Delaware state ID serves as a key form of personal, legally verified identification for non-drivers. IDs can be used in all of the same non-motor vehicle-related ways that driver licenses can. This includes gaining entry to venues that require proof of age, requesting legal documents or applying for public assistance or vital records. Unlike licenses, however, there is no minimum age limit or testing associated with ID card applications or issuance.

Residents may apply for an adult or child identification card at any time. Cards are handled through the DMV, just like licenses are, and are typically valid for four years. While most licenses and IDs issued in Delaware are REAL ID-compliant, a non-compliant alternative is available. All cards will display applicants’ real, full names, photographs and dates of birth. As such, applicants must be prepared to submit certified documentation of their identities, residency and other key characteristics at the time of application.

Delaware DMV ID Requirements

There is no minimum age limit for requesting a Delaware DMV ID card. Applicants do, however, need to prove their identities and that they:

  • Are legal residents of the state.
  • Possess valid Social Security Numbers.
  • Are citizens of the United States, or are otherwise legally present in the U.S.

DMV state ID requirements also include a condition that cardholders may not continue to hold any other drivers licenses or IDs issued by Delaware or any other state. As such, these IDs must be surrendered at the time of application, where applicable. Military IDs, military dependent cards and other non-conflicting federal, business or school IDs are not impacted by this rule.

What do you need to get an ID in Delaware?

The first step to obtaining a Delaware government issued ID is collecting the appropriate documents. All documents needed for state ID must be originals, or certified or notarized copies. Photocopies and other forms of duplicates are not accepted. Applicants must submit one primary document and one secondary document, or two primary documents, showing their full names and dates of birth when applying. All applicants seeking REAL ID compliant IDs must provide:

  • An original or certified copy of their birth certificate or a valid and unexpired United States passport.
  • Proof of a valid Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Two proofs of Delaware residency.
  • Legal proof of name change (where applicable).

Applicants younger than the age of 18 must also be accompanied by a parent or guardian when applying. Accompanying parents must have, and submit, their own state-issued IDs. Applicants applying for REAL ID non-compliant cards are permitted to provide alternative documents in some categories.

The DMV accepts certain documents as proof of a valid SSN. These include a/an:

  • Social Security card.
  • W-2 tax form.
  • SSA 1099 form.
  • SSA Non-1099 form.
  • Paystub showing the applicant’s full SSN.
  • Other documents issued by the Social Security Administration showing applicants’ full SSNs.

To prove your state residency, documents required for state ID applications include two different forms of documents displaying applicants’ names and addresses, and postmarked or issued within 60 days of application. Examples include utility bills and voter registration cards. Personal mail and mail sent to business addresses or Post Office Box addresses are not accepted.

Residents applying for DMV state ID who have changed their names from the way they appear on their proof of identity documents must also provide clear and contiguous evidence of legal name changes to link the documents with their current legal names. For example, residents using a married name would need to show both their birth certificates and their marriage licenses listing both their birth and married names. Similarly, a Delaware non-driver ID applicant on his or her second marriage would need to show:

  • A birth certificate with his or her original name.
  • A marriage license linking the birth name and first married name.
  • A death or divorce certificate showing the end of that marriage.
  • A second marriage certificate showing his or her legal transition from the previous married name to the second married name.

Court orders, adoption papers and other legal records of name change are also accepted and required, where appropriate. Applicants who have changed their names for any reason should be aware that before they can be issued a DMV new ID, they must first update their information with the Social Security Administration. SSA changes may take up to 48 hours to process, so applicants must make that change at least several days before applying for an ID.

Applicants should also be prepared to pay the DMV ID card fee at the time of application.

How to Get an ID in Delaware

Despite many residents’ interest in applying via the web, Delaware applicants cannot get ID online. When it comes to where to get state ID, applications must be completed in person, at a participating DMV office. To apply for ID, applicants:

  • May make an appointment in advance (optional).
  • Must gather the appropriate documents.
  • Must take their documents to the DMV, along with payment for the associated fee(s).
  • Must allow their photographs to be taken.

Successful applicants will be issued an ID card on the spot.

REAL ID Cards in Delaware

Delaware IDs are generally REAL ID card-compliant. Non-compliant cards are available, however, for residents who cannot produce the documents required for REAL ID. In general. REAL IDs are preferred and recommended, because as of October 2020, residents will need REAL ID-compliant cards or licenses to access federal buildings or board domestic flights. Residents with non-compliant IDs will need additional forms of documentation, alongside their cards to engage in those activities.

Applicants must decide up front if they wish to apply for REAL ID, as it must be noted on the application form, and documentation standards vary slightly between REAL ID and non-compliant applications.

How to Renew or Replace a State ID in Delaware

Applicants order renewal or replacement ID credentials in Delaware by visiting a DMV office with their unexpired IDs or other proof of identification. Make sure to replace lost ID card credentials in a timely manner, so you always have a valid proof of identity on your person.

DMV ID Costs in Delaware

The DMV ID cost is $20 to order new credentials, or to renew IDs in Delaware. This cost is the same, regardless of an applicant’s age or other factors.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.