you cannot be medically certified, you may be eligible for a medical waiver.
  7. If you wish to be able to operate a commercial motor vehicle interstate (all 50 states) you must apply and be granted a waiver from the Federal Highway Administration. Contact (304) 347-5935 for further information.
  8. If you wish to operate a commercial motor vehicle in West Virginia only, please call (304) 558-2350 for information on obtaining a medical waiver.

Steps To Apply For A CDL Permit/License

  1. Complete the DMV form CDL-1, the application for Commercial Driver’s License and/or endorsements.
  2. Submit a copy of your current DOT Medical/physical certification (long physical form) or DLAB-II (government employees only).
  3. CDL testing fee is $25.00 in addition to the driver’s licensing fees. The CDL testing fee allows testing for general knowledge, air brakes and combination. Commercial Driver’s Licenses fees are non-refundable. Endorsement fees are $10.00 each at the time of application.
  4. Submit the application, your DOT medical/physical certification (long physical form) or DLAB-II and required fees to:

    Division of Motor Vehicles
    CDL Section
    1800 Kanawha Blvd E
    Charleston WV 25317    
  5. These can also be brought to the office of Division of Motor Vehicles. Upon receipt of the application and fees, a test card will be mailed to the applicant which will include the regional CDL testing sites.
  6. Once all tests are successfully completed and a CDL instruction permit will be issued. The permit will be valid for a period of 6 months and can only be renewed one time. When the applicant is ready to take the Third Party Testers, they should contact one of the third party examiners (names and telephone numbers in front of the CDL manual) to schedule an appointment. Most skills tests are given on weekends and evenings. The cost of the skills test is $75.00 which should be paid to the Third Party Examiner at the time of the test. The applicant must provide the vehicle in which the test will be given. The vehicle must be representative of the class of license for which the applicant is testing.
  7. Upon completion of the skills test, the applicant should submit the passed form to one of the DMV offices or the Driver Exam Center for processing. The applicant will receive a CDL license at this time.

Instruction Permit

A commercial driver’s instruction permit (CDL instruction permit) may be issued to an individual who holds a valid operators or class D license and has passed the vision and/or physical standards, and road skills test required for issuance of a CDL.

The CDL instruction permit may not be issued for a period to exceed 6 months. Only 1 renewal on re-issuance may be granted within a 2 year period from issue date. In the event the applicant has been issued 2 CDL instruction permits, before the applicant may obtain an additional CDL instruction permit he/she must reapply and re-test on all parts of the knowledge exam.

The holder of a CDL instruction permit may drive a commercial motor vehicle on the highway only when accompanied by the holder of a commercial driver’s license valid for the type of vehicle who occupies a seat beside the individual for the purpose of giving instruction or testing. The permit must be valid for the type of vehicle being driven also.

A CDL instruction permit may only be issued to an individual who is at least 18 years of age and has held an operator or junior operator license for at least 2 years.

Once all tests are completed, the person will receive a CDL instruction permit. When you take the photo for the instruction permit, do not take the persons regular license.

CDL Endorsements

For specific types of commercial vehicles, extra testing is required. Upon passing these additional tests, an endorsement will be obtained on your CDL. There are five endorsements for which you may apply. The following is a list of endorsements you can get on your CDL:

  • Motorcycle (Class F).
  • Hazardous Materials (Class H).
  • Tank (Class N).
  • Passenger (Class P).
  • Towing a Double or Triple Trailer (Class T).

Federal Guidelines For Interstate Drivers


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