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Suspended License Information for New Jersey

While some motorists regard driving as a basic right, the fact is that operating a motor vehicle is a privilege that must be earned and maintained by demonstrating safe and lawful driving. Under certain circumstances, an individual's New Jersey driver's license may be suspended or revoked for a specific length of time, depending on the person's driving record or history, and the particular violation(s).


There are a variety of reasons why your New Jersey driver's license might be suspended. Some of these are related to specific driving violations, while others may be due to violation of other State laws. Following are some of the most common reasons for a New Jersey driver's license to be suspended or revoked.

  • Excessive Moving Violations. The state of New Jersey operates on a point system, in which drivers accumulate points on their license for every moving violation they commit. If you accumulate 12 or more points on your current driver record, your license will be suspended.
  • Driving Under the Influence. Your New Jersey driver's license will be suspended if you are found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The length of the suspension depends on the severity of the violation and whether it is a first or repeat offense.
  • Driving with a Suspended License or no License. Driving with a suspended license will lead to an increase in the length of the suspension, and you may also be imprisoned for up to five years. The duration of the additional suspension varies depending on the reason for the underlying suspension. Your driver's license may also be suspended if you do not have your license with you while you are driving.
  • Driving without Insurance. All motor vehicles driven in New Jersey must be properly insured. Failure to provide proof of valid auto insurance can result in your license being suspended.
  • Other Driving-Related Violations. Your New Jersey driver's license may also be suspended if you engage in reckless driving, are found to be at fault in a fatal accident, or if you abandon your vehicle on a public highway.
  • Physical or Psychological Disqualification. The Motor Vehicle Commission Chief Administrator can order a re-examination of any person who may not be fit to drive. An individual's driving privileges may be suspended if the re-examination finds they are physically or psychologically unable to drive safely.
  • Non-Driving Reasons for License Suspension. A variety of non-driving violations or issues can result in your license being suspended. These include: not responding to a Motor Vehicle Commission notice or not appearing in court; failing to pay traffic tickets, fines or surcharges; and not paying child support.


Having your New Jersey driver's license suspended is a serious matter, and it is essential to adhere to State law in the event that your license is suspended. If you believe your license may be suspended due to one of the reasons listed above it is advisable to speak with a traffic ticket lawyer or a DUI-DWI lawyer.
The three most important things to be aware of following a license suspension are:

  1. If your license has not already been taken away from you in court, you must surrender it to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. You can surrender your license in person at a Regional Service Center, or mail it to:
    Motor Vehicle Commission
    Driver Management Bureau
    P.O. Box 134
    Trenton, New Jersey 08650    
  2. While your license is suspended, you are not permitted to drive. If you are found driving with a suspended license, you may be imprisoned for up to five years, and/or the length of your suspension may be increased.
  3. After your suspension is over, you will receive a written notice of restoration, with instructions on how to restore your license. Do not drive until you have completed the necessary steps and received a valid, replacement license from the New Jersey MVC.


If you receive a Notice of Scheduled Suspension from the MVC, and you wish to challenge the suspension, you may request a hearing in court. An administrative law judge or the MVC Chief Administrator will hear your case, and determine whether your driver's license should be suspended or not. In addition, drivers whose license may be suspended due to accumulating excessive points may be eligible to enroll in a Driver Improvement Program. Completing a Driver Improvement Program removes three points from the current driving record, and in some cases can enable an individual to avoid having his license suspended.
It is also a good idea to seek the advice of a traffic ticket lawyer or a DUI-DWI lawyer, based on the reason for the suspension.


You will receive a Notice of Restoration from the MVC after you have completed your suspension period. The notice will include complete instructions regarding how to get your license back. Generally, you will need to:

  1. Pay a restoration fee of $100. The fee can be paid online or in person at a Regional Service Center. You can also mail a check or money order payable to:
    New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
    P.O. Box 140
    Trenton, NJ 08650-0140    
  2. Apply for a standard license renewal to obtain a new license.

Note that after you license is restored, you will be subject to a Mandatory Probation Period of one year, during which any new violations may result in an additional suspension of your New Jersey driver's license.


Submitted by lao on 20th Jan 2016

My NJ driving privilege was

My NJ driving privilege was revoked, but I've since met all of the requirements to get it back, other then paying the fee. I have a PA license. How can I pay the fee? The online system that NJ has will only take a NJ license number.

Submitted by hermanfisher90@... on 21st Dec 2015

I am paying a surcharge under

I am paying a surcharge under an installment payment plan that was delinquent. I was notified of a pending suspension by mail and called prior to the suspension date and made arrangement to reinstall the plan up upon the payment of an agreed upon amount by the due date. I paid the amount on line 4 days ahead of the suspension time. I called to make sure that the payment was received and was told that my license was suspended on the Sunday before my Monday call because I did not call after making the payment. I debated the fairness of this with someone name Ricardo who wound up saying that he had told me to call and that there was nothing he could do so I called the State advocates office and explained this situation. I was told that I should receive a call back by a supervisor within 24/ 48 hours. I called every day since Monday and have been variously told to call back the next day and finally told on Thursday that the person my case was assigned to was on sick leave until Monday. Mean while I have been notified that in order to release my suspension I must pay an additional amount plus the State restoration fee.

