Riders must complete the California motorcycle license replacement procedure if they lose possession of their motorcycle credential, since operating a motorbike without a valid license is against the law. The process of replacing a motorcycle license can be finalized in person through the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Unfortunately, there is no option to replace your license online as of yet. To finalize the transaction, applicants will be required to submit certain documents and pay the replacement fee. Note that, when replacing a motorcycle license, riders will have to abide by the regulations of the standard driving license replacement process.

When is a motorcycle license replacement required in California?

The main reason to replace a motorcycle license in California is losing your original credential. However, you will also be required to apply for a replacement license under other circumstances. For instance, you will be required to apply for a duplicate motorcycle license if and when you have it stolen or damage it. Completing a request for a license replacement is also a mandatory step if you have legally changed your name. In such cases, you will be required to submit proof of your official name change.

Note: If you attempt to replace an expired motorcycle license, you will most likely be directed to initiate the motorcycle license renewal procedure instead.

How to Replace a California Motorcycle License in Person

To complete the process of replacing motorcycle license in California, applicants will be required to make a visit to a nearby DMV office and submit the necessary items in person. To expedite the process, applicants also have the option of scheduling their office visit through the department’s online appointment system, accessible via the official DMV website. The standard steps in the procedure to replace a motorcycle license in CA are outlined in the following list:

  • Fill out the DMV Driver License or Identification Card Application (Form DL 44).
  • Obtain a parental signature, if younger than 18 years of age.
  • Have a new thumbprint taken.
  • Have a new photo taken, if required.
  • Pay the applicable motorcycle license replacement
  • Submit proofs of your identity, Social Security Number and state residency, if upgrading a standard driving license to a REAL ID credential.

Note: The above steps also apply when replacing a lost motorcycle permit.

The state DMV will process your request to replace your bike license as soon as it validates your personal information and photograph on file. After paying the replacement fee, you will receive a temporary 90-day credential, which can be utilized until you receive your new motorcycle license by mail within two months. If you successfully complete the process of replacing a motorcycle license but fail to receive your new credential, contact the state DMV to check the status of your license and report the issue.

Note: To learn how to replace a motorcycle license if you are unable to make an office visit, regardless of the reason, contact the state DMV. Currently, there is not an option to replace your license by mail either.

How to Report a Lost Motorcycle License in California

While reporting a stolen or lost motorcycle license in California is not a requirement toward obtaining a duplicate bike license, riders can still file a report with their local law enforcement agency in order to protect themselves against identity theft. By obtaining a copy of the filed report, motorcyclists will be able to prove that the theft or loss of their credential has taken place if their license is used in an illegal manner in the future. Also, when replacing a motorcycle license with the DL 44 form, applicants can inform the state DMV whether their credential was lost or stolen by checking the corresponding box on the form.

California Motorcycle License Replacement Fees

One of the last steps in the California motorcycle license replacement procedure is paying the cost for the replacement credential. The fee imposed by the state DMV when replacing your motorbike license is currently set at $28. However, depending on whether you were issued a standalone Class M credential or another class of license endorsed for motorcycle usage, you may be required to pay a different fee. For instance, if you are replacing a motorcycle endorsement in CA added to a commercial driving license, you will be required to pay a larger fee of $33.

Note: You can provide the fee payment in the form of cash, check, money order or a debit card. DMV offices do not accept credit cards.

Last updated on Tuesday, October 2 2018.

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