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How to Renew a Driver's License in New Jersey

A New Jersey Driver's License can be renewed only in person at any MVC agency in the State.


  1. Your New Jersey driver's license expires every four years.
  2. It is advisable to renew your driver's license before the expiration date. You can renew your license any time in the six months leading up to its expiration.
  3. Your driving privileges expire on the midnight of your birthday if you do not renew.


You must bring:

  1. Your expiring license.
  2. If your name has changed, documentation of the name change is required.
  3. Renewal fee of $24, payable by cash, money order, check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).
  4. Documents sufficiently completing New Jersey's 6-point ID verification.

You will be issued your license after you pay the fee and get an updated digital photo taken at the agency.


Submitted by Ameskie on 8th Feb 2015

I hate my photo that was

I hate my photo that was taken at the DMV and was not given the chance to have another one taken. I didn't realize how bad it was until I returned home and really looked at it. Can I have another photo taken to replace this one? I wouldn't even care if I had to pay the $24.00 again. I show my ID often and can't bear to think that I have to live with this for 4 years. Makes me look 10 years older than I am.

Submitted by kathyalohamora (not verified) on 14th Oct 2012

My friend is a non-citizen.

My friend is a non-citizen. She is in the US on a P3 visa. She is currently awaiting approval for an F1 visa. She applied for the F1 on July 16, 2012 and has not received an answer yet. In the meantime her P3 is expired (technically she IS legally still considered here under the P3) and now her driver's license is about to expire this week. Bergen county DMV tells her she cannot renew. There must be a way, please help. Thank you

Submitted by shanttelliberato (not verified) on 4th Apr 2012

If I am out of the country

If I am out of the country and my license expires in May, can I still renew it in July and go through the same basic procedures or does the process change if you renew your license 2 months after the date of expiration? Thank you.

Submitted by license (not verified) on 16th Jul 2011

It was said in the above that

It was said in the above that "You will be issued your license after you pay the fee and get an updated digital photo taken at the agency. But that was the case in the West Orange Office. The Office didn't change my photo. I was asked "Are you making any changes". I said No because I didn't have any change on my address and name. I thought the picture would be renew every time the license is renewed. The office didn't change my picture because she told me I said no to the change. And she refused to retake my picture. This is not right.

Submitted by Anonymous on 22nd Apr 2011

If you are Deaf or Hard of

If you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and already have the international symbol of hearing loss on your license, do you still have to have the application signed by a Doctor or Audiologist at each license renewal?

Why isn't the new law for this application sent with your license renewal?

Marie, S. A., NJ

Submitted by Anonymous on 15th Apr 2011

I believe the license renewal

I believe the license renewal program be scrutinized. Tuesday April 10th I was told the hours at East Orange for the next day-Wednesday-no mention it would be closed for "up-dates". (Unfathomable that could not be done when they are closed on Monday) From East Orange I had to go to Wayne, New Jersey! Over

two hours later I had my Driver's license-not acceptable. Mary B. Anderson

Submitted by Anonymous on 3rd Apr 2011

i have an illinois drivers

i have an illinois drivers license which will expire 2013 and i wanted to renew it in new jersey. what requirements i'm gonna bring?

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