Submitted by Dearle06 on 9th Aug 2015

How can I find out if a

How can I find out if a drivers license is valid without cost/paying?

Submitted by John Wayne (not verified) on 1st Sep 2013

Why is everyone so concerned

Why is everyone so concerned about either keeping a license,it getting a license,as license are for Corporate Fictions,go look that up if u don't understand what's a Corporate Fiction,they subject u to being a down out right slave,one does not need a license to "Travel" u all have been fooled to give up ur God given rights for a State permission to do something that u already have the God given rights to do! You fools,ur nothing but "Chattel" of the Corporate State!

Submitted by NJnightmare (not verified) on 21st Oct 2011

I live out of state and have

I live out of state and have surcharge issues with the state of New Jersey. They have an installment payment plan which is an agreement. I've been trying to get that agreement sent to me in writing so I will know all the terms before I agree to them. It's been 8 months of writing everyone and no one seems to be able to come up with a hard copy of the terms of the agreement to which their able to penalize and access more fees if I don't live up to the terms of the agreement that I'm not fully aware of. Any contract or agreement is binding by both parties agreeing to the terms. Failure to disclose nullifies all contractual agreements. That's why I wish to have it in writing. I've had people in the state of New Jersey go to the MVC and try to obtain a copy of the installment payment plan agreement with no success and being harassed to why they would want this information. Its seems like laws that are written by the state for its citizens should have access to all information pertaining to all laws and agreements that the citizens have to abide by. Can anyone that has been through this surcharge nightmare produce a contract or terms of agreement that they have or where to obtain a copy?

Submitted by Nick G Hazapis (not verified) on 14th Oct 2011

I am a fo0rmer Randolph

I am a fo0rmer Randolph Township (Morris County) resident. I went homeless for 12 years after losing my driver license. I lost my license due to not affording insurance. I had to get to my clients. I drove without insurance for fear of losing them and was caught. That is why my lkicense was revoked. I am not a DUI/DWI. I live in Manhattan now in a rent-subsidized room, as I am not homeles anymore but dtill on Welfare. I must get my license back so I can work again. At the tiome I owed like 44,000 fines to the DMV. I have no money. I live on my measly Disability check (I am disabled). Would the DMV consider dismissing the charges and hand me my driver license back?.

Submitted by walter123 (not verified) on 23rd Sep 2011

i have 15 points on my lic.

i have 15 points on my lic. i've did the deff. drivers course and the drivers improvment program. now how do i get my lic back

Submitted by costaj84 (not verified) on 9th Jul 2011

please help... i have a FL

please help... i have a FL driver's license and had my NJ driving priviliges suspended. I can not renew my license in FL now, until i restore my privileges in NJ. When i go on to restore on DMV site and enter my FL license # it says to enter a valid license #. I do not have and never have had a NJ license or license #. How do I proceed??

Submitted by NJnightmare (not verified) on 21st Oct 2011

Obviously you got caught in

Obviously you got caught in New Jersey driving without a valid driver's license. Even though at the time you didn't have a valid driver's license they suspended the one you didn't have in the first place and placed penalties and charges against that. If you go back to the municipality in which you were stopped you will find fees and penalties along with restoration of the driver's license you didn't have in the first place. Good luck with the state of New Jersey.

Submitted by LKJD123 (not verified) on 25th Jun 2011

I payed my restoration fee

I payed my restoration fee and enrolled in the installment plan, I reduced my tickets from $360.85 to $170.00. I assumed paying the restoration fee, the surcharge fee and enrolling in installment plan that my license would be revoked. Why is my license still under a suspended status in the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Surcharge System?

Submitted by iperez690168 (not verified) on 27th Jan 2010

How can you find ou if your

How can you find ou if your License is Suspended without paying for it?

Submitted by on 11th Dec 2014

I am trying to find out if my

I am trying to find out if my drivers lisence has been reinstated. I have been paying my child support thru my employer.

Submitted by rafael a maldonado (not verified) on 23rd Jul 2009

how do i find out if im not

how do i find out if im not suspended

Submitted by bsmith (not verified) on 7th Apr 2009

i just want to know how can i

i just want to know how can i get my license back.

Submitted by anne mcwhorter (not verified) on 18th Oct 2009

i am commenting on the behalf

i am commenting on the behalf of my husband mark mcwhorter he is going to court in november for driving without license now how do he get it abstracted or sponge? do he have to get a lawyer for this?

Submitted by Anonymous on 24th Feb 2011

fo sho !

fo sho !

Submitted by Dspade (not verified) on 22nd Feb 2009



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not to sure what they really want me to put here but.I guess.I put something