The Kentucky state ID is a form of identification issued by the state. While many residents use a driving license, there are also residents who cannot – or do not – want to have driving privileges in the state. An ID card allows them to identify themselves in a variety of situations, such as at the bank, while speaking with the police or when buying alcohol.

To obtain a Kentucky identification card successfully, you must learn how much it costs, what documents you need to furnish and more. If you have lost your ID, it is essential to understand how to replace your credential in a timely manner. Additionally, pay particular attention to the section below, entitled, “REAL ID Cards in Kentucky” if you plan on boarding a domestic flight after October 1, 2020, as you may not be able to use your regular ID after that date.

Kentucky DMV ID Requirements

Before learning how to get an ID card in Kentucky, you should understand whether or not you qualify. DMV state ID requirements are less strict for IDs than they are for licenses, so not qualifying for one does not automatically mean you will not qualify for the other.

When applying for an ID in KY, keep in mind that:

  • Anyone 2 years of age or older can get a DMV ID card, provided the applicant has the consent of a parent. A child ID card may be required if your child will be boarding a plane by himself or herself, but it will not be required if he or she is accompanied by an adult that has the appropriate form of ID.
  • Kentucky ID card requirements do not restrict applicants based on their citizenship status. Permanent or temporary residents of the U.S. can get ID credentials, though the identity documents they can bring to the office will likely be different.
  • Kentucky DMV ID card requirements state that you can only have one valid state credential at a time: either a driver’s license or an ID. If you have a valid driver’s license, you must surrender it before getting your ID; expired driver’s licenses do not need to be surrendered.

Note that you are not required to take any DMV-related tests in order to get your ID.

What do you need to get an ID in Kentucky?

What do you need to get a state ID? There are specific facts about yourself you need to prove in order to obtain you credentials successfully. The documents needed for state ID in Kentucky need to prove:

  • Your identity. This can be done with a birth certificate, passport, Permanent Resident card or an Employment Authorization document.
  • Your Social Security Number, or SSN. This can be done with a Social Security card, W-2, 1099, or paystub (a paystub can only be used if it shows both your name and SSN).
  • Your Address. This can be done with a variety of documents, including a utility bill, voter registration card, rental agreement or mortgage statement.

You will also need to pay the Kentucky DMV ID card fee, but acceptable forms of payment will vary from one office to the next. Contact your nearest office to determine what types of payment are currently acceptable.

The requirements for a child identification card in Kentucky are similar, though address documentation does not need to be provided. This is because the minor ID has a different format than the adult ID. While the ID card for minors shows the child’s face, it does not show his or her address. (This is designed to protect the child.) All minors need to have a parent or guardian fill out the Driver License – ID Card Application with them.

How to Get an ID in Kentucky

Though applicants often wonder how to get ID online in Kentucky, this option is not available. This is because the DMV personnel need to examine the documents listed above to prove your identity. You cannot apply for ID via mail, fax or the phone, either. You are required to go in-person.

Determining where to get state ID in Kentucky can be confusing, because you cannot go to the DMV to get your ID. Instead of going to a DMV office, you will need to go to your nearest County Clerk’s Office. All DMV services are run through these offices in the state of Kentucky.

REAL ID Cards in Kentucky

On October 1, 2020, The Department of Homeland Security will require you to show a REAL ID card for the purpose of federal identification. There are several situations that may require federal identification, such as when entering a military base or nuclear facility, but the most common one is when boarding a domestic flight. Your Kentucky DMV identification card will act as a REAL ID if you submitted the documents required for REAL ID cards, which are the same as those listed in the section, “What do you need to get an ID in Kentucky?”

If you do not know whether your credential is REAL ID-compliant, simply take a look at the front of it. A REAL ID-compliant card will have a star in the upper, right-hand corner. A card that is not REAL ID-compliant will state, “Not for Federal ID.”

You should apply for REAL ID credentials in KY if you plan on boarding a domestic flight on October 2020 or later. If you cannot go to the DMV to get a new ID before then, you will need a passport to board any domestic flights on that date, or thereafter. It should be noted that while a passport can be used in place of a REAL ID, a REAL ID cannot be used in place of a passport.

How to Renew or Replace a State ID in Kentucky

You will need to renew your ID once every four years. The ID renewal fee is the same as the price of your initial application.

If you lost ID card credentials in KY, you can get a replacement ID card by visiting your nearest County Clerk office. You will be asked to show some proof of your identity, which can take the form of a birth certificate, SSN card or any official document stating your name and address.

The Kentucky DMV replacement ID is issued at the County Clerk office, so if you lost an ID and you are currently outside of the state, you may not be able to get it replaced. That said, you can contact the County Clerk office to see if someone on staff will accept proof of your identity via mail.

Note that the duplicate ID cost is the same as what it costs to get your initial ID. This will vary based on your age.

DMV ID Costs in Kentucky

How much does an ID cost in Kentucky? The answer will vary based on your age. To illustrate, the current rates are as follows:

  • Adult ID card: $12
  • Child ID card: $4
Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.