The procedure of renewing ID card documents, as well as obtaining a DMV ID replacement in Ohio may be finalized through the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). Requesting a DMV ID renewal is a process that may generally be initiated by individuals with an identification card that is expired or about to expire. State residents can request an OH copy of ID card credentials in the event of a lost, stolen or destroyed document.

Although specific U.S. states offer applicants a few renewal and replacement ID card methods, Ohio residents may be able to complete these procedures by personally visiting a licensing office. Find out more about how to replace an Ohio lost state ID card or renew an expired credential by reading the applicable sections below.

How to Renew Your ID Card in Ohio

Ohio residents will need to initiate a DMV identification card renewal four years after the date of issuance, so as to stay in accordance with the state rules and regulations. ID card holders may be eligible for an OH identification card renewal 90 days prior to expiration date or they may contact BMV to find out whether they can renew upon their date of expiry.

In addition to this, state residents will need to inquire about the available state ID renewal methods. In general, applicants may go to a BMV branch and file their renewal application in person in the absence of alternative methods to renew their current OH identification document.

How to Renew ID Cards in Ohio in Person

The procedure of renewing your ID card may be finalized in person at a nearby Ohio deputy registrar license agency. Before visiting an office to request an ID card renewal, however, it is best to contact the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and check whether you will need to present any documents verifying your identity or additional elements.

Generally, your Ohio DMV identification card renewal procedure will be completed once you submit an application form and provide payment for the applicable prices. Follow the guidelines set forth by BMV to finalize your transaction in a timely manner.

Note: State ID cards issued to non-U.S. citizens are nonrenewable.

How to Replace Your ID Card in Ohio

Requesting an Ohio ID card copy is generally necessary for the purposes of replacing an identification document that has been lost, stolen, destroyed or mutilated and is therefore invalid. DMV ID replacements may also be purchased in order to reflect any changes of the card holder’s name or address of residence by presenting the applicable paperwork.

Individuals who need to replace ID card credentials must address the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and follow the set guidelines. OH ID card replacement applicants will generally need to contact BMV prior to submitting their request and inquire about the available methods to apply.

How to Replace ID Cards in Ohio in Person

Replacing ID card documents may be completed by personally going to a deputy registrar license branch and submitting the proper documentation. In order to purchase a duplicate ID card in Ohio, you may first need to furnish suitable proof of the loss, mutilation or destruction to a nearby office.

In addition to this, your identification card replacement procedure may require you to provide an application form and submit additional documentary evidence to verify your name, date of birth and Social Security Number, among other elements. Payment for replacing an Ohio lost ID card will also be necessary to complete your transaction timely and properly. Additional requirements may apply as well.

The date of expiry of the duplicate identification document will be the same as the one displayed on the card it replaces. If you find the original credential after purchasing a copy, you are required to surrender it to the deputy registrar office.

Ohio ID Card Renewal and Replacement Fees

Providing payment for the applicable fees to renew and replace ID cards in OH is mandatory to finalize either of these procedures. Note that prices will differ depending on whether you request an ID card copy or apply to renew your credential.

The fee to renew identification card documents currently amounts to $8.50. The process of obtaining an Ohio copy of an ID card may be completed once you arrange payment for a fee of $7.50. Disabled veterans with a service-connected disability may be eligible to apply for the issuance of a replacement without having to provide payment for any fees set forth by BMV.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.