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Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Mutilated Kentucky Driver's License or ID Card

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Drivers License Online Services Guide

Replace a Kentucky Drivers License

To get a replacement drivers license in Kentucky for damaged, stolen or lost drivers licenses, submit the necessary documents and fees to your local Circuit Court Clerk's office. In-state drivers can only obtain a duplicate drivers license in KY in person, while out-of-state members of the military have the option to apply by mail. In cases of lost or stolen drivers licenses, many drivers report the case to the police to prevent identity theft. Note that the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet does not require an official report when applying for a KY DMV duplicate license. If you would like to find out more about how to replace drivers licenses in Kentucky, explore the topics outlined below.

How to Report a Lost or Stolen KY Driver's License

Reporting a stolen or lost drivers license in Kentucky to the police department in your area is not required for drivers license replacement applications. Drivers who choose to file a report do so to prevent identity theft. When visiting a local Circuit Court Clerk's office, you will only be asked to submit the necessary documents for a duplicate drivers license, while filing a police report is your personal action, independent from the KYTC.

Replacing Your Kentucky Driver's License

You can replace drivers licenses in Kentucky either in person or by mail, depending on your current location. In-state residents must visit a nearby Circuit Court Clerk's location in person to submit the necessary documents and fees, while out-of-state military personnel are able to apply for a duplicate drivers license in KY by mail. The fee for a replacement drivers license in Kentucky is currently set at $12. The KYTC does not offer the option to get a drivers license copy online.

In Person

Damaged, stolen or lost drivers licenses in Kentucky must be replaced as soon as possible if you would like to continue to drive legally on state roads. Operating a motor vehicle without a driving credential is against the law, and regardless of your current situation, you must obtain a KY replacement drivers license with the KYTC. You can easily apply for a copy of drivers license by visiting a Circuit Court Clerk's office in person and presenting the following documentation:

  • A valid birth certificate.
  • A Social Security card.
  • A document proving legal Kentucky residency (rental or mortgage agreement, utility bills, any postmarked letter addressed to your new address).
  • Payment for the fees.

By Mail

By-mail applications for a duplicate drivers license in KY are only available to members of the military who are serving outside of the state, but are legal Kentucky residents. You must contact the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and inquire about the required documents, payment methods and other instructions. Note that if your drivers license has expired, you will need to apply for a renewal and submit the fees and documents for this procedure.

Replacing a KY License for Military Members

Drivers license replacement in Kentucky for members of the military can only be completed by mail. This is an option if you are serving on active duty outside of the state and are unable to apply in person. To initiate an application for a duplicate drivers license in KY, you must contact your Circuit Court Clerk's office and ask for an application and further instructions. Note that if your drivers license is approaching expiration or has already expired, you must apply for a drivers license renewal rather than a duplicate drivers license.

Drivers License Replacement in Kentucky Due to Name and Address Changes

Replacing drivers licenses in Kentucky due to name or address changes must be completed within 10 days of the change. The cost for a KY duplicate drivers license is $12 and applicants must provide proof of the name or address change. Select documents that are required include any of the following:

  • A marriage license.
  • A divorce decree.
  • A court order with new name.
  • A rental or mortgage agreement with new address.
  • A utility bill with new address.

All documents and fees must be submitted to the County Clerk's Office in your county of residence.

Note: Social Security cards are not accepted as proof of address or name changes, although in cases of name changes, you must present an updated Social Security card with your new name.

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