If you have an expired ID card in Kentucky or your identification document is about to expire, then you are generally required to apply for a state ID renewal. A KY DMV ID replacement, on the other hand, is usually necessary provided you have lost your credential or it has been stolen. Other instances whereby you will need to request a duplicate identification document is after finalizing a procedure of changing your name or address of residence, provided you wish to show the aforementioned changes on your credential.

Both the procedures of renewing and replacing ID card documents may be finalized through the circuit court clerk’s office in your county of residence. Note that you may be required to provide specific documentation in addition to paying the allotted fees in order to purchase a renewed credential or obtain a copy of your card. Find out more about how to order an ID card copy in Kentucky or where to apply for a DMV ID renewal in the following sections.

How to Renew Your ID Card in Kentucky

State residents typically need to renew ID card documents at the end of their validity period so as to stay in accordance with the state rules and regulations. Note that both regular identification documents and Child ID cards expire within a period of four years.

When applying to renew a Kentucky expired ID card, individuals may need to present specific documents in addition to paying the DMV ID renewal fees. Before requesting to renew their document, however, applicants must contact the circuit court clerk’s office to inquire about the available application methods.

How to Renew ID Cards in Kentucky in Person

Specific U.S. states give individuals the option to renew identification card credentials via the internet or by mail, provided they prove eligible for these procedures. In the absence of such state ID renewal methods, applicants can always visit a nearby licensing office to complete the required steps and obtain a new identification document.

In order to renew an ID card in KY, it is best to personally go to the circuit court clerk’s office to provide payment for the applicable renewal fees and finalize any additional application steps. To check whether you will need to submit any documents to confirm your identity or other elements when applying for an ID card renewal, contact the branch beforehand.

How to Replace Your ID Card in Kentucky

Obtaining a replacement ID card in KY is a process that is usually initiated by individuals who have lost their identification document. A duplicate ID card may also be necessary in the event of a stolen credential or an ID card that has been destroyed, and is therefore invalid.

Any time individuals undergo a procedure of changing their name or address of residence, they must also request a copy of their credential by providing additional paperwork. State residents with a Kentucky lost ID card will need to report the case to the circuit court clerk’s office in their county of residence as soon as possible and request the issuance of a new non-driver card.

To finalize their ID card replacement process, applicants may be required to submit a set of specific documents, as well as provide payment for the fees set forth by the state motor vehicle agency. Continue reading below to find out detailed information about the application procedure.

How to Replace ID Cards in Kentucky in Person

In order to initiate the process of replacing your ID card in Kentucky in person in the event of a lost document, you will need to address the circuit court clerk’s office. Prior to requesting the issuance of a new ID credential, make sure to collect the necessary items, as you may be required to prove your identity in order to complete your transaction.

Therefore, when submitting your KY application for lost ID card credentials, you may need to provide your local branch with the following identification documentation:

  • A birth certificate.
  • A Social Security card.
  • One proof of legal address of residence.

Note: If you do not possess a birth certificate, but you need one to replace your lost or stolen ID card, you may order a certified government-issued copy via the internet, which is the fastest and most convenient method.

Arranging payment for the allotted ID card replacement prices is usually the last step toward obtaining your new credential.

Kentucky ID Card Renewal and Replacement Fees

The processes of renewing ID card documents and requesting Kentucky duplicate ID cards will require you to submit payment for the applicable fees. Obtaining a replacement ID card is currently available at a cost of $12. To find out the exact fee to renew your expired ID card, it is best to contact your local circuit clerk’s branch.

Note that most U.S. states require applicants to pay a renewal fee that is equal to the price for obtaining a new non-driver license. In addition to this, inquire about the available payment methods, so as to be better prepared when applying.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.