Making a DMV driving test appointment with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) helps save time when you need to take care of various motor vehicle-related tasks. The CA DMV appointment system is a quick and easy method for scheduling your valuable time and not wasting it on non-essential functions like waiting in line. When you look up the DMV online appointment system, check to see if your task can be completed without visiting a DMV field office in person. Many DMV tasks in California can be completely handled online.

Whether you need a DMV Chula Vista appointment, a DMV Daly City appointment or need to visit another DMV location, the entire process will be faster when you reserve a time online. Keep reading to learn about California DMV appointment services and how to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

Driving Test Appointments in California

If you need an appointment for a drivers license road test in California, then the online appointment system can help you arrange a testing time and location that is convenient for you. Before you appear for your behind the wheel test appointment, make sure you are prepared for the test and have studied the CA driving test manual.

The car you use during your road test appointment must be in good working order, properly registered in California and have two license plates. It should also be a vehicle that you are very familiar with so that you do not have trouble finding operating controls during the test.

During your behind the wheel test appointment in CA, you must demonstrate your ability to safely and correctly operate a vehicle while obeying traffic laws. Common California road test appointment tasks include parking, left and right turns, making a complete stop, backing up and lane changes.

Other Services Covered By the California DMV Appointment System

DMV driving tests are only one of the types of appointments offered by the California DMV. Unlike many states, California’s DMV encourages drivers to schedule DMV appointment times for most of the services they offer. When you make an appointment, DMV will accept it at any field office you choose. The CA DMV appointment system accepts appointments for these and other tasks:

  • Noncommercial and motorcycle license driving test appointments
  • ID card, instruction permit and general drivers license appointment
  • School bus, ambulance driver and other occupational licenses
  • Vessel and vehicle title and registration services
  • License plates and stickers
  • Personalized and special interest license plates
  • Disabled person placards and plates

How to Schedule a DMV Appointment in California

It is easy to schedule DMV appointments in California through the online system. To schedule DMV appointment times, simply visit the DMV appointment system and choose from the following options:

After making your DMV online appointment selection, you will be redirected to a page that explains your options. You may choose a driving test appointment, a field office appointment or check DMV appointment status. Enter all required information, then click on an application that allows you to schedule the appointment. At this point, you can also choose “DMV view appointment” or “reschedule DMV appointment” options. Note that same day DMV online appointments cannot be set, but you may schedule an appointment up to 90 days in advance.

What to Bring to Your California DMV Appointment

The items you need to bring to your DMV appointment will vary depending on the reason for your visit. When you schedule DMV appointment times online, you can also find a checklist that shows you which documents are needed for each motor vehicle-related task. Generally, you will need the following for ID card or drivers license appointments scheduled with the CA DMV:

  • Proof of identity
  • Social Security Number or card
  • Proof of residency document if applicable
  • Completed copies of applications or forms
  • Vision correction if needed during a road test appointment
  • Payment for DMV fees

If your DMV online appointment was made for vehicle or vessel title or -registration related tasks, then you will need specific documents for certain tasks. While the DMV appointment system should easily link you to the required document list for your specific task, you should always bring a valid proof of ID and any forms or applications that need completion. Depending on the type of appointment made, you may also need your car registration card, vehicle title, smog certification, vehicle identification number (VIN) or odometer disclosure.

How to Cancel or Reschedule a DMV Appointment in California

Once you have a DMV appointment number entered into the system, you may choose to cancel or reschedule your appointment when necessary. If you must cancel an appointment the DMV has set, simply choose the “cancel appointment” option. Note that you may only have one online appointment scheduled per person, per license at any given time. However, your one online DMV appointment may include up to three tasks, such as renewing a license, titling and registering a vehicle.

If you need to reschedule DMV appointment times or dates, then simply select that option. If you cannot find a convenient appointment time at your nearest DMV field office, then try choosing another location in your surrounding area.

Last updated on Monday, January 28 2019.