Applying for CDL replacement in New Jersey is a procedure that can be completed through the state Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). Commercial operators must initiate the process to replace CDL licenses if they remain without a valid driving credential, regardless of how it happened. Failure to replace a commercial driver’s license when necessary will most likely result in serious fines and penalties. Commercial drivers found to be driving without a valid CDL, for example, will be appropriately fined and suspended.

To replace a damaged, stolen or lost CDL drivers license, applicants will be required to submit their request at a nearby motor vehicle office. During the application process, commercial drivers will have to submit certain documents and pay the applicable replacement fee. Note that the state MVC may not currently offer any other application methods. Continue reading the sections below to learn more about replacing a commercial driving license in New Jersey.

When do you need to get a duplicate CDL license in New Jersey?

Getting a DMV CDL replacement is a mandatory step under various circumstances. The following list outlines the instances when you will have to replace your New Jersey CDL license:

  • You have lost your original commercial driving license or you had it stolen.
  • You have damaged or destroyed your existing CDL to the point of illegibility.
  • You are making changes to your personal information such as name and address.
  • You were issued a commercial driving license with typographical errors.

Note that if you are within your CDL renewal period, you may be asked to renew your credential, instead of replacing it.

Note: The state MVC recommends reporting the loss or theft of a CDL credential to the police authorities. By doing so, you will protect yourself against any potential identity theft incidents.

Documents Required to Replace a CDL in New Jersey

To successfully replace a CDL license, you will be required to furnish several types of documents as proof of your identity and eligibility for an MVC-issued commercial driving license. The following lists the standard NJ CDL replacement documents that apply in most situations:

  • The old commercial driver’s license, if available
  • Identification paperwork with at least six points of ID:
  • To ensure that applicants meet the state identification requirements, the state MVC implemented the 6-point ID Verification Program.
  • Different document types are worth a different amount of points.
  • Commercial drivers can submit at least one four-point primary identification document, such as a birth certificate or a passport, and one three-point secondary document, such as a marriage certificate.
  • Proof of a Social Security Number or a letter of ineligibility
  • Proof of state address, such as utility bills of banking statements
  • Proof of a new name, if updating your name on your CDL, such as a court order, marriage certificate or divorce decree
  • Additional CDL-specific paperwork, such as a self-certification and a medical examiner certificate, if required

The submitted paperwork must be in its original form or as certified copies with official seals. The state MVC also retains the right to request the submission of additional documents.

How to Replace a New Jersey CDL in Person

To replace a damaged, stolen or lost CDL driving license, commercial operators will be required to visit a nearby driver licensing agency and submit the required paperwork and fee payment in person. The steps to replace your commercial drivers license in New Jersey will most likely include the following:

  1. Fill out the corresponding application form.
  2. Present the six points of identification and proof of state address.
  3. Furnish additional supporting paperwork, depending on your reason for replacing the original.
  4. Surrender the old CDL credential, if available.
  5. Pay the applicable replacement fee.
  6. Have a new photo taken, if required to do so.

Once the state MVC verifies your eligibility for an CDL replacement document, it will process your fee payment and forward a request for the issuance of a duplicate license. If you later retrieve a stolen or lost CDL drivers license in NJ, you will be required to surrender it to the state MVC. Driving with multiple license copies is against the law.

How to Replace a New Jersey CDL by Mail

The option to replace a CDL license by mail may be unavailable to commercial motorists due to the additional requirements that must be met to hold a CDL credential. The standard mail-in replacement method, which is available only to noncommercial drivers, requires the applicant to contact the state MVC to request an application form. Then, the corresponding request form must be mailed to the corresponding MVC address along with the identification paperwork and fee payment.

CDL Replacement Fees in New Jersey

Paying the CDL replacement fees is the final step in the application process for a duplicate commercial driving license.

The following list provides a sample of the fees that you will have to pay to replace a CDL license:

  • $11 standard replacement fee for a New Jersey duplicate CDL license
  • Additional $2 individual endorsement fee, if adding certain endorsements
  • $11 fee for a duplicate commercial learner’s permit
  • $3 fee for a duplicate examination test receipt
Last updated on Friday, March 6 2020.