A lost drivers license in Kentucky is not only inconvenient but can result in consequences. Most motorists opt to replace driver license cards sooner than later, as a license is required to drive legally in KY and is the primary form of photo ID for most people. Not having valid documentation on hand can cause you to receive a traffic ticket during a traffic stop and leave you open to identity theft and fraud committed in your name.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky does not offer an option to obtain a drivers license copy online at this time, as online DMV services are limited to drivers license reinstatement only. Keep reading the information organized below to learn how to replace drivers license credentials in Kentucky.

When is a replacement drivers license required in Kentucky?

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KTC) issues a replacement drivers license to qualifying drivers who need one. Any time that your license disappears due to theft or misplacement, it is wise to replace it as soon as possible. You should also seek a drivers license replacement if your license has been bent, broken, frayed or faded to the point that the text or photo is unclear.

Another time that you should get a duplicate drivers license is when your physical appearance has changed drastically, such as when you lose or gain a lot of weight or change your gender. It is important that your current credentials feature a photograph that closely represents your up-to-date appearance.

Additionally, whenever you change your name or move to a new address, you must apply for a copy of drivers license credentials at your local Circuit Court Clerk’s office within 10 days of making the change. If you are replacing drivers license credentials because of a name change, then you must provide proof of your new name by showing a marriage license, divorce decree or other court-ordered name change document.

When changing address on drivers license after moving, ask the Circuit Court Clerk which documents they will accept to prove your KY residence.

How to Replace Your Drivers License by Mail in Kentucky

A by-mail replacement drivers license in KY is only available to members of the U.S. armed forces who are legal residents of Kentucky but serving out-of-state at the time that their license becomes damaged or missing. Unfortunately, a by-mail DMV duplicate license may not be requested by students attending schools in other states or workers temporarily employed outside of Kentucky.

For detailed information about how to replace lost drivers license cards by mail if you are a military member, read the section below about out-of-state license replacement in KY.

How to Replace Your Kentucky Drivers License in Person

If you are wondering, “Where car I get a copy of my drivers license in Kentucky, then you may visit any of the DMV locations in KY. You may apply for a copy of drivers license by visiting your local Circuit Court Clerk’s office with the following documents:

  • Original copy of U.S. birth certificate
  • Valid Social Security card
  • One document that verifies your KY resident status, such as a rental agreement, mortgage statement, utility bill or bank statement
  • Fee payment

When you replace drivers license cards in person, you must provide original copies of each supporting document listed above. Photocopies or any other type of copy will not be accepted by the KTC. If you are seeking to replace a damaged license instead of a lost drivers license, then bring the damaged card with you.

If you need a replacement card but have less than six months left on your current renewal period, then you must complete the Kentucky drivers license renewal process instead of simply replacing it.

Out-of-State Drivers License Replacement in Kentucky

KY drivers who are living out-of-state when replacement drivers license situation takes place should call the KTC and report the missing license. Although the ability to get copy of drivers license documents through the mail is limited to military personnel serving out-of-state, calling the KTC will create a record of your loss. In addition, the clerk may have new advice on how to complete the process in your current situation.

You may request a KY duplicate drivers license by mail if you are serving in another country or state with any branch of the U.S. armed forces when the need for replacement arises. The DMV duplicate license fees and the time limits are the same as for other applicants. Non-military personnel living out-of-state must wait until they return to Kentucky and replace their license in person.

To complete the process of replacing drivers license documentation by mail, call the KTC for a copy of the application. The clerk will give you the correct address to use for submitting your application via postal service.

Kentucky Drivers License Replacement Fees

Most KY drivers who need to replace drivers license documentation will need to pay a $12 fee. This cost can vary depending on the class of the driver license.

As noted above, if you need a duplicate drivers license six months or less before it is due to expire, then you must go ahead and renew the document and pay the standard license renewal fee.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.