Not only can a stolen or lost drivers license in Kansas take away your ability to legally drive, it can take away your peace of mind, as it leaves you open to possible identity fraud. Drivers license replacement through the Kansas Department of Revenue (DOR) is a crucial step to take as soon as you discover that your drivers license is missing.

A missing-card excuse will not prevent a police officer from writing you a traffic ticket if you fail to produce a valid drivers license on request. Likewise, since a drivers license is often used for identification purposes, a damaged card may result in other complications.

Although Kansas does not issue a drivers license copy online at this time, you can request a duplicate card easily and inexpensively in person at a driver license station. To learn how to replace drivers license in Kansas, continue reading the information detailed below.

When is a replacement drivers license required in Kansas?

A replacement driver license in KS is required when your current copy gets misplaced or is stolen. A duplicate drivers license in Kansas is necessary if your drivers license card becomes faded, bent or otherwise damaged enough to render any of the text illegible or seriously reduce photo quality.

You will also need to obtain a new card if your name changes. All drivers will need to complete a name correction or change of address on drivers license records when this information changes.

Replacing lost drivers license documents quickly helps protect against identity fraud and wards off potential legal issues that could arise if your credentials fall into the wrong hands. In short, each licensed driver is responsible for obtaining a DMV duplicate license when necessary to meet the requirements of Kansas driving laws.

How to Replace Your Drivers License by Mail in Kansas

The Kansas DOR Division of Vehicles offers certain licensees the ability to replace drivers license documents by mail but only in specific circumstances. Most KS drivers must get their copy of drivers license credentials in person at a driver license office.

To be eligible for the mail-in process, you must have a current driver’s license photo on file. You also must be a lawful U.S. citizen and a legal resident of Kansas able to provide valid lawful presence documents upon request.

How to Replace Your Kansas Drivers License in Person

If you are wondering, “Where can I get a copy of my drivers license in person?” then you may visit one of the driver’s license examination stations in Kansas with the necessary documents. A full list of acceptable ID documents is available online or at the driver’s license office. To replace lost drivers license cards in person, you will need the following:

  • Two documents that prove your identity, such as a passport or birth certificate
  • One document that provides proof of KS residency, such as a rental agreement
  • One document showing your Social Security Number or a document proving your legal presence in the United States
  • A certified marriage certificate or another form of legal name change proof if applicable
  • Your DMV duplicate license fee payment, which may be cash, a major credit or debit card, or a check or money order

Out-of-State Drivers License Replacement in Kansas

Active duty military members stationed out-of-state can get copy of drivers license documents by mail if they happen to lose their license while stationed in another location. Non-military KS drivers who are temporarily living out-of-state may also be eligible to use the mail-in method to obtain a copy of drivers license credentials. To do so, you must be a Kansas resident and a U.S. citizen or a legal resident who can provide proof of permanent resident status.

Simply complete all sections on the form used to replace drivers license documents, enclose the applicable fee and mail it to the Kansas Department of Revenue in Topeka. Mail-order replacement drivers license fees may be paid by money order, check or major credit card. Note that credit card payments will have a 2.5 percent convenience fee added.

How to Report a Missing Drivers License in Kansas

The KS DOR recommends that anyone with a stolen copy of drivers license credentials file a police report immediately, especially if your purse or wallet was stolen at the same time. After filing a lost drivers license theft report with your local law enforcement agency, take a copy to your nearest driver’s license examination station. The clerk will take steps to flag your license number and will issue a DMV duplicate license if you provide the necessary documents detailed above.

Kansas Drivers License Replacement Fees

The Kansas replacement drivers license fee of $16 includes a charge for a replacement card as well as to take another photo. Even if you do not have a new photograph taken, such as with a mail-in drivers license replacement request, everyone must still pay the photo fee.

If you are renewing drivers license credentials while requesting a replacement card, then you will also be responsible for paying the fees to renew.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